Moving Insurance | Do I need it for my next move?


When hiring movers to move your household/office goods from one place to another, Damages can occur, having insurance for your goods can take a lot of pressure off. By law, movers have to provide a basic insurance for your good, it is recommended to get a better insurance for your household/office good. Excalibur Moving and Storage provide the option to purchase additional insurance. The type and cost of the insurance depends on how much you’re willing to pay for the value you can receive if damages or loss occur.

It is recommended that you check with your home insurance provider before purchasing insurance thru the moving company to see if moving, is covered in your policy or if they offer any additional insurance as part of your current policy.  In most cases they don’t, but it’s best to make sure before you purchase more.
Additional insurance policy that you have purchased or will purchase is called third-party insurance – this means that a third party company, the insurance company, is insuring your goods against another party, the moving company. 

When purchasing insurance or if your home insurance policy covers moving, it is very important to ask the right questions and what exactly the policy cover; how much is covered and when it starts, coverage’s of- full service move versus self-service, a local move or a long distance move etc… The type of move and the service you need will have an effect on the type of insurance you’ll need and it’s cost.

When damages or loss occur, first it’s covered by the moving company’s insurance, which is included in your moving fees, Usually it is a per a pound per an article value.  If there is further value not coverage by the moving company insurance, the third-party insurance will kick in and compensate for the remaining amount up to the amount that you initially purchased.

Excalibur Moving and Storage crew’s will protect and wrap your furniture properly and will do whatever it takes so your goods will not get damaged. Having an extra insurance for your move it is very recommended because damages and/or loss can happen. Insuring your household/office goods is an important step in the moving process.