11 Unpacking tips

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    Moving tipsMoving from one state to another can take its toll. Moving services make this process much easier as well. Below are some things that you can do to   make the unpacking process go more smoothly for you. If you have an itemized list and you labeled your boxes you will have a much easier time with this.You will just have to make sure that each box is in the right room before you start unpacking.

    1. Make sure the rooms are clean before you start unpacking. Making sure that the closets in each room, drawer, and the rooms themselves are clean and sanitized before you begin will make all the difference. You can also hire a cleaning company to make sure that you don’t have to worry.
    2. Unpack the necessities box first. This box would be equipped with the necessities to get you through your first night in your new home. If packed correctly you will have a change of clothes, toiletries, tissue, towels, etc.
    3. It’s best to dedicate time to unpacking. We recommend that you take a few days to make sure everything gets unpacked and you new place feels like home. It is a good idea to have you place fully unpacked within the first few weeks.
    4. Get help with the unpacking process. Along with the “necessities box” it is also a good idea to unpack certain rooms first. We recommend that you start with the bedroom(s), then move on to the bathroom(s); next the kitchen; followed by the living and/or dining room; then the office; playroom; and finally the garage.
    5. Your list will vary depending on the rooms in your home. You may also want to store any perishables like ice cream or dairy products first so they don’t spoil. Also it may behoove you to keep the bathroom high on the list in case on emergencies!
    6. Depending on their age you may want to enlist your kids to help. You can challenge them to see who can unpack their room first. If they are too you they may enjoy exploring their new home or an activity like playing with their toys.
    7. Before you relax in front of the television of computer screen make sure you have everything unpacked. Relaxing will feel so much better when you’re not avoiding those 5-10 extra boxes in your kitchen.
    8. Toss boxes periodically throughout the unpacking process. This will reduce clutter and make it easier to move around as you complete the job.
    9. The more things you put away the more you’ll find yourself moving things from their original location to another.
    10. Once you get closer to finishing you can give life to your new home with color. For example, pull out a few colorful pillows or paintings for your wall. This can give you a more positive outlook while you are unpacking.
    11. Finally, turn on some music to get you through. Invite some friends or family over for some help or to celebrate your completion.

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