Junk Removal Services

Make sure to hire the best junk removal services Maryland is offering. Allow our Excalibur Moving and Storage experts to ease your decluttering process with pleasure.

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Moving can be difficult and packing and the actual moving are not always the biggest issues. Decluttering is a huge part of a relocation and you can get overwhelmed by it once you see how much work you need to do. That is just why we decided to be there for you. With us, your relocation will be much smoother and stress-free until the very end. Imagine living your home cluttered, and coming back after just few hours, seeing that is as good as new? You can’t put a price on that! Excalibur Moving and Storage is here to make it happen. Leave your junk removal to our hands! We really are the best company for junk removal Rockville MD has to offer.

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We will make sure you get the best junk removing service

Junk Removal Services

Excalibur Moving And Storage provides junk removal services for the residents of Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia. Our services are an efficient solution to decluttering your living space and downsizing during a moving process. We will make sure your relocation is completely stress-free by clearing and disposing of your unwanted items. You can combine our junk removing service and residential moving service as well, and you will have all that you need for an amazing relocation, in one place. Plus, you can get a more precise cost estimate if you get all the services from one company. We have the best service for junk removal in Maryland, and we are here for you!

What do Excalibur’s residential junk removal services include?

With us, you get the whole package. Our employees are capable and will make sure that you have a great experience with us. They will take care of all the clutter you might have in your home, and you can choose something else to deal with, like relaxing and spending more time with your family. Our junk removal services include many different services, and you will love that you are completely free while we do our job.

Furniture Removal

From old sofas to ripped mattresses, dining tables to large armoires, Excalibur Moving and Storage team will remove any type of home and office furniture you need to dispose of. We don’t just deal with homes, we deal with your office moving as well. All you need to do is tell us what are the pieces of furniture you want to get rid of and we will make sure it’s done in no time!

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We can declutter and move your office in no time

Garage, Basements, and attic declutter

Our junk removal team will separate for recycling and clean out the clutter in any place in the house or office for you. We are cooperating with many donation services as well, so we can make sure that the items you no longer need, find a new home and purpose. Red Cross is just one of the organizations that can put the things you don’t need anymore to good use. If you can, you should help others, and we make that process easier as well!

Appliance Removal and Recycling

Excalibur’s movers and junk removal crews will remove your old appliances. We are even able to put the new appliance in the house. We will recycle or dispose of the old ones according to local authorities’ guidelines. You will have nothing to worry about, we care about the environment as well! That is what it takes to be the best company for junk removal Rockville MD has to offer.

Business services- what makes us the best service for junk removal in Maryland!

Whether you need just a few items to be removed from your office or you need us to remove the entire office, you can trust the Excalibur team to conduct the junk removal services in an organized and efficient way. We will come to your office and dispose of every single thing that is in your way. Plus, we will move the rest to your new office. With us, you have nothing to care about, since we take care of everything!

Bulky Items Removal

Items such as hot tubes, large storage shelves, gym equipment and any other bulky and large items can be a bit hard to dispose of. Most of the times there is a need for the above items to be taken apart. Excalibur Movers has the skills and knowledge to handle any heavy or bulky items. We will disassemble them and move them for you. Assembling is the next step, as soon as we move these items to your new home. Moving pianos is another service we offer. We will move your piano for you without making a search! So, we have al the experience we might need.

We are capable of moving heavy and large items, like your piano

Why To Choose Excalibur’s Moving And junk Removal Services

There are many reasons you should choose our moving services, and some of them are:

  • Our movers are the best team for junk removal Rockville MD has to offer
  • We offer a free in-home estimate to eliminate surprises in the final bill
  • The fact that we provide moving services along with junk removal services is a great and easy way to schedule timelines and get an honest quote from one company
  • We will donate and recycle all the items that were removed from your house. Clearly, this is a great choice since our employees always offer our customers to join us to the donation location so they could get the tax deduction
  • We are license, bonded and insured
  • Our pricing is competitive without any hidden fees, and our estimates are transparent, you will know just how much our services cost from the day one
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With us, you are doing something good, with no effort

We are a full service moving company, and that is why we make sure that our junk removal service is the best one you can get. It is a big and necessary part of the services that we provide for you. We have all the experience you can wish for, and that is the best way to be sure that your move and junk removing services are done by professionals. We have a five-star reputation, and we are very proud of it. Get in touch with us now and we will make sure you get all the information you need. With us, you have nothing to worry about. That is why we are the best company for junk removal Rockville MD has to offer.