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Treat yourself with professional moving services and forget about damages and lost items. We will carefully pack and handle everything you own and you will save time and nerves.

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Once you decide to move, packing is the first thing you start thinking about. We are here to help you out. Hiring Excalibur Moving and Storage MD means you are hiring the best packing services Rockville, MD, has to offer. We will make sure you get impeccable packing assistance. You’ll enjoy better organization when packers pack for you than when you do it yourself – even if you like packing independently. Excalibur Moving and Storage MD professional packers have experience moving fragile items. Our packers are trained to pack everything from mirrors to crystal to oddly shaped figurines. Therefore, don’t waste both time and money searching for the best packing supplies in Rockville. Instead, contact us and get tailored packing services that will ensure the safety of your belongings, whether moving locally long distances or interstate. Get Your moving quote now and book the best packing services Maryland packers provide.

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We are the best professional packers for your relocation

Meet Excalibur Moving and Storage MD

If you want to have licensed, insured, and reliable moving assistance in Rockville, there’s no better choice than Excalibur Moving and Storage MD. The reasons for hiring our packing services Rockville residents gladly choose are endless. Our approach is straightforward and works well. Thus, we carefully organize, pack, transport, and assist in arranging your items in your new home or office. The movers in Rockville, MD, are recognized for their professional, timely, and friendly services. We treat every item with great care to ensure its safe arrival. Have special items like pianos? We handle those, too. Choosing us means enjoying a hassle-free moving experience, turning your shift to a new place into a positive experience. By the way,  5% discount for senior citizens, students, and military personnel awaits you. besides, the first month of using our storage Rockville MD is free.

Why should you choose our packing services Rockville MD?

We are the best choice you can make when it comes to packing services in Rockville MD. Our packers are ready to pack all of your belongings in no time and at the lowest prices. Other reasons to choose us to pack you are:

  • Our packers have amazing packing skills. Our packers pack boxes professionally on an everyday base. With years of experience handling a variety of items, from fragile to ordinary, they’ve got techniques for just about every situation that the average person just wouldn’t know. Experience is what makes us the best packing services Maryland has for you
  • Your moving insurance doesn’t cover self-packed boxes. When you hire a professional, your moving insurance company can assume a certain safety standard for your valuables. When you do it yourself privately, all bets are off. It’s not personal… but a liability.
  • It’s too easy to overpack when you’re tired and stressed. Really, who wants to run to the store to pick up a few more boxes after a long day of packing? When you’re packing your own stuff yourself, you end up cutting corners. Excalibur movers in Rockville MD have the opposite incentive: we are here to impress.
  • Just because they’re packing doesn’t mean you can’t be involved. If you’re hesitant to entrust your stuff to other people’s hands, it’s okay. Most movers are happy to let you supervise. This option lets you put your mind at rest without adding liability to your move.
  • We are a full-service moving company that provides local moves and long distance moves in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.
 packing services rockville md- moving boxes
Our packing services Rockville MD will ensure all of your belongings arrive intact at the final destination

How do our packing services in Rockville, MD, function?

Our packing services Maryland residents choose function with effective strategies to ensure a smooth move. Here’s what we to expect when hiring our packing services in Rockville, MD:

  • We begin by packing less frequently used items, ensuring an early start to the packing process. Essential items are packed closer to the moving day, sometimes even on the day itself.
  • Our team labels every box clearly, noting which room it belongs to and whether the contents are fragile. We also include brief descriptions of the contents, like ‘small kitchen appliances,’ to simplify the unpacking process.
  • We prioritize opening certain boxes first upon arrival at the new location, marking them clearly for easy identification.
  • Our packing method involves placing heavier items at the bottom of boxes and lighter ones on top, choosing box sizes appropriately based on the weight of the items.
  • For delicate items like lamps or vases, we indicate the correct orientation of the box and pack components like bulbs and shades separately.
  • When it comes to challenging items like paintings and mirrors, our team offers special care. For valuable artworks that require extra attention, our sales team is ready to discuss additional assistance on a moving day.

And for extra safety when moving and packing, we offer you Gold Moving Services MD residents love due to the unique set of moving skills our golden movers and packers in Maryland offer when providing this service.

 a moving box
Never leave your boxes unlabelled.

Packing materials our Rockville packers use

Our Rockville packers utilize a range of high-quality packing materials, each selected for its specific benefits to ensure the safety and security of your belongings during the move. Firstly, sturdy cardboard boxes of various sizes are used, which is essential for accommodating different items while maintaining structural integrity. Bubble wrap and packing peanuts are employed for their cushioning properties, providing a protective layer that guards against shocks and vibrations. For larger items, our packers use stretch wrap and furniture pads, which protect surfaces from scratches and help keep parts together and prevent dust accumulation. Packing tape of superior strength is applied to securely seal boxes, ensuring they remain closed and intact throughout the journey. The choice of these materials reflects our commitment to delivering your possessions in perfect condition, emphasizing the importance of quality packing in the success of a stress-free move.

Moving items into storage? Hire storage packing services Rockville MD

Hiring packing services Maryland companies, such as Excalibur Moving and Storage MD, provide brings numerous benefits for anyone looking to store their belongings. They use quality materials that guard against environmental damage, such as moisture or pests, which is especially important for long-term storage. This level of care minimizes the risk of deterioration, keeping your items in pristine condition. By choosing these expert services, you gain the assurance that your belongings are not just stored but meticulously preserved, offering you peace of mind during the storage period.

Commercial packing services are at your disposal

For businesses planning a relocation, commercial packing services Rockville MD businesses trust are at your disposal, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team of commercial movers in Rockville, MD, are experts in handling all aspects of business relocations. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation, we understand the unique challenges and time constraints of moving a business. Most importantly, our services extend beyond just moving. We provide thorough packing solutions to ensure all your office equipment, documents, and furniture are securely packed and transported with the utmost care. We strive to minimize downtime and disruption, allowing your business to operate smoothly during the transition. Thus, you can trust every item with our packing services in Rockville, MD. Your office equipment will be carefully wrapped, packed, and set up in your new location, ensuring a seamless move for your business.

Other services to use except packing services Maryland

Besides packing services Rockville, Maryland, you can choose the following moving assistance related to:

  1. Residential Moving: This service caters to individuals and families moving their homes. It includes transporting household items, furniture, and personal belongings from one residence to another with care and efficiency.
  2. Interstate Moving: This service handles the complexities of long-distance moves. Besides, they match with interstate transport regulations and provide secure transportation of belongings over long distances.
  3. Piano Moving: Given the weight and sensitivity of pianos, professional movers use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure the instrument is moved without damage.
  4. Junk removal services: This service assists in decluttering spaces by removing unwanted items, old furniture, or debris; it is especially useful during or after a move to clear out unnecessary items and streamline the transition to a new space. Besides, it contributes to a healthy environment.


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Choose Excalibur movers and packers for the safest relocation.

Excalibur Moving and Storage MD is a synonym for a safe relocation

Excalibur Moving and Storage is here to assist you with all your moving and packing needs. Once your relocation is just around the corner, and you are not sure you can do the best job regarding packing, we are here for you. Contact us to get a moving service from a top-rated moving company in the Rockville MD area. We are one of the best packing services Maryland has to offer. We are the best packing services Rockville MD has to offer.

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If you want to hire impeccable packing services Rockville MD has, the best choice is Excalibur Moving and Storage MD. No matter the distance, the complexity, or your moving budget, we are here to provide you with the most seamless packing services Maryland has ever seen. Whether you are a student, a senior, or a military, our movers and packers in Rockville will adapt to your requirements. Thus, get your free moving quote now and seize all the benefits of hiring our packing services.