A comprehensive interstate moving checklist

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    Organizing a move is very rarely a simple task. You need to figure out the best date for your moving day, which can be really tricky. Then you have to find and hire a reliable moving company such as Excalibur Moving and Storage, because it is impossible to organize a successful move without reliable movers by your side. Then there is all the utility canceling, planning the packing schedule etc. Usually there are just so many things that you need to take care off that it is easy to get lost in it all or to feel overwhelmed. Or both. And things get even more challenging the longer the distance of the move is, which is why interstate moves can get really complex. To make that easier for you, we have prepared this comprehensive interstate moving checklist of key things you need to do. 

    A comprehensive interstate moving checklist includes having to choose a moving date
    Choosing the perfect moving date can be harder than it seems, so do not postpone it

    Choose the moving date carefully

    Choosing the moving date is the crucial first step for planning the rest of the move. You need to have at least an approximate idea of when you will be moving so that you can start figuring out the other aspects of the move. For instance, you obviously cannot book a moving date with one of the interstate movers Maryland offers without actually knowing it. And that can make all the difference. A good moving company can slip away from you, so figure this out as soon as possible. 

    Check the pandemic regulations 

    Since you are planning to move between states, it is important to research their respective regulations. This has been a stressful year and a half, and the pandemic is not over yet. Severity of regulations varies between states, so you need to factor in this. A few weeks before the move, start checking regularly each state’s regulations you are crossing through requires.

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    Check the pandemic (and other) regulations for each state that you will be going through

    One of the key entries on the interstate moving checklist is to hire movers as soon as possible

    Hiring a moving company is definitely one of the key elements of a successful move. They are there to make your life during the move much easier, and it would be a huge mistake not to hire them. Furthermore, and this is important, you should not judge them just by their price. Movers are professionals who know how to handle moving your belongings. 

    Since you are probably not moving every two months, this is indeed a special occasion. So, paying a bit more than you may have planned, for the peace of your mind, quality moving service, and effective handling of your move to another state is actually quite worth it. 

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