Best cities for young adults in Maryland

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Whether it is for college or for work, many young adults throughout the US decide to move. Some of them might need local and others need long distance movers Maryland offers, but what all of them have in common is that they are looking for a better place. You see most young people look for better job opportunities and better colleges. Some look for nightlife, some want to start families and others just chase their dreams. Overall what all of them want is a place with a better future. And although America is the land of dreams, some places still have better things to offer than others. One of those places in Maryland. The best cities for young adults in Maryland are some of the best in the US.

Welcome to Maryland

Can people really mention the state of Maryland without mentioning its famous crab cakes? Probably not. Well, if you are a fan of crab cakes, you will 100% move to Maryland. But, crabby patties are not the only thing this beautiful state can offer. Among many things, there are also some of the best cities for young adults in Maryland. But of course, we also have to mention one interesting side note. Maryland actually sells more crab cakes than it can provide. Maryland is also known as the state of “firsts”.  What does that mean? It is home to the first umbrella factory, railroad station, telegraph, American-built piano, and the first dental school in the US! And trust us there is even more. Intrigued by its past many people decide to use moving services Rockville MD in hopes of making it their home.

Professional moving crew
Some of the best cities for young adults in Maryland are not big and noisy cities, but nice peaceful suburbs.

But there is something all of the best cities for young adults in Maryland have in common. Maryland is a truly breathtaking state when it comes to the lavish outdoors. About 41% of the state is covered in beautiful trees. And as such even though Maryland might have a shortage of large cities, it makes up for it in sheer magnificence. Maryland’s landscape feels like a showcase of types, a beautiful display of the United States’ most astonishing elements. The Chesapeake Bay overlooks most of the Eastern piece of the state and with its sandy beaches, tons of islands dispersed about, wetlands, coves, and freshwater creeks. Maryland also has two mountain ranges.  The Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains


Rockville is a town in Maryland.  Boosting a population of 68,155. Rockville is in Montgomery County and is one of the best cities for young adults in Maryland. Living in Rockville presents citizens with an urban-suburban mixed feel and most citizens own their homes. In Rockville, there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks worth visiting. As such many young people come here chasing opportunities. And with the help of the best movers Rockville MD has, it has never been easier to relocate here. But is it cheap to live here?

A bulding on a corner
Many people will pick a place where they can find sustainable jobs!

How expensive is living in Rockville?

Rockville has an average household income of $198,651. And its average housing price is around $900,000. For a site with a population of nearly 50,000 that encompasses parts of Potomac, Rockville, Darnestown, and Travilah. As such at one point in time, the city and surrounding neighborhoods were rated the 18th most affluent areas in the country. As such most of the client’s residential movers Rockville MD gets are people with high criteria and expectations.

Rockville, Maryland’s price of living is 50% bigger than the national norm. The cost of living in any zone can vary established on factors such as your profession, average earnings, and the real estate demand of that location. This may be affected by nearby cities such as Washington. But the average wage needed to live here is around $19.82 per hour for a single adult. And even though it’s pricy, it’s still cheaper than Washington. So many people use moving and storage Rockville MD services to move here. The lowest wage in Maryland is $11.00 per hour. Because it is such a prime location, Rockville demands a higher cost of living, but it is still an accessible city as well as one of the best cities for young adults in Maryland.

Jobs in Rockville

Due to its close distance to Washington and other major cities, Rockville also boosts a wide range of jobs. If you also take into account the expenses it comes as no surprise that the pay here is good. How else can people afford it? Well, it’s not one of the best cities for young adults in Maryland without a reason. The job market is vast. It has a wide range of diverse jobs to offer, as well as a good platform for young people to show their skills. The pay is also good, making it a prime spot for young people to start their families. It gives all of the benefits of a gig metropolis but still contains its small city charm.

Inside of a public library
Many people come to this state to go to college and get higher education.


If you are looking to move to one of the best cities for young adults in Maryland then Gaithersburg, MD might be the place for you. When looking at livability people find their ideal locations to live. So what is the reason that many moving companies Gaithersburg MD residents recommend are constantly busy? Let’s start with the obvious. Gaithersburg, MD has around 71,880 residents. The average income in Gaithersburg, MD is $85,988. And the average home value is $395,331. That means that this area is cheaper than Rockville! But does it still have a lot to offer? Well, you see the job market here is also big. Gaithersburg is also the site of the garrison of the United States Army Reserve Legal Command. It is also registered as a city with great ethnic and economic diversity.

A moving truck
Gaithersburg has many great job opportunities so call your movers today and relocate here!

The position of the epicenter for biotechnology in the Mid-Atlantic region makes it a prime place for anyone in that field. Followed by the beautiful nature and places surrounding it, it also offers a nice life for families. But even that’s not all. Many beautiful cafes, restaurants, diners, and so much more can be found here. The best residential movers Gaithersburg MD offers have heard many different reasons why young people move here over the years.


With summers that are warm and humid, and winters that are very cold, snowy, and windy along with its many charms Bethesda finds its name on our list of the best cities for young adults in Maryland. The cost of living here is 45% higher than the national norm. Actually living here is a little pricy when compared with other cities it’s size. And the reason for that is its prime location and the good job market. You dont believe us?

The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Bethesda is around $2,040. In other cities in the country such as Arlington, Virginia, where the average rent for such apartments was $2,350. Washington, D.C. obviously takes the cake as the most expensive one. But when comparing the sizes as well as the resident numbers things become more clear. You see they are all larger and have more residents. But movers in Bethesda MD are working hard on helping people move there every day.


The city of Baltimore is the biggest city in Maryland and one of the best cities for young adults in Maryland. The city’s great healthcare, schooling, and great weather make it one of the finest locations to live in the country. If you’d adore living in a city where you can appreciate spending tons of time outdoors, and appreciate arts, entertainment, and sports, moving here will be like a dream for you.

  • Baltimore accumulates an average of 213 bright days per year
  • The cost of living here is lower than the U.S. average
  • Baltimore’s average home cost is $114,300
  • The average annual pay for a mundane job is $66,701
  • About 3.8% of Baltimore citizens work from home
  • Up to 3.6% of houses and apartments in Baltimore are available for rent
A building next to a lake
The city you pick should be able to help you in advancing on either your carrier path or make it easier for your family.

More about Baltimore

Baltimore has around 575,584 residents. It’s the biggest city in Maryland and the 31st biggest city in the nation. The city extends across 92 miles.

  • The population density is 7,111 people per square mile
  • Baltimore’s resident number is decreasing at a speed of -1.53% annually
  • The median age is 35.4, making it one of the best cities for young adults in Maryland
  • The average age of the male residents in Baltimore is 34.1 years
  • As for females the average age of  female residents in Baltimore is 36.6 years

Its rich history and a good distance from other major cities make it a prime location for young adults. On top of all that along with the cityscapes, nice homes, cafes, and restaurants, there is also a big job market. As such it comes as no surprise that many of its residents are young people. There are many pet parks, clubs, and other public places for young people to meet each other and become friends. As well as many work opportunities and chances to progress your career. The only thing you should know is what to look for.

How to pick the best cities for young adults in Maryland

When people are young they all have some criteria based on their plans for the future. And as such not all of them will agree with our list of the best cities for young adults in Maryland. But of course, that is not something that we worry about. Why? This beautiful state is a gorgeous place. With so much to offer that we are sure there will be plenty to choose from. But before you pick your city there are some things you should take into account.

Why are you moving? Knowing the reason for your move is essential. This way you will know what to look for. Are you moving to start a family? Then maybe a smaller subshrub would be your best pick. Are you moving in order to find a better job? Then big cities with a wide range of job opportunities are perfect for you. Even based on the nature of the job you want the city we recommend may change. People from all over the world have different expectations, needs, wishes, and so on. The most important thing is that you understand yourself. And to find what you really need. A trip to the city before deciding to move may give you a taste of what’s to come. Don’t rush in and take your time.

A clif on a lake
The nature around the state is something that any resident must see!

Pick the right city and start packing your bags

There are many gorgeous cities here. And all of them can be the best cities for young adults in Maryland, depending on our needs and choices. But what we need to know first is ourselves. Our needs and our preferences will be the main factors in choosing a place. Running in bling to just any location won’t be good for us. As such talking to some residents can also be a big plus. Who will tell you more about a place than the people living there?

And thankfully not in the age of the internet and social media it has never been easier! You can find blogs, reviews, and comments from the residents. Or you can take it a step further and personally contact them. All in all people’s opinions may not change yours, but it will make it easier to understand the city. That way you won’t be going in blind! And you will have all of the basic information needed to pick out your top picks for the best cities for young adults in Maryland!

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