Calculating costs of local moving in Washington

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Moving is stressful. It takes careful planning and effort. Even if you’re moving locally, there are many things you need to consider before your relocation. If you want your move to go smoothly and without any unexpected costs – you’ve come to the right place! Here are tips on calculating costs of local moving in Washington, DC.

First step when calculating costs of local moving in Washington

The total cost of your move will depend on a few factors. Think about what your priorities are. It could be that you want to save time. Or you want to save money. This is why the first step you need to take is making a list! Try answering these questions in order to get a better understanding of the final costs:

  1. Do you plan on hiring movers?
  2. How far is the move?
  3. Do you plan on buying packing materials yourself?
  4. Will you need a storage space?


A man calculating costs of local moving in Washington
Calculating costs of local moving in Washington can be easy!

Local moving prices with professional movers

So, if you decide to hire professional movers in Washington, calculate the costs beforehand. Of course, based on distance, weight and time of year, these costs may go up or down. Below you will find essential information about this! Luckily, moving companies Washington DC are there to help!
Here is a list of average moving prices of Washington DC moving companies:

  1. Studio apartment – $388.00
  2. 1 Bedroom, Small – $404.39
  3. 1 Bedroom, Large – $506.08
  4. 2 Bedroom – $681.55
  5. 3 Bedroom – $1041.96
  6. 4 Bedroom – $1354.54

The distance of your move

So, here is where it gets tricky. Of course, the bigger the distance of your move, the higher the price. You need to be aware of this and inform yourself. It’s best to call or contact the movers you are hiring and ask them how much (if at all) they will add to the price.

The weight of your goods

Additionally, the weight or number of your items will affect the price as well. If you have a lot of heavy items such as furniture, a piano etc. you can expect some additional costs. This is because it will take longer to load and unload the truck as well as more people (imagine loading a piano!) to carefully manage your items. You will also require more packaging supplies if you have more items. Even though they aren’t very expensive, it is another factor to keep in mind.

Complexity of the move

The third factor is how complicated your move is. This will affect your calculation of the moving costs in DC. This includes any special requirements (for example very delicate or breakable items) and extra services. The movers will need more time and care so the moving costs increase. Local movers Washington DC can choose from many different services and additional help.

In order to understand how difficult your move is and how much you will need to pay extra, make a list of:

  1. Unusually large and heavy items (a piano or a hot tub for example!)
  2. Very delicate items (works of art, antique furniture)
  3. pick-up and delivery locations and their obstacles such as stairs, small doorways or narrow streets
Two women laughing and holding boxes
Bonus tip – ask your friends for advice on moving costs!

The time of your move

Moving companies are at their busiest in summer. This means they will have less free appointments and the costs may go up from May to September. Be sure to plan your move months ahead and contact a moving company in time! This will save you a lot of unnecessary stress.  So, if you’re moving in summer or any other peak time (holidays), be prepared for higher moving costs in Washington! Washington DC movers be sure to contact Excalibur movers for more information.

Needing storage

You planned your move, hired movers and bought packing materials. But what if you need to move out of your current home before the new one is ready? In this case you will need a storage unit. Of course this also means additional costs. But of course residential movers Washington DC will easily find a place to safely store their belongings. Here is a list of average storage unit prices per month.

  1. Studio (217cf) $64.95
  2. 1 Bedroom, Small (353cf) $105.81
  3. 1 Bedroom, Large (473cf) $141.87
  4. 2 Bedroom (708cf) $212.52
  5. 3 Bedroom (1106cf) $331.83
  6. 4 Bedroom (1517cf) $454.98

How to calculate local moving costs in Washington – summary!

It’s clear that multiple factors can affect the price of your local move in DC. This is why we have compiled tips and tricks as well as necessary information for you in this article! Try to make a list and a moving budget, then call a moving company and ask for information. If you know what to ask – calculating costs of local moving in Washington will be easy breezy! Good luck and happy moving.

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