Guide on packing your Washington condo before the move

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Moving is a big part of anyone’s life. No matter how much experience you have with it, it can get overwhelming. Whether you are moving out for the first time, or have done it a couple of times. Stress is a very normal thing to experience during the planning and moving. Sometimes during the process, you can feel like you are forgetting something. Other times, you might be worried about how you are gonna pack everything up. You can check out local movers Washington DC can offer and follow our guide on packing your Washington condo before the move.

Packing your condo before the move
Get the right size boxes for packing your Washington condo before the move

Plan and keep packing your condo stress free

Decluttering your condo before the move

Moving is the perfect time to finally go through all the forgotten and stored stuff you have. Do this early, so you have enough time to declutter everything and also decide whether to keep it. Over time we store a lot of things we might not need anymore. Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye to old toys or old clothes. Think of moving as a way to start fresh. You don’t want your new home to feel overcrowded once you settle in. Go through all the things in boxes, wardrobes, or the garage. When thinking about moving and storage Washington DC can offer, you can store some of the furniture for selling it later. Look through your old clothes in the back of your closet. Everything you don’t need or it doesn’t fit, you can either sell, donate or throw out.

Two people sorting through clothes
Look through your old clothes and sell or donate what you don’t need

Buying boxes

This may come as very obvious advice, but sometimes we forget the most obvious things. Make sure you buy enough boxes in different sizes so you can protect your things. Opt for quality boxes that are not gonna break. If you have original boxes from some of your products, it’s good to use those too. There are also special boxes you can get for transferring your clothes on hangers. If you wanna keep your mirrors and artwork from breaking, there are boxes for that as well. Glasses, bottles, and plates can be put into boxes with little spaces in them, so they don’t come in contact with each other.

Have enough packing supplies on hand

While packing your condo before your move, you want to try and keep calm. Running out of some basic packing supplies in the middle of work can get pretty stressful. You don’t want to be running out to the store to get something when you have already started packing. Make sure you have enough of:

  • packing tape
  • bubble wrap rolls
  • packing peanuts
  • markers and labels
  • cutters

Check if you are missing some cleaning products as well. You wanna pack your things clean so you have less work once you move. Garbage bags are gonna be of real use once you start decluttering and cleaning the place out.

Packing your condo before the move
Make sure you have enough packing supplies before you start

Packing your Washington condo before the move

Once you have done all the preparations, it’s time to start packing. By now, you got rid of all unnecessary objects from your household. If you still have some of them left, don’t worry. The goal was to get rid of as much as you can to have an easier job packing. Packing on your own can sometimes lead to stress, whether worrying about your furniture or simply not knowing how to pack certain items. You can always get help with packing your condo from the residential movers Washington DC has.

Packing everything up before the move

All you need to do now is start packing your Washington condo before the move. Place all the items you can in the boxes you previously picked out. Make sure you fill up your boxes nicely and leave no room for items to move. If you don’t have enough items for the box, you can always add some packing peanuts or some clothing items. Protect your furniture with some bubble wrap rolls or stretching wrap. When packing clothes, see if you can keep them in the drawers that you’ve taken out of your wardrobe. Just roll some stretch wrap around them to keep them in place, and once in the truck, put them back into your wardrobe. For hangers, there are boxes with a rod that you can easily hang your clothes on. Make sure you keep in mind your new home layout and pack items according to the new rooms they are going into

Labeling boxes when packing your Washington condo

An important part of packing that is gonna help you out a lot is labeling your boxes. You don’t want to skip this part and then have to open all the boxes in your new home before you are ready to find them a spot. This also prevents storing everything in one room and making it overcrowded. After constructing boxes you should write on the box in which room the box is gonna go in. Also, you can write the contents of the box, or even take pictures of small items and keep them on your phone to check where everything is. Color coding can help a lot. Pick a color for every new room and put that color on all boxes for that room. Whether you are using a professional moving company or carrying the boxes yourself, this will allow you to place everything in its place. Mark the room on more sides of the box so it’s easier to see when picking them from either side.

People labeling boxes before the move
Make sure you label your boxes so it’s easier to place them in the right room

Packing an overnight bag

Another advice that moving services Washington DC recommend for packing your Washington condo before the move is packing an overnight bag. Place all of your most needed items in a bag. You can pack a change of clothes, your toiletries, teeth brush, some snacks. Once you get to your new home you won’t have to run around and open a lot of boxes to search for these. Also, think about your first night there. Put your sheets somewhere you can easily get them out for a good rest after a very draining day.

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