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Moving is one of the most complex procedures that you will ever go through. It can be both time and energy-consuming, especially for first-time movers. This is not only one of the most stressful chapters in your life. In addition, it can be pretty expensive even for those who move locally. The list of tasks that you have to do is pretty long. If you fail to prepare well for the whole process, in the end you may pay even more. For this reason, it is necessary to have make a good logistic plan. Also, your greatest alley in the whole process can be Excalibur Moving and Storage. Having a reliable moving company would definitely be your best support during these challenging times. In addition, you will pay less for the move. Read this guide and discover all about choosing the best moving quote in Gaithersburg.

Check if movers will take your inventory

When you plan your local move  in Gaithersburg, you will come across many moving companies on the market. Professionals can help a great deal, but it can be tough if you do not know where to start with the procedure. Cancelling the utilities and setting up the new ones, buying packing equipment, and packing can all be great challenges. Among the first things that you should ask your residential movers Gaithersburg MD is what kind of services they offer. In addition, you need to know if they plan to take your inventory. Every serious moving company will take full stock of your items and weight them. You will also have to make your inventory list. Once movers measure your goods only then can they provide the exact quote for their moving services. The weight of your stuff is what movers use the most to base their price on.

a man in a green t-shirt holding a box
Your movers need to take your inventory

Tips for choosing the best moving quote in Gaithersburg

The moving estimator should check all your items, including those that you put in the storage area, garage, or back yard. Another important thing they need to check is how much space all your goods will take in a moving truck or trucks. This is particularly important in case of a long-distance move. You need an accurate estimate from long distance movers Gaithersburg MD. In this case, your possessions need to travel long way, and you all need to make sure that everything is properly packed. Your movers need to do a walk-through to make sure they have all the necessary information regarding your move. They need to know what you will take and how your new home layout will look like. Also, show them the boxes you plan to cut off from moving.

Watch out a large deposit

When it comes to choosing the best moving quote in Gaithersburg, pay attention to the moving deposit movers ask for. Remember that any reputable moving company will not ask for a deposit or quote too large.

coins on the top of one another
Don’t pay a large deposit when choosing the best moving quote in Gaithersburg

In addition, make sure not to pay upfront any large cash deposit since this is not something that reliable movers in Gaithersburg would ask you to do. The only moment when you need to pay in cash is once your goods reach your new home. In addition, watch out for the additional moving fees. Quotes are generally free, but it’s worth checking this to be on the safe side. Furthermore, many companies offer estimate online. After that, a more accurate follow up in-person should come. Therefore, gathering several different moving quotes will make it easier for you to choose the price that your moving budget can support.

Types of moving estimates that you can get

When it comes to moving, you may face some unfamiliar terms. It is vital to understand what kind of estimate the company offers so you could know what would work for you. A nonbinding moving quote is a document with the mover’s best guess of expenses.

hand shaking over a desk
Learn all about moving estimates

If movers provide you with a binding estimate, they need to honor the price they provide. If you only move what is on your inventory list, then this is the final price you should pay. Among other moving estimate types is a binding-not-to-exceed estimate. It is the same as the binding estimate, except that you will have to pay less than the originally quoted price if items weight less. Local movers typically charge per hour. For a long-distance move, movers charge per weight of the goods. Any additional service you book will add on to the original price.

Other tips for choosing the best moving quote in Gaithersburg

When it comes to calculating costs, there are other factors that can affect the total cost of your move. The important fact to remember is that movers may not list them on the estimate quote. These can include the location, the size of your home, the flooring with an elevator or just stairs. In addition, parking space, the distance you are moving and the time of the year play a crucial role in getting moving estimates. In addition, check the company’s US DOT number on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to make sure they are valid and exist. Also, check their references and reviews or ask for recommendations from friends and family. In general, the key insights about quotes should be:

  • in-person survey of your possessions
  • get at least three to four quotes before you decide
  • binding estimates guarantee the price
  • watch out the additional moving costs
  • include moving insurance in the quote

There are many different factors to consider before choosing the best moving quote in Gaithersburg. Too high or too low estimates can be a clear red flag that you should avoid. Communication with your movers is an important aspect of a moving procedure. Both you and your movers need to know exactly what you plan to transport and in which way. This will ensure getting the right estimate quote without any surprises on your bill. Finally, remember that paying in cash should be an option after the goods reach its destination. Also, remember to tip your movers if everything goes well.

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