How much to tip movers?

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Moving can be challenging. No matter if you are moving a couple of blocks away, or in another state. It is demanding a lot of time and preparation. You can find the best moving companies in Maryland that residence recommends. When the job gets done by your moving company you are always asking yourself one question… Should you tip movers? It all depends on various factors, which we will explain.

If you however decide to do it by yourself, the most important thing is preparation! Put everything on a piece of paper. Do your inventory of clothes, appliances. The best way you do it is room by room. You will need also packing materials and such as packing paper, moving blankets, bubble bags, boxes, etc. Pack your belongings safe, so you won’t damage them during the move.

moving costs
When setting your budget you should add on your list of expenses the tip for the movers too.

This is also the best time to get rid of your clothes that have been collecting dust in your closet. There are many ways you can get rid of your unwanted things. You may organize a yard sale, sell them on the internet. Donating your clothes is also an option. At the very end, you can always recycle them. In case you need your clothes, but don’t have enough space, you might consider renting a storage unit in the town you are moving to. So you can have room for your seasonal clothes or other items to which you have an emotional attachment.

When and when not to tip movers

Not all moving companies are doing their job equally. If you get anything less than arranged, you definitely shouldn’t give more cash than agreed with the movers you chose. If however, they did more than you expected, it is a nice gesture to reward their hard work.

You should tip your movers if:

  • they showed up on time
  • finished the move in a shorter timeline than expected
  • helped you pack your things
  • nothing was damaged in the move and that is why you should tip movers

In case they showed up late, damaged your belongings, or acted unprofessionally, don’t tip them! Because they really didn’t deserve it and are not reliable movers. They are being paid by their company for the work. If you decide however that you should tip the crew, here are some insights on the standard practice. There are a few differences when it comes to tipping movers. Whether they are local, or distance movers.

Tips for the local movers

Local or distant, movers are handling your personal belongings, and they also do most of the hard physical labor. That is why you hired them, so you don’t have to do it! If you are happy and satisfied with the service that your movers provided, you can tip them. It is not required, but it is a common practice! For the job well handled, without damage and finishing the work right on time. Sometimes even before schedule.

moving tip
If your movers completed everything as agreed you should tip them.

The acceptable average tip amount for local moves is 10%. Some go even up to 20%, for the number of hours the movers put in. Make sure to equally divide the tip between the movers. For example, if the move costs $1,200, you could give the crew any amount starting at $60. If you have three movers, that works out to $20 each. This is just a guideline, and you should adjust it based on the quality of the service provided. A better way is to tip each staff member individually than to hand over the entire tip to the supervisor. This is a way of recognizing the individual efforts of the movers.

Tipping can also include sharing some drinks and beverages. Like cold lemonade, homemade brownies, or other treats, to make their day a bit easier. You should consider this also. After all, they are working hard, so you won’t have to!

How much should you tip distance movers?

When a crew is moving your belongings over a number of days, the bill can be sometimes really huge! Is your moving budget going to allow you to add a 10-15% tip for the movers? Make sure to check interstate movers Gaithersburg MD who will help you with your relocation. A lot of the moving companies will repeat the standard reply when asked that tipping is not expected and is very much up to the individual customer. 

Long-distance moves can cost up to $10,000, so in that case, a 15% tip could make a big hole in your moving budget. Most of the moving companies say that the standard tip for a multiple-day move is in the range of $50-200 per person on the crew. Regardless of the moving invoice. Make sure that your moving company is not adding a service charge to the bill. You want to reward them for their hard work, not to double tip them. If you are not sure or don’t want an unpleasant surprise you can ask the moving company whether a service fee will be included in the final bill.

If you in any case forgot to tip your movers for a job well done, due to a lack of cash at the time of the move, you can do it afterward. Call the moving company and explain your situation, they will be more than happy about it. Ask them how you can forward the money to the crew who worked on your moving day.

tip movers
There is no official rate but you should consider all the distance and services your movers provided so you can tip them properly.


After all, it all comes to your budget, and how well the job was done by your moving company. There is no official rule for how much to tip movers. For local movers, you should consider a 15% tip for a job well done! When it comes to long-distance movers,  an amount between $50-200 should be an appropriate tip for a great service! You should treat them with respect. Because they just saved your knees and back! And you should thank them for it.

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