How to avoid getting scammed while moving

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Organizing a relocation is quite a demanding project. With all those tasks you have to handle, people feel nervous and start making mistakes. Especially when it comes to hiring the right residential movers Washington DC. Because it can sometimes be easy to fall for a moving scam since they often look legitimate and sound just right. However, fraudulent movers might run away with your deposit, hijack your belongings or charge you hidden fees. Hence, to avoid getting scammed while moving, read this article and prepare.

Avoid getting scammed while moving by noticing red flags

Not everyone is lucky enough to get the most reliable office movers Washington DC. Some people, especially inexperienced ones, tend to hire movers that are quite shady. Especially if it’s their first time hiring a professional mover. But we’ve prepared some great tips to notice and avoid the scams by fraudulent movers.

Beware if you cannot find moving company’s business information and avoid getting scammed while moving

One of the most common signs of a moving scam is when you can’t find company information. For instance, if you’re on a mover’s website but can’t find a physical address, this is a red flag. Also, it’s quite suspicious if you can’t find a mover’s registration or proof of insurance. These simple signs will help you avoid scams while moving. Also, another warning sign is if you make a phone call to the movers. Then, when you call, if you hear a generic response such as ’movers’ or ’moving company’ instead of a specific brand name, another alert. So, make sure to pay enough attention to these details that can show early on whether a mover is fraudulent.

Man in a suit holding an empty business card
One of the signs of a moving scam is if you cannot find the moving company’s information.

Another red flag that indicates fraudulent movers- moving estimates over the phone

All reliable and trustworthy movers and packers in Maryland offer home estimates. However, if a moving company in question refuses to come to your home to make a final estimate, this is a warning. Because some scammers make rough estimates over the phone, accept your deposit, and vanish. On the other hand, a legitimate company comes to your home to determine an accurate estimate. Also, another important scam alert is if a mover grudgingly agrees to inventory your items but only glances at them. Pay attention to these details and avoid scams while moving.

More steps to take to avoid getting scammed by the movers

Sure, if you hire reliable interstate movers Maryland, you won’t have to even think about possible frauds. However, if you aren’t in that position, then you should read on and get to know more details on this topic.  So, another sign that you’re dealing with fraudulent movers is if they demand a significant down payment. For the record, a small down payment is normal and it is usually under 20 %. However, scammers sometimes ask for a large down payment and after you give it to them, they take it and disappear. Also, another common moving scam involves holding your items and demanding money for their return. Hence, to avoid fraud while relocating, keep your guard and pay attention.

What are other signs of moving frauds?

There are so many signs and red flags that can indicate you’re talking to scammers. For instance, if one quote is dramatically lower than the other, that’s an indicator something is wrong. Or if the moving company doesn’t mention your rights and responsibilities regarding the relocation. Especially when by law, licensed movers have to provide their customers with a packet called Your rights and responsibilities when you move.  Also, another way to avoid getting scammed by movers is to recognize if the company has gone through several name changes. Therefore, if you can trace the company’s history through multiple recent name changes, that’s not a good sign. Also, another suspicious sign is when the company says your quote won’t change no matter what. Because most quotes are subject to change if the weight of your household belongings is more than expected.

Woman browsing the Internet to avoid getting scammed while moving
It is important to do a thorough check-up of the moving company you think about hiring.

The insurance covers everything- another warning

Besides the red flags we’ve already explained, you have to pay attention to moving insurance scams. So, for instance, if a moving company claims that the insurance covers absolutely everything, you must be skeptical. Also, you should know that typical protection starts at 60 cents per pound. And that means that the company reimburses you that amount for the total weight of all your belongings. That’s if for damage, destruction, or loss during the relocation. So, another thing you should pay attention to avoid scams while moving.

The moving truck doesn’t have a mark, yet another red flag

When the moving day comes, the moving truck will come to your house. However, if a truck doesn’t have a mark, it might be a logical sign of a moving scam. Because a reputable moving company will have signage on their truck without exception. However, that doesn’t mean that a scammer won’t have any signage of the company. But if the moving truck you should move with doesn’t have a label, consider that highly suspicious.

Should you avoid a moving company that charges by cubic footage or volume?

If you want to avoid scams while relocating, you should know that movers should always charge by weight. You should also know that charging by volume or cubic foot for interstate moves is illegal if there’s not a weight conversion. This part of relocation is a sign you might be a victim of moving fraud.

Tips to protect yourself from moving scams

  • Check the license of the movers you plan on hiring. By law, all interstate movers must be licensed and you can check that with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration company database.
  • Make sure to pay your relocation with a credit card. Especially because credit cards have insurance if something goes wrong.
  • Keep an inventory of all your possessions at all times. Another way to avoid scams is to have a written list to account for everything. Also, consider numbering your boxes to keep track of them.
Man sitting and holding a credit card
Finally, ensure that you don’t be a scam victim by paying with your credit card.

After getting to know all the tricks to avoid getting scammed while moving, you are prepared to make the perfect choice for your movers.

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