How to declutter your garage before relocation

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    Let’s face it, for the majority of people, the garage is their favorite spot to put clutter in. No guest has ever visited your garage upon arrival, so you probably threw a few things in there when you cleaned before those unexpected guests arrived. Everyone has done it at some point. But now that you are moving, it is time to take that clutter out. Moving with some movers Rockville MD is the perfect time to do this. There is no need to bring the mess from your old home to your new one. It’s a fresh start after all! For that reason, we have put together this guide on how to declutter your garage before relocation.

    Declutter your garage before relocation like a pro

    The most important advice we can give you is to start on time. If you start doing it even before you have an official moving date with some residential movers Rockville MD, you will be all set. But taking out all that clutter that has accumulated over time can seem tough. To stay on track, we recommend:

    • Put everything from your garage on an inventory list
    • Make it as fun as possible
    • Pay attention to items that cannot be moved

    Create an inventory list

    You could do this with every space in your home, like the majority of long distance movers MD do, but it can come in especially handy when dealing with a garage. In your bedroom, you probably only have items that are needed there, while in the garage you probably have a little something from every room in the house. It can be easy to get lost in all that mess. Put everything that you find laying around in your garage on a list, to have a more organized approach.

    Person making a plan on how to declutter your garage before relocation
    An inventory list should be your first step in order to declutter your garage before relocation

    Make it fun

    Decluttering might seem like it can never be made fun, but with enough dedication, you can at least make it enjoyable. The easiest way to do this is to listen to your favorite music while thinking about whether you will ever finish that birdhouse project that has been lying around for ages. If you want to spend this time learning something new, you can listen to a podcast or the news. Probably the most fun thing to do is to invite your friends over to watch a sports game while helping you with your project.

    Pay attention to some items

    If you plan on using some moving services Rockville MD you should know that some movers won’t transport certain items. These are usually items that can be a potential hazard to people and/or the environment. The list usually consists of aerosol cans, paint, and so on. The majority of these items can be found in your garage, so if you have some of these problematic things laying around, it is probably better to either use them or get rid of them.

    Picture of a paint can on the floor
    Movers won’t transport certain items found in a garage

    If you start to declutter your garage before relocation project on time, you will be able to do it properly without rushing and stress. Moving day stress will be present soon enough, so you should try to eliminate every potential source of additional stress. We wish you good luck and plenty of fun decluttering your garage!

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