How to handle an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat

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Relocating longer distances can create a lot of problems and challenges. However, when you do that with a pet the whole process only amplifies. And in order to complete an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat, you want movers and packers in Maryland to assist you. However, it’s up to you to make sure that your cat feels as good as possible during the whole process. Here are some of the things that you can do to make the whole process easier.

Know how to prepare for an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat

When you have such a big task ahead of you, it’s best that you start off with the basics. By doing so, you will make life so much easier and the process for your cat better. Especially as cats have special needs, you will have to give them some special attention. That’s why having interstate movers Gaithersburg MD will be of great help to you. They can handle it all for you, while you’ll have to provide your cat with the necessary assistance. It’s very important to remember that moving companies won’t be able to move pets for you. For that reason, ensure that you’re prepared to get everything ready for the relocation.

A couple preparing for an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat
Ensure that you get everything ready

If you have multiple cats make sure that you approach them individually

Being a cat owner is not easy. Especially when you have several cats. And when moving, this can present a pretty big problem to get everything ready and going. When you have an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat, you’ll need to prepare everything in advance. However, when you have multiple, it can interfere with moving services Gaithersburg MD as they can have different types of personalities and needs. That’s why you want to approach every single cat you own in a specific and individual way.

Get your cats checked out at the veterinarian before moving

The health of your cats will be crucial when it’s time to move. We already mentioned that movers won’t be able to relocate your pets. Especially when it comes to an interstate move. This type of move creates a lot of problems and difficulties for cats. And before you call the long distance movers Maryland to assist you, make sure to take your cats to the veterinarian. They can give you a good assessment of how your cats feel and if they are ready for the move. Above all, it’s never a bad idea to check out the health of your cats. And moving is probably one of the best times to check it out.

Pick the best carrier and know how to introduce it to your cats

In order to successfully move your cat, you’ll need a carrier. With an interstate move, you will need to transport your car with your car. And for you and your cat to be completely safe during the trip, you need to ensure that you find a carrier that will fit the needs of your cat. Of course, it would be much easier if the movers Gaithersburg MD could handle it for you. But it’s one of the tasks that will fall on your shoulders. However, after you find a carrier, it’s also necessary to make your cat feel comfortable with it. You can do so by using the cat’s toys or food. Give it some time and your cat will feel comfortable in it in no time.

A cat inside a green carrier
A quality carrier will be necessary for an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat

Keep your cat stimulated during an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat

At whatever point of the move, a cat can be problematic. From the packing process to the transportation in your car, it will usually be very lively and will possibly create problems for you or even worse the movers. That’s why it’s best to keep your cat from the residential movers Gaithersburg MD as you don’t want it to be in their way. For that reason, ensure that it has its favorite toys and that you keep it in a specific room. Overall, keeping your cat away and stimulated at the same time can save you a lot of hassle.

Be sure that you keep familiar items around your cats

Interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat will have a great impact on your pet. That’s why it’s necessary to ensure that your cat feels as good as possible. Having your cat feel well with its surroundings can provide you with what you need. Think about it, the long distance movers Gaithersburg MD want you to feel as good as possible during your relocation. For that reason, make sure to surround your cat with familiar items. That will make the whole task easier. And overall, your cat will feel so much better during the difficult process.

Take your cat for a couple of car rides before taking the trip to Gaithersburg

An interstate move will require you to cover a lot of miles. That will be a challenge for you. So you can imagine that it will be even harder for your cat to stay in your car and carrier for hours if not days. After you hire the movers and do all the necessary work, make sure to take your cat for a few rides. Having a couple of smaller rides can help your cat feel better and easier. And when you have an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat it probably will be a long car ride.

A car for an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat
Make sure that you accustom your cat to car rides

Keep your cats safe and comfortable during the relocation process

For every type of move, you want to ensure that all is safe and sound. When it comes to your items you can do so by using quality materials and quality moving services. But how do you help your cat feel better? Especially when you consider that you’ll have to be aware of every detail. It’s not like getting quility packing materials in Maryland and ensuring a safe move. For your cats, you need to make sure that they feel good during the whole process. That’s the only way to do them the least amount of harm, and help them adjust to their new home. From finding the best carrier to providing your cat with the favorite toys, make sure to keep all of that in mind for your interstate move. 

Have all the necessary essentials available for an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat

Similarly, as for you, cats also have some necessities. You don’t want to make a mess of this move and create unnecessary problems. From food to having certain distractions for your cat, you want it all to be accessible to you. Even during the moving process itself. It’s unnecessary for you to have on-site storage units to keep all the cat necessities in them. From the litter box to everything else that will make your cat feel good, everything needs to be close. Having necessities at your disposal will make even the toughest of relocations easier.

Make sure that you prepare space in your new home for your cats as soon as possible

Getting familiar with the new space can be a big challenge for cats. That’s why it’s necessary for you to make them as comfortable as possible and as soon as possible. If you visit your new home before moving into it, this can leave you with the time and options to make it the best possible. Organizing the space in advance will be extremely beneficial. Especially if you can already create space for your cat. That will make it so much easier for the cat to adapt. And especially after such a big move, you want to help your cat feel at home right away.

A cat sleeping
Ensure that your cat feels at home right from the start

Keeping a routine will be important after an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat

If you want to make sure your cat feels well during the move, you want it to be as familiar as possible. The same goes after the hard part of the relocation is done. After finally arriving in Gaithersburg and you create a space for your cat, it’s time for the next step. Bringing the routine from the old home back. That will include giving your cat food at the same time as always, making sure that you play with it around the same time, and so much more. This will greatly impact the way your cat reacts to the move. 

Leave some food for your cats in strategic spots when they arrive at your new home

In order to stimulate your cat, even more, you want them to move around the home. That’s why it’s best to use food as a motivator and help them get to know their new home by using that as a form of assistance. For that reason, make sure that you put the cat food in places that you want your cat to check out. This will give it the necessary cues and make it feel better at those points around the home. It’s a small trick but can yield big results.

Keep an eye on any potential behavioral problems when it comes to your cats

Unfortunately, with an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat there can be problems that occur. For that reason, it’s necessary that you ensure that you check your cat from time to time. Especially if there are some bigger changes in the behavior that persist for days or even weeks. Big red flags usually are when the sleep schedule is completely messed up. On top of that, if the cat completely changes the way it behaves, you might require the help of a professional. Don’t make a big problem out of it as it’s only normal for certain changes to occur when cats undertake a long-distance move.

A cat playing around the new home
Keep your cat in check after the move

Be aware of the surroundings after an interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat

Many people finally move and just want to enjoy their new area and home. However, if you’re moving with your cat, you need to be very aware of the things that surround you. Some cats will want and need to move around more. For that reason, make sure that they are safe and sound. Are there any plants that can be dangerous to the health of your cat? Does your cat have dogs in the neighborhood? Is there a gate that will keep your cat somewhat limited? Make sure that you have all these details in mind and you’ll keep things easier to handle.

Get in touch with a veterinarian in the Gaithersburg area

It’s always a good idea to get your cat to a veterinarian. Especially as an interstate relocation can have a huge impact on your cat. On top of that, having a fresh start in your new Gaithersburg home will be better and easier if you approach it like that. However, it’s also important to find a veterinarian that you can trust. Check out the Better Business Bureau and similar websites to find veterinarians in the area. Above all, you want to find a professional you can trust and that you can continue taking your cat after the first check-up.

Know that moving companies won’t be able to move pets for you

When moving there will be many details to think about. However, there are a lot of quality moving companies to handle the hard work for you. But, moving your pets is not one of them. There are many reasons why that’s a bad idea. Above all, a moving truck is not the right place for your cat. Besides that, movers can’t just take your cat from point A to point B. Even if it’s inside a container. You will need to do it on your own. But you can count on movers to do everything else for you.

Movers unloading movign boxes out of a van
Professional movers can’t move the cat for you

From start to finish, you want to ensure that everything gets done in the perfect way for your relocation. We hope that our advice can help you with the interstate relocation from Gaithersburg with a cat in the best way possible. Whatever your needs might be, it’s important that you have the needs of your cat in mind too. With the right support and care, we’re sure that you and your cat will feel great in your new Gaithersburg home.

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