How to make moving with kids easy

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Moving to a new home is stressful for every adult, but it’s even tougher on your children. Many experts say that how you handle the time before the move has a big impact on your kids’ adaptation. Especially when you have toddlers or preschoolers, it’s extremely important to calmly break the news in advance. The key is to leave them enough time to process the information. There are many tips regarding the topic of moving with kids easily. Read on and find out how to make it easy on your children before and during the relocation. Along the way, you’ll find more useful tips on moving in general.

Moving with kids takes a lot of planning ahead

After you tell your kids about your upcoming relocation, there’s no doubt they’ll feel powerless. They will also feel like they don’t have any input in the decision. That’s why it is crucial to involve them in as many decisions as you can. So, ask your kids about their wishes and write them down. No matter if they sound silly to you. Your kid will appreciate your willingness to include them in the whole moving process. You can also include them in the process of packing, as it might be fun for them.

While moving with kids, allow them to make new friends.
It is important to allow your kids to say goodbye to old friends.

Start preparing your kids for relocation long before the moving day comes

Thinking in advance is very important if you have an upcoming relocation. Being creative with the preparations is also recommended. So, start by making a book about the house you’re leaving. First, give your kid a camera or a smartphone to take pictures of your house, school, or friends. Then, put together a book of these shots, but put the picture of your new home last. That will make a subtle transition between two homes, eventually making it easier for your kid to adapt. Also, take your kids on a tour of your new house. That will be helpful for them to apprehend the whole process and wonder less. You can also arrange a charitable donation of the stuff they no longer need, as well.

Allow them to be angry because of the relocation

After you break to your kids the news that you’re moving locally or long distance, don’t be surprised if they seem heartbroken. That is such a normal response to the great shift that will be taking place in their lives. Even if your child seems excited about the move, don’t underestimate that it means separating from someone he loves. Moving will possibly make it difficult for your kid to face the potential losses. On the other hand, you shouldn’t worry much, because every child will accept things at his own pace. Experts say that it usually takes a child at least six months to fully acclimate to their new life.

More useful tips to make moving with kids stress-free

  • Start looking for a house together. Make it a fun experience. Take your children to look for a potential new home with you. On the other hand, if you’re searching online, show them your favorites and allow them to express their opinion.
  • Let them map out their new room. Allow your kids to choose a color for their room and make it an art project. Let them paste snapshots of their furniture and bed onto a sheet of construction paper.
  • Give them a treasure box. Your kids will be thrilled to decorate packing boxes with stickers and use them for their favorite belongings. Also, keep it close to you, so your kids can easily reach it.
  • Throw them a farewell party. That will bring the necessary closure to the friendships they are leaving behind. But, keep it simple. Just a basic chips-and-dips or a potluck will cut it.
Make moving with kids an enjoyable experience.
Try making moving with kids a fun experience for everyone, especially for your kids.

Here is our list of `moving day with kids` survival kit

After you’ve done all the necessary preparation, you should start getting ready for the big day. There are ways to make moving with kids easier, especially on the relocation day. So, here are the essentials you should have by your side.

  • Snacks and drinks in a cooler.
  • Disposable plates, paper towels, utensils.
  • Some bathroom basics, such as toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.
  • A plastic bag for laundry and a change of clothes.
  • Handy accessories like a tool kit, a flashlight, scissors, pencils, matches, and trash bags.

More useful tips for moving with kids

Remain the positivity while moving with kids

While moving your home, if you are positive, so will be your kids. They will have a sense that everything will be okay. Positivity will help your kids manage their emotions constructively. But, don’t overdo with the positivity. For kids over the age of 3, it’s also important for them to see your feelings of sadness. Finally, highlight all the wonderful things about your new home, so your kids will look forward to it.

Don’t forget to stick to the routine while moving with kids

Along the way, it is important to maintain some of your kids’ old routines. That will ease the adjustment process and build a sense of consistency. So, for older children, keep the rituals by organizing events such as family meals or game nights. For babies and toddlers, provide them continuity with the same bedtime rituals in the same order.

Playing games will make moving easier on your kid.
Throwing a game night will make it easier on your kid to accept the fact that you are moving.

Get your kids to know the other children and enjoy

Make sure to give your kids lots of opportunities to meet new friends. Let them sign up for as many activities as they wish. Moreover, let them try out new experiences with different groups. Only that way, your kids will be able to find friends based on similarities.

Expect some unusual reactions from your kids

It is not rare for young kids to deal with a stressful situation with a temporary regression. So, you can expect some intense feelings from your kids related to the move. They can lead to appetite change, sleep disruption, and tantrums. But, don’t panic if this happens. Wait some time for your kid to adjust at his own pace. On the other hand, if those feelings don’t fade for a couple of months, check with your pediatrician.

Final words

By following this simple guide, you’ll be able to go through the process of moving with kids easy. Even if you are moving across the state. Just remember, follow your kids’ rhythm and adjust to their needs. We wish you a successful relocation with your youngsters.

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