How to minimize distractions on moving day

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The movers are showing up any minute and you’re surrounded by a bunch of stuff, anxiously going through every detail in your head. What took me so long, did I forget something, are the boxes safely packed, where’s my dog. Sounds like the unwanted guest decided to visit on your big day – distraction! To avoid this scenario and minimize distractions on moving day, you should get everything ready for this moment long before leaving. Stay focused and the moving day distraction will walk itself out.

A man releasing moving stress
Stay focused on a moving day

Reduce the obstructions by planning a moving day ahead

Moving is already a stressful event, no matter how well organized you are. Something unexpected can always happen, and even the tiniest detail can get you off track on a moving day. But the relocating day stress can be quite easily avoided, or at least minimized with some pre-moving tips.

Make a packing plan early enough to lessen moving day disturbance

One of the biggest moving distractions is related to packing. Smartly selected, accurately sorted, safely packed and labeled boxes are a must. Rely on moving and storage Maryland team and you’re ready to go. They will ease your life during the packing process and lessen the confusion on a moving day.

Do all your possessions help reduce moving stress?

Get rid of the excess items to free up storage space, and your own personal space as well. Not much is so inspiring as de-cluttering your living area and moving is a great opportunity. This is why it’s so important to start packing early enough, so you can plan what’s coming with you. Is there a worse distraction on a relocation day than overcrowded boxes and too many packing supplies laying around? They almost scream ‘excess’ and you’ll get through the moving day less stressful without them.

Avoid unsecured packing accidents and eliminate moving day distractions

Apart from excessive boxes, too many items packed together can get damaged. Broken pieces, damaged packing supplies and unsafely packed items can severely affect your relocation day. It hurts just to imagine yourself cleaning up the broken pieces or re-packing the stuff that doesn’t fit. To avoid this obstruction on a moving day, make sure everything is securely packed and stored before the go.

Man labeling the box
Put clear labels to avoid lifting and transport accidents

Attack of the oldies

If any hindrance is to be expected while moving, that’s the one lurking from the dusty shelves. Oldies from your past, photo albums and things you might even forget about can drag you away from packing and certainly won’t minimize moving day distractions. Ok, this is your life and you shouldn’t leave them all behind. But leave some room for the new souvenirs. You’re relocating after all – the new memories will collect themselves in no time!

Minimize moving day distractions by packing essentials separately

It will take some time for you to settle in a new home and the boxes won’t get unpacked all at once. To reduce relocating day stress, it’s comforting to know you can always reach out to the most essential items, no matter how long the move would last. It’s especially important to get the essentials prepared for a long-distance move. That’s why you should pack your most necessary belongings separately and carry them with you all the time, so you can easily reach them when needed. So when the big day comes, make sure to have the bag with your personal belongings, important documents, and most necessary items easily reachable. This will give you a peace of mind and minimize distractions on a moving day. The relocation can last for days, so it’s relieving to have what’s essential to you available at all times.

Level down disturbance on a relocation day

Apart from the packing traps, there’s a whole package of distractions you should keep down on a moving day. These include:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Pets’ curiosity
  • Kids playing around
  • Phones chiming all the time
  • Other electronics – turn it off and decrease moving day stress

Get good night sleep prior to moving day

This may sound impossible as your mind is actively engaged in tomorrow’s big event, but it’s essential. And with the right mindset and adequate assistance quite feasible. If you have trouble sleeping try practicing a new routine sometime before the move. It will pay off in so many ways.
This leaves you no excuses to spend a sleepless night, anxiously awaiting the moving date morning. Go to bed on time instead, wake up stress-free, and moving day madness will be dreamed away!

Pets and kids

It’s a very good idea to ask your friend or parents to keep your pet on a moving day. This will be a huge relief as you don’t have to think about them playing around the boxes when it’s time for taking them out or feed them. Taking pets and their equipment outside of your home will minimize distractions on moving day and keep you focused on other relocation challenges. Movers Bethesda MD will help you on your relocation day and take loads of your moving checklist.
Relocating is not a good place for kids either, so taking them to a daycare or family members is a smart move. One concern less – better chances to avoid being distracted.

Phone and other media

The phone is one of the essentials on a moving day as you’ll probably take important moving-related calls. All the arrangements with the moving agency, confirmations, and everything that you have to handle that day are getting done via phone. However, to reduce moving day obstructions, don’t check your social media, or make unnecessary calls. Non-urgent emails or messages that are irrelevant for the move can wait until you’re settled and no moving distraction is on sight. Otherwise, it will take you more time than you realize and derange from the moving focus.

Social media icons notifications
Minimize distractions on a moving day by turning off notifications

The same applies to other items you use every day. Smartwatch, iPad, business laptop… Now you should only be thinking of reducing the moving day chaos. Pack them all safely until you have more free time for a daily dose of social media.

Best moves are done with the best planning. The day you so eagerly expected can turn into an exciting event or complete disaster. Use those tips to minimize distractions on a moving day and slide through it smoothly. Not every day is a moving day, so make it an awesome beginning of your new life!

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