How to minimize stress when moving to Washington DC

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Stress before and while moving is something you can count on. Wherever you are about to move, you will be stressed. It is just a normal thing. You can be excited about moving to some new place but at the same time you can feel fear of the unknown, all these emotions can be overwhelming. You can’t avoid stress but you can surely reduce it. So, here are some tips to minimize stress when moving to Washington DC.

Good organization is the key

The stress because of moving can paralyze you and make moving seem like something extremely difficult but it is not. You just need to accept the fact that moving is a stressful thing, that you can’t control your emotions that much but you can be prepared. So, the key to a stress-free and successful relocation is a good organization. What you can do:

  • make a detailed plan of all the tasks
  • set your budget
  • start early
  • find a reliable moving company
  • get enough sleep to minimize stress when moving to Washington DC
make a plan minimize stress when moving
The key to a successful relocation is in making a good plan.

Before you start calling moving companies and packing your belongings, you should set up your budget. Then you can make all the to-do lists, lists of your inventory, documents, etc. Sit down, write all the things you need to organize and pay for it, count in relocation, packing supplies, moving company, moving truck, new apartment, storage, etc. And then, put on paper your income or savings, so you can clearly see what is the amount of money you have in your possession and if it can cover your relocation costs.  When this is over, you can start with preparations.

Start early to minimize stress when moving to Washington DC

When you have done calculations you can start with other tasks. One of the ways to reduce the moving stress is to start early. Give yourself enough time. Start small, start by packing just some books or some cosmetics. As time goes by you will come to the bigger pieces of furniture, appliance, etc. One of the good things when moving is the opportunity to declutter your home. You can get rid of all the items you have been keeping for a long time. Get rid of everything that you haven’t been using for more than a year, that has no sentimental value and that is not worth repairing. If you have some items in good condition, give them to your friends or family, sell them, or you can donate them to some charity organization.

If you have the items you want to keep, maybe some skis, sports equipment, etc, you can store them. In case you do not have enough place in your new home, this is the best solution. You can contact some of the moving companies in Silver Spring MD and check their offers. Pay attention if the storage units are clean, well-maintained, and secured. Keep in mind that you should rent a climate-controlled storage unit. When you have checked all of this, you can choose a storage unit.

Make sure you start early with preparations, give yourself time to prepare everything for the move.

When you have everything sorted and rented a storage unit, you can start packing. Firstly, you will be needing a lot of packing supplies. Make sure you have enough cardboard boxes, plastic bins, packing paper, packing tape, moving blankets, a dolly for heavy items, etc. But if you don’t have that much time, you can search for the Washington DC movers and let them pack your belongings. They will do it a lot faster than you.

Take care of yourself

Do not forget about yourself when moving. If you start early, you will finish everything on time but you should not forget about your health. Make sure you eat well, to be hydrated, and also you can use some techniques to reduce stress. If you don’t sleep enough you will easily lose focus and it may happen you forget about something important. So, plan everything, sleep well, and take care of yourself. Make sure that you have at least 30 minutes only for yourself, to relax and meditate. It will help you to stay focused on important things.

Hire reliable movers

If you are short on time, the best thing is to contact a moving company and let them conduct your move. Reliable movers will be able to provide you with all types of services. They can pack all your inventory, and unpack them as you arrive at your new home. They can also offer you junk removal services. So after unpacking you will not have to think about removing all the packing leftovers. They will load and unload a moving truck, carry heavy items, relocate them carefully without damaging them or your old home. When you arrive at your new home, you can just give them instructions about which box goes where and they will place them wherever you need them.

meditate to minimize stress
Think about your health during the move, meditate, and get enough sleep to stay concentrated.

If you decide to hire a reliable moving company, you won’t have to choose the moving truck yourself. They will estimate what moving truck is needed to relocate all your belongings. Besides all of these services, a professional moving company will offer you insurance. So you will not have to worry about your belongings. If your items get damaged, lost, or stolen the insurance will cover it. Depending on your agreement, your items will be repaired, replaced or your money will be reimbursed. So, be smart and take insurance for your move.

Minimize stress when moving to Washington DC

Remember, you can’t avoid stress but you can reduce it. Here are some tips to minimize stress when moving to Washington DC, follow them and everything will be just fine. Make a list of tasks so you don’t forget about something and make sure you don’t forget about your health too. Good luck!

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