How to pack fragile items

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Packing items for moving can be tough, but packing fragile items can be even tougher. As fragile items can easily break, you have to be extra careful. From glassware to antiques, these delicate items need special attention when packing. Because, if you don’t pay special attention to packing them, you can end up with broken or damaged items. Of course, maybe you aren’t in a financial situation to hire professionals to do the packing for you. Therefore, we will help you prepare for your relocation and pack fragile items like a professional. At the same time, you will save some much- needed money for other moving services. With good preparation, everything will be much easier.

Use the best packing materials to pack fragile items

When it comes to packing fragile and delicate items, it is important to choose the best packing materials. Here are our suggestions for some of the top materials to use for packing.

How to pack fragile items - cardboard boxes
When you pack fragile items, use different sizes of cardboard boxes.

Get properly-sized boxes to pack fragile items

That means that the box should have the right dimensions for the fragile items. To simplify, get a moving box that fits, but also leaves enough room for packing materials to protect your items.

Packing tape is also one of the most important pieces for packing your items

It is very useful for securing boxes of different sizes.

Other important tips and tricks to pack fragile items like a pro

  • As we mentioned the packing materials you will probably put into a box, we recommend that to be airbags. Airbags will fill the space left in the box. This type of packing material is ideal for items with sharp edges.
  • For filling in any voids, you can use packing peanuts. The best way to protect fragile items is to fill the box with packing peanuts on the bottom of it. Then, place the item in and fill in the rest of the box with the remaining packing peanuts.
  • You might find foam enclosures useful for packing fragile items. But, if you plan on using them, make sure they are molded to the specifications of the product you’re packing.
  • Another simple material for filling in gaps in your box is crumpled craft paper. We recommend placing about two inches of crumpled paper between the fragile item and the wall of the box.
  • Finally, foam-in-base will efficiently protect your items, as it forms a protective mold around them. But, make sure to choose the best foam for each of your items.

To avoid damage, follow our practical tips on how to pack fragile items

If you want to go through the packing and moving experience without stress, it’s important to know the essentials.

china set
The most important thing when you pack dishes is to limit the space between each item.

Leave packing the fragile items for last

As packing fragile items require more care, it will take a lot longer to pack them. That’s why it is a good idea to wait and pack fragile items last. Right after you have everything else in your home packed. That will save you a lot of time and you won’t be stressed when the moving day is near.

Use cushioning to pack fragile items

It is crucial to use plenty of cushioning when packing delicate items such as ceramics or glass. For instance, you can always use newspapers to fix the items inside the boxes. But, if you are on a low-budget, there are excellent alternatives you can use to handle this task. You can always use a great amount of tissue paper, as this option costs less than other packing materials. Also, pack fragile items as tightly as you can so there’s no risk of them banging together during the relocation.

Prepare for unpacking fragile items, as well

When you start packing for relocation, think about the fact you eventually need to unpack. Moreover, when packing fragile items, pack them so that you keep similar types of items together. Also, label all the boxes appropriately, maybe even mark them as fragile. Finally, keep the paper, loose-fill, foam, and inflatable air pouches, as you can recycle them after use.

Which fragile items are to be taken with special care?

There are several categories of fragile items that need to be handled with care.

Fine art

This category includes pictures, frames, and sculptures. As moving them can be a delicate process, start looking for a moving company that specializes in moving fine art. That especially refers to ceramics, paintings, or fragile sculptures.

Musical instruments have to be packed as fragile items

Many musical instruments are made from materials sensitive to temperature and humidity. As such, they have to be stored in a hardshell case designed specifically for their shape. The same rule applies when it comes to packing delicate musical instruments.

Packing china      

If you have to pack expensive dishes and plates, you have to pay special attention when handling them. Fit all the dishes tightly within boxes, and use plenty of padding. The only way to prevent damages from movement inside the box is to limit the amount of space between items. For instance, you can use blankets, towels, and newsprint. We don’t recommend using the newspaper, as it can stain china.

Electronic devices and equipment

A/V equipment, flat-screen TVs, and cameras also require special care. So, whenever possible, use the original box and materials before packing them safely.

How to pack fragile items -fragile sign
Finally, handle each fragile item with special care.

Home add-ons and hot tubs

Moving a hot tub means you will have to contact your mover for specific instructions. That’s because some of these items have unusual and larger dimensions. Therefore, we recommend having a conversation about valuation options and specialty moving instructions.

What about the fragile and valuable items?

If you have to move unique or valuable items, they will acquire specific handling and packing. This is a situation when you should consider hiring specialty moving services. Your specialty movers should be able to supply custom crates and high-quality packing materials. Experts know how to keep your most valuable possessions and pack them with care.


Now that you know all the ways to pack fragile items, you are all covered. You can be sure your relocation will be successful. Anyway, for more advice, you can always consult professional movers. We wish you good luck.

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