How to pack your living room for moving?

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Let’s face the truth – packing tends to be the most boring part of the relocation. Even if you prepare to go on a vacation with your family and simply cannot wait to jump into those swimming suits, packing them is relatively dull. However, we are here to help you learn some hacks on how to make packing fun. That’s why you should contact Excalibur Moving and Storage and get in touch with professionals who can help you make that process even faster. Moreover, we will tell you how you can pack your living room for moving. Stay with us to learn more.

How to organize your move with ease?

We know it’s easier said than done but organizing your move isn’t hard at all. You don’t need some expert experience in order to relocate without hassle. However, you need to start preparing on time since that’s the number one on every list. Although there are some mobile apps that seem to come in handy when organizing your move, stick to the real world. There is nothing like organizing your own time on your own terms. Once you got that covered, you can get in touch with residential movers Washington DC to help you move your belongings.

Living room that is decorated nicely
Packing a living room should be one of the easiest tasks you’ll have.

So, if you want to get serious, it might be good to create a moving checklist. A piece of paper and a pen will do it. Then, you can write this down on your list:

  • Make an inventory – This always goes first on the list. You should create an inventory on which you will base what goes to your new house and what gets thrown away.
  • Develop a good packing strategy – We will talk more about this later but you should know that room-by-room packing is the most efficient way to get things done.
  • Schedule your relocation with a moving company – If you want someone who knows how to handle the business and who has experience in this field, interstate movers Washington DC is the company you should talk to.
  • Declutter as you usually would – Decluttering and deep cleaning are essential for relocation. Of course, you need to declutter, how else will you know what you’re packing?
  • Love it or list it – Once you’re done cleaning, decide which things you can donate to a local charity and do some humanitarian deed.
  • Take care of the delicate business – This refers to calling your utility provider, updating your address, canceling monthly subscriptions, and so on.

What to do before you start packing?

Well, we answered this question already. You should deep clean your house entirely. Make sure you get rid of everything you don’t need on time. Being emotionally attached to things isn’t helping anyone. Therefore, check out our junk removal services and close that chapter. Another thing you should determine is whether to hire someone to pack your belongings for you or not. That way you will invest more money but also save time. In case you decide you will pack on your own terms, make sure you get all the things right. Also, you could call your friends and family to help if they don’t mind. The more the merrier.

Girls sitting in front of piles of boxes
Preparing to pack on time is the best way to get everything done.

In what order should you pack your house and living room for moving?

When you look at how to pack your living room for moving as well as your entire house, you need to look at things analytically. This means you should decide what goes where and when. Also, you need to know where to start from. Therefore, here is how you can start your packing arrangements:

  • Take out things from storage – Storage space is usually something we think of last when preparing to pack. However, you should handle this one first. Get rid of things you don’t need and take the rest to the moving truck since it’s all probably already in the boxes.
  • Delicate dishes and porcelain – You should pack these carefully and protect them with specific materials. Also, make sure you label them so that both you and movers know that that’s a box with fragile items.
  • All your artwork – Whether you have pictures hanging on walls or sculptures, pack them all. Don’t forget to use protective materials especially if the artwork is delicate as well.
  • Pack ornaments – Grab as many boxes as you need for all your knick-knacks. Since you don’t want to get carried away, pack them on time.

The main part – pack your living room for moving

Since you’d want to pack your living room for moving good, you’d want to hear this one out. Living rooms are usually easy to pack and don’t require much special attention. Even though you probably have some glass furniture and a LED TV, you don’t have to worry about packing it. There is the equipment you need to buy if you want to pack your living room properly. This includes – covers for furniture, all box sizes, TV screen covers, and tools for disassembling.

On the other hand, here’s how to pack a living room for relocation. It’s easy and doesn’t require any special skills:

  1. Clean everything you have in your living room (dusting, vacuum cleaning, washing the floors)
  2. Disassemble all your bulky furniture
  3. Put your TV in protective material
  4. Fold your rugs
  5. Clean the room after emptying it
Empty living room
Once you pack your living room, you’re good to go.

Taking care of the last bits

Once you learned how to pack a living room for moving, you can organize it yourself. Also, you could learn how to use moving blankets if you need them. They come in really handy. Afterward, you can fully pack and prepare for your relocation. Consider renting a storage unit during your relocation process. It would be good to place your stuff somewhere while you’re in the process of moving. You’d be surprised how many people rent storage for those purposes. All in all, contact us should you need anything, and good luck with your relocation!

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