How to prepare your moving budget in Maryland

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Moving budget is most certainly one of the most important things to consider when moving. It is crucial for the whole moving process to set a moving budget. It doesn’t really matter if you’re moving locally or long-distance. Or if your relocation is commercial or residential. You need to have a financial plan before anything else.  If you set your moving budget well, you’ll be able to know, for example, what moving company among many moving companies in Silver Spring MD you can afford to hire. And that only tells you how important the moving budget is. So, if you want to have a good one, you need to follow some steps. And that’s where we come in. Here, you will find out everything there is to find out about how to prepare your moving budget in Maryland. All that’s left for you to do is to keep reading and try out our tips afterward!

Different ways to prepare your moving budget

Preparing a moving budget can sound scary to many people. However, it is actually not so complicated. And we’ll try to make it as simple as possible. So, let us begin by talking about the perks of the Internet. Nowadays, you can find virtually anything on the Internet. And that also includes numerous application and software programs for setting a moving budget. You can use the one you already have – Microsoft Excel. Or you can download some application with more features made just for setting a moving budget.

A person writing in a notebook and using a calculator - How to prepare your moving budget
If you want to do it the “old-school” way then prepare a notebook, a calculator and a pen.

No matter what option you choose there is something that’s important. You have to have a spreadsheet that is easy to use. That means first and foremost that it’s appealing to the eye. And it should have an option to highlight the most important parts of your financial plan.

The first thing to do

Now, before you start preparing your moving budget you need to set a moving date. Moving date is something that will affect your relocation in many ways. It’s common knowledge that the busiest time of year in the moving industry is the summer. That’s the period when almost all movers in Potomac MD, for example, are fully booked. And naturally, when the prices are higher because the demand for moving companies is big. So, if you move during the winter you can get a discount and pay much less for the same services than if you were to move during the summer.

Furthermore, if you set a moving date there are greater chances that you’ll start preparing on time. And that means as soon as possible. If you prepare your moving budget as soon as you set the moving date you leave yourself enough time to maybe put aside a little more cash.

How to prepare your moving budget

There are so many things related to relocation that you will have to pay for. And it’s not possible to calculate each and every one of them beforehand. Some of them will be unexpected. Whereas there will always be some of them that you know you’ll have to pay for. So, here are the main entries that your moving budget must have:

  • moving company expenses
  • travel expenses
  • unexpected expenses

Moving company expenses

You should always hire professional movers to handle your relocation if your moving budget allows it. And moving company expenses should be the first thing you calculate when you’re preparing your moving budget.

This will also be your number one expense

Go to any moving company’s website and you’ll see that they offer a free moving estimate. And that’s nice and all, but it will give you only an approximate cost. What you need to do if you want to get the most accurate moving quote possible is to schedule an on-site moving estimate. That’s because that way a person from a moving company can see what you want them to move. They can see approximately how much space it would take and how much it weighs. Both of which are the main factors for setting the cost of relocation.

Pay attention to extra services

Please try not to forget about extra services when you’re setting your moving budget. It is not given that the movers you hire will pack and unpack your belongings. Packing service is actually an extra service for almost all moving companies anywhere. So, make sure that you find out what the standard services that you will get when you hire a certain moving company are. And then, if you want anything extra ask them about it. If they offer that service find out how much it would cost so that you can add it to your moving budget. If you want to prepare your moving budget well you shouldn’t skip this part

Travel expenses

Since you can’t travel in the moving truck with your belongings you need to set aside some money for traveling to your new home. Here you should think about how you will get there – flying, driving, by train or bus. Book your ticket on time and add it to the moving budget. If you’re moving long-distance then you will certainly need to rest. Go to Booking’s website and find a nice place to spend a night and get some rest.

A mechanic fixing a car
If you plan on driving get your car serviced beforehand

If you can’t move in your new home right away and you need to stay a few days somewhere else don’t forget to count it in your moving budget. You can list it under travel expenses.

Unexpected expenses

There’s not much I can tell you about this one. The name itself says it all. Since anything can go wrong during the moving process it can cause some unexpected expenses. And since it’s better to be safe than sorry, I highly suggest that you set aside a certain amount of money just in case anything unforeseen happens. So, the ultimate tip for how to prepare your moving budget would be to always plan it a little bigger. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have money to cover unexpected expenses. And if you don’t use it you can spend it after the relocation doing something you enjoy!


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