How to prevent furniture damage when moving

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    There are many crucial tasks one has to take care of when preparing for a move, like hiring a quality moving company such as Excalibur Moving and Storage or packing their belongings properly. Indeed, the latter is one of the most important tasks when planning a move as that is practically the most sensitive part of the move. The logic is simple – if one’s belongings are not protected properly, then them getting damaged during the move becomes quite a distinct possibility. That is why it is really important to do the preparing part of the move properly. Only by carefully executing this part of the move will it be possible to prevent furniture damage when moving. 

    Dissemble everything that you can

    Furniture is without a doubt the hardest part of the actual, physical part of a move. It is bulky, heavy, and expensive. One can easily hurt themselves, damage the furniture, or even both. That is why disassembling the furniture is the way to go. By disassembling the furniture in smaller pieces, it will be much easier to handle it. The chances of getting hurt or damaging something will be much lower. Things such as screws and similar smaller parts should be put in separate, sealed bags and then put into separate boxes so that they do not get lost.

    living room, gray sofa, table
    The most efficient way to prepare furniture for a safe move is to disassemble it before the moving day comes

    Get insurance

    While it is clearly important to use protection for the items being moved, such as blankets, stretch wrap, and other packing supplies, many people forget about moving insurance. Some actually deem it not worth it. But, how can it be not worth it? People do not move every day. Even the people that move more often, may move maybe once a year. Others move much less frequently. Since it is such a rare occasion that we are talking about, moving insurance is a must-have.

    The best way to prevent furniture damage when moving is to hire movers

    Hiring reliable movers in Silver Spring MD is the single most effective way to make sure that one’s belongings are going to be moved safely, effectively, and on-time to the desired location. Respectable moving companies provide their customers with experienced movers who have already experienced all of the potential moving scenarios that they can encounter in the field. 

    Hiring movers is the best way to prevent furniture damage when moving
    It is crucial to hire movers because moving professionals will handle and transport one’s belongings safely and effectively

    So, what to do when the furniture has to get down from the fifth floor and there is no elevator? Well, that is when the professionals are the only ones that one can count on to deliver. Considering all this, it is paramount to hire them as soon as you decide you are moving. During the summer, they are usually booked well in advance, so call them right away and book the date. 

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