How to protect yourself from rogue movers in Rockville

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People choose to leave their birthplace or the place they are currently living in for various reasons. In order to move from one place to another a lot of them hire movers for the job. Why is that? Well, because it is much easier for them to let the professionals do the moving. When people choose movers, they must be very careful. In order to protect yourself from rogue movers in Rockville, you must do your research first. Rockville MD is becoming more popular and rogue movers know this. You must avoid them because you can lose a lot of money. There are ways how to discover rogue movers who are trying to literally take money from your pocket and rob you. Choosing a moving company Rockville MD is always a safe choice.

Is the moving company that I want to hire legitimate?

There is a slight difference between interstate movers and local movers. Interstate movers are registered with the Federal Government and those kinds of movers can be found in the U.S. DOT system. And if you need this interstate moving you can always hire long distance movers Rockville MD and not think about if the movers are legit or not. Local movers are a different story. They are regulated by the state. Every state has its own licensing regulations, so you need to read about these regulations before you hire someone.

Two man carring boxes
Hiring movers is always a good idea

Moving quotes are important when you want to protect yourself from rogue movers in Rockville

When you decide to move and you picked a mover you want to hire you need to request a moving quote. Why is that? It’s because this way you are going to know upfront how much is everything going to cost you. That price doesn’t need to be definitive, but it won’t go up very much in the end. When you get a moving quote from a mover, there are things you need to check. First of all, what kind of quote is that. Is it binding, non-binding or binding not-to-exceed? Before sending a quote mover need to check in person or via video survey what is that you are bringing with you. If you are moving office from one place to another this is very important. The mover must know the weight of the stuff, the size, and what packing materials you need… Only then he can give you a quote. Office movers Rockville MD will help you with everything you need when you are relocating your office.

Protect yoursef from rogue movers in Rockville and save money
You don’t want to lose money on rogue movers

Unprofessional movers

You need to watch out if the movers you want to hire are professionals. Use common sense so you protect yourself from wild movers in Rockville. Every moving company needs to have addresses, business cards, business emails, or professional moving trucks. If you find someone online and you don’t see these things on their website, it is possible that they are not registered at all and it is a possible red flag. You also need to pay attention to these things as well:

  • A pattern of rude behavior – Every professional is going to treat you with respect. They are going to say Mr or Mrs before saying your name or surname, answer all your questions, and not leave you waiting for days for their answer
  • Lack of uniforms – A big number of professional movers have uniforms that they wear. Maybe people who work in the moving company office wear their suits and clothes, but movers usually have. Watch for that.
  • Unmarked moving truck – This is important because it is a running commercial when they drive the truck. It is a cheap way of marketing communication. If movers have a truck that is unmarked it is a possibility that they are not legit
  • Demanding to be paid full upfront – A big red flag! Movers can suggest receiving some amount upfront, but the whole amount? Maybe you won’t hear from them ever again if you pay for everything

Valuation coverage

Companies usually offer customers valuation coverage for their stuff. It is a way of saving their belongings. This holds the movers responsible for customers’ shipments. It is not the same thing as moving insurance. There are two types of valuations:

  • Released value protection – this includes the cost of your interstate move. It is usually 60cent per pound. This means if your 10 pound valuable is damaged, the item will be weighed and multiplied by 60 (60×10). For example, a 365-pound refrigerator costs 1400$, your mover will be liable for only 219$ if something happens.
  • Full value protection – This means that your mover is liable only for current value. Maybe the best thing is to purchase your own moving insurance which is going to cover everything.

Bill of lading

A moving company has to give you a bill of lading. The bill of lading is the contract between the mover and you. It is required by law and movers need to give their customers this official contract before a shipment is made. If you don’t get one, don’t give your belongings to movers. This is a big red flag! Don’t hire movers like this in order to protect you and your stuff from bad movers in Rockville. And professional movers also offer a lot of other stuff like packing, transporting cars, storage units, and things like that. If they just transport from one place to another without offering any other service, maybe they are not a legit mover. Packing services are always helpful when you move, and this will make your moving easier.

Person signing a contract
Movers must give you a bill af lading


Hiring professional movers is important! If you want to protect yourself from rogue movers in Rockville, do your research. People move to the city of Rockville all the time and in order for your moving to go easy and smooth, you can ask around who are good movers with experience. You can also read online how some people literally got robbed when they hired rogue movers. They lost their belongings, their stuff was damaged, and the price went up because they didn’t request moving quotes!

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