How to reduce downtime when moving an office

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As we all know, in business, time is money. That is why efficiency is one of the most significant things during a commercial relocation. So how to reduce downtime when moving an office? There are many things that you can do to speed up this process. Of course, the crucial part is to have professional moving and storage Maryland by your side. Commercial moving companies know how to conduct corporate moves quickly. However, there are things that you should do to help them be more efficient. Here is how to organize the whole process.

Prepare in advance so that the moving process itself can be conducted quickly

Moving an office is a complicated process that needs to be completed in the shortest time frame possible. Still, that does not refer to the whole process. It only means that the most difficult part that your commercial movers Rockville MD will conduct on a moving day itself needs to be completed quickly. Overall, the relocation preparation can last for weeks. And the more time you invest into preparation, the easiest will be to reduce downtime when moving an office.

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Start preparing well in advance

Prepare a moving plan with your associates

There are so many things that need to be completed and organized before the moving day. The only way to track all those tasks and to complete them all on time is to have a proper moving plan. Sit down with your colleagues and associates at least a month before the move. Discus the whole process. Put on the paper all the things that need to be completed. Plan the schedule and who will be in charge of every task. If you want, you can also involve your employees. The chances are that some of them have experience with corporate relocation and they will have some good advice to give you.

Prepare a financial construction

After you prepare a moving plan you also need to make a financial construction. Relocation can be quite expensive sometimes. That is why you and your financial advisors need to calculate everything and prepare a moving budget that will help you to stay within your limits. Of course, there are many factors that affect your moving cost. But start by getting free moving estimates online. And take it from there.

Find reputable commercial movers to reduce downtime when moving an office

After you acquire moving estimates, you should choose your movers. Of course, except for the price, you should also think about their proficiency, experience, and reputation. Commercial moving companies need to be at a higher level of professionalism than those that relocate regular households. That is why you should do good research before you choose.

Prepare relocation packages for your employees

Depending on the distance of your move, maybe you will have to prepare some relocating packages for your employees. Of course, there are many types of relocation packages. You can find some ideas online and see how other companies solve this issue, or you can create custom packages that you think are suited for your situation. You can cover their relocation expenses, you can give stimulates, or you can consult with your employees and see what they really need.

a business meeting
Present your employees with your plan and ask for their opinion

Notify everyone about the plan and their tasks

Once you make a plan and prepare relocation packages, it is time to present them to the whole company. Every employee needs to know about the relocation when it will happen, where are you moving, and what tasks need to be completed. Organize a meeting where you will tell everyone about their tasks and what is expected of them. Finally, print copies of the plan and place them around the firm so that everyone can take a look whenever they need to remind themselves about the upcoming process. Making sure that everyone knows about their tasks is one of the best ways to reduce downtime when relocating an office.

Define what items you are planning to leave behind

Since relocation is practically transferring your items from one place to another, the most important part of the preparation process is dealing with your assets. Of course, we are thinking about physical items, like IT equipment, furniture, but also documents and paperwork. Of course, in the days before your movers arrive, you need to decide what items that you do not plan to relocate your new office. Talk to your designer. If you are changing the appearance of your business, you need to define what pieces of furniture will fit into your new look. Of course, you will not remove them yet as you still need them for work. You will just need to tell your packing services MD what items they shouldn’t pack.

Sort your documents before movers arrive

One of the things that you shouldn’t let professional packers deal with is your documents. Commercial paperwork is very important. Sometimes even a secret. That is why you need to sort this out before packers and movers arrive. If you have a person in your company that is in charge of the paperwork instruct them to start sorting it out in the weeks prior to the move. If you do not have anyone specific who deals with this, employ your most trusted employees to organize your business paperwork.

a pile of papers
Deal with your paperwork before movers arrive

They should get rid of (preferably shred) all outdated papers and documents that you do not need and sort everything else in plastic, sealable containers. There are some moving companies that offer special storage units for commercial paperwork so you can store if you want as well.

Hiring good movers is as important as a good preparation

That is how to reduce downtime when moving an office. If you do all these tasks before your movers arrive, everything will go smoothly and you shouldn’t waste more than a day on this, which is not a big problem, especially if you consider that some relocations could last for days. Of course, one of the most important things is to make sure that you work with true moving professionals who will know how to take advantage of the things you did before they arrived.

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