How to tell your family that you are moving interstate

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It is not that easy to tell your friends and family that you are moving interstate. There is no doubt that the news will stir up many emotions from your loved ones. It might be shocking or sad to some while it may be joyful or confusing to others. Because of this, you should aim to be considerate while informing them about your interstate move. Here is some advice that will help you communicate this in the best way possible. Remember, with reliable movers and packers in Maryland, your move can be easy!

Give your family and friends a heads up

Make sure to tell your friends and family that you are going to move, way before you are going to do so. A good idea would be to do that a couple of months ahead of the move. The closest ones to you should be the first ones to know, like your parents, siblings or close friends. If you keep this information secret, many people will be caught off-guard and upset, making it very hard to say goodbye. Withholding that information from the ones closest to you might hurt them.

For the same reasons, you should avoid making such big announcements on social media. They will surely be upset and offended if they find out something of such great importance through these means. First, tell the ones closest to you, then inform the others via social media. In this way, you are avoiding damage to your relationships before you make the move.

The settings where you are going to tell your family that you are moving interstate matters

Make sure that you are in a private setting when informing your family and friends about the interstate move. It is considerate to do so because some of them might have a very emotional response. Being in a home setting will ensure that everyone gets to talk to you about this, with undivided attention.

Don’t expect your family and close friends to be too enthusiastic about you leaving. It is totally normal for them to be sad, anxious, or disappointed when they hear the news. Eventually, they’ll come to terms with it and be happy for you. Learning that your loved one is moving to another state is not an easy thing to process, so help them cope with it. Keep their feelings in mind, assure them that you are going to stay in touch after the move.

A family breakfast: a good place to tell your family that you are moving interstate
Choosing the proper settings to tell your family that you are moving interstate will spare someone some hurt feelings

Give your new address to your friends, and depart properly

Once fully settled, change your address with the postal service, credit card companies, banks, and utility companies. Also, give your new address to your friends. By doing this, you are going to honor your words and make it easier for you to stay in touch. It will make it easier for your to exchange postcards, packages, and other stuff. Additionally, you are letting them know that they are free to visit your place.

Give your office or workspace at least two week’s notice, to leave them some time to prepare for your departure. Offer to train your replacement or to assist in the interviewing process.

Organize a goodbye party so that you get a chance to properly say goodbye to your colleagues and close ones. By doing this, you will make sure that you see all of the people that you’ve wanted to before you make the move. Since it is your goodbye party, take the opportunity to organize it yourself. If you are going to send out an invitation, make sure to do that a few weeks before. This will ensure that most, if not all, of your friends and family, can make proper plans and arrive at your party.

Consider finding a reliable moving company to help you with your needs

It is not easy to move from one city to another, let alone across states. To resolve this issue, hiring professional interstate movers Gaithersburg MD would be a good idea if your budget allows it. There are a lot of things that you need to do in order to prepare for the interstate move. If you choose to do the move yourself, firstly you would have to rent and load up a truck.

Two movers carrying a sofa
Hiring friends might be cheaper and fun, but hiring professionals is always a safer bet

Then drive it to the destination, and also take someone who is going to be a helping hand with you. You might need to move something heavy like a piano, which makes things more difficult. If you can’t drive the truck, then you would have to find someone who can, and hopefully available when needed. The people that you ask for help could be unavailable or can get injured by the time of the move.

Another important aspect of preparation, you would need to pack up your stuff which can take a lot of time. Asking your friends and family for help is also an option, but things might get too emotional during that process. To avoid this, you should find reliable movers and packers in Maryland, to pack and move all of your stuff. This decision will provide you with more time to spend with your friends and family. Additionally, you can rest assured that all of your items would be fully protected and ready for the move date.

Consider renting out a storage unit if your move-out schedule is too tight. Most of the storage units available for rent are located in a safe location, secured with security cameras and locks. If you have some items that are prone to damage from climate conditions, try getting a climate-controlled storage unit.

Keep in touch after you tell your family that you are moving interstate, and finish the move

After you tell your family that you are moving interstate and say your goodbyes, make sure to contact them once the move is complete. Send texts, make regular phone and video calls, and plan visits with them.

A woman writing a text
Makes sure to always keep in touch with your loved ones

Losing touch with close friends and family is something that you should avoid, as it could really hurt them. On the other side, it is perfectly normal to lose touch with acquaintances from your old city. Make sure to note everyone’s birthday into your calendar, so that you know when to pay them a visit.

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