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Have you moved recently? Did you leave a review for your movers? If you didn’t do it, maybe you should. Moving reviews will help people that are moving after you, they also help moving companies improve their services, and, in the end, it can help you get a better experience in the future as well. And it doesn’t take more than a few minutes of your time to do it. In the following article, professional movers and packers in Maryland will show you how to write a helpful moving review properly in a few simple steps.

What is the point of writing a moving review?

Finding a reliable moving company is one of the most complicated pre-relocation tasks. There are many fraudulent movers on the market in addition to irresponsible and reckless companies that everyone would like to avoid.  So when people prepare for the move, they need to do a thorough investigation and check many things in order to find reliable and trustworthy movers Gaithersburg MD, for example. One of the most helpful things in this investigation process is moving reviews. You can read statistics, ads, company’s official statements, but in the end, other people’s experience is what counts the most.

a man pressing a star rating
Reviews are very important – they help the whole moving industry improve

That is why, if you want to help others find a good company or avoid a bad one,  write a helpful moving review and let everyone know about your experience.  Moving companies, on the other hand, also find your testimonies helpful. That is how they learn about your needs and expectations, things they did wrong, or right, and utilize that knowledge for improving their services. This means that you will get better service in the future as well. The benefits of moving reviews are really numerous.

This is how to write a helpful moving review

So, now that you understand all the advantages you are probably wondering how to write a helpful moving review for your movers Silver Spring MD, for example. Well, in the following lines we will guide you through all the steps.

  • Do not overexaggerate – keep it real
  • Start with the most basic information like the date, time, and location of your relocation
  • Remark on company’s customer service and employees
  • Mention their reliability and promptness
  • Tell whether there were any surprises – positive and negative
  • Finish by assessing the overall experience

Try to keep things as closer to the truth as possible

When you are writing a moving review it is important to keep it real. Maybe you were delighted with their service and you want to reward your movers by overexaggerating their positive sides. On the other hand, maybe your movers did a good job but you were not satisfied with one of two things and you want revenge. Do not do it. Keep it real and leave your review for what its true purpose is. And that is to tell a true story about your experience with your movers Bethesda MD, for example.

First, mention the date, time, and location of your relocation

Start your review by stating the exact time, date, and location of your move. People would like to know when and where that move happened. What is the point of reading a review if you do not know the most basic information? Therefore, do not miss to note this.

magnifying glass on the map
Do not forget to mention the location of your move

Rate their customer service and staff

The first thing that you notice when you contact a moving company is their customer service.  Nobody wants to work with movers that do not care about their customer. On the other hand, everyone wants movers that have polite and professional staff. Just bear in mind that this might your impression that does not have to be true. So try to be unbiased as much as you can. Write how helpful they are. Whether they are ready to make compromises, modify their services to match your needs, etc. Those things are very important.

Did your movers respect the agreed schedule?

Time is one of the most important things during a relocation process. Still, many companies struggle with sticking to the agreed schedule. Of course, you have to bear in mind that relocation is very complex and many unexpected things can happen along the way. Ok, movers are often late. But if you had a different experience. If your movers arrived on time and delivered your items according to the prearranged schedule do not forget to mention that. Everyone will want to work with those professionals.

Do not fail to mention surprises

A relocation process should be conducted according to the agreed contract. However, Some moving companies often disregard the agreement and change the conditions during the process or even after. It can be related to time, date, services they provide, or even the final price. Everyone knows about hidden moving costs that some companies like to present to their customers on delivery.

On the other hand, surprise doesn’t have to be negative at all. Maybe your movers did more than you expected. Maybe they provided you with free packing materials or helped you with reassembling your furniture or help you by removing the rubbish that is left after unpacking. Those are very important things that speak a lot about a moving company. At the same time, those are the things that regular customers cannot find out anywhere except a moving review.

a surprised man
Were you surprised by your movers in any way?

Complete your review with an overall impression

In the end, finish your moving review with the overall impression of your experience. Were you satisfied or not? Would you hire the same movers again? Do you recommend them to other people?

Write a helpful moving review that you and others will benefit from

That is how to write a moving review properly. It maybe looks like a wasted time at first. However, when you think about the benefits other people will have from it and how it may benefit you as well, you will realize that investing a couple of minutes is a small sacrifice compared to the possible benefits.

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