Interesting attractions to discover after moving to Potomac

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So, your move to Potomac is done, and you are finishing with the unpacking. As you are tying loose ends and bringing your cooperation with moving company Rockville MD to an end, you can finally relax. However, there is still too much to do and explore in your new home. Chances are that you will have some free time before you finally settle in. Or, you might want to go on an adventure with your family and see what your new home can offer. Luckily for you, there are numerous attractions to discover after moving to Potomac. From historical monuments to captivating and breathtaking nature, you will never get bored here. Stick with us, and we will go through some places that you can’t afford to miss. Potomac has quite a lot to offer, so be sure to know what to look for!

There are many mesmerizing nature landscapes to visit

Whether you are a local or a tourist, one thing stands true: Great Falls Park is a must-see! This nature haven is and should be among the top attractions to discover after moving to Potomac. Whether you are an enthusiast of long and hard-to-finish hiking trails or someone who just enjoys being around nature, this place will be perfect for you. This gorgeous place is situated along the Potomac River and has long spacious and wide trails. There are also many stops and clearings, perfect for a picnic or a rest among the greenery. Relocations, especially interstate ones, are stressful and tiring. So, after moving to Potomac with the help of long distance movers Maryland, why not come here and relax?

As we have said, there are many open areas perfect for picnics and trips with the family. However, besides being very family-friendly, Great Falls Park can offer quite a challenge for adventure seekers. There are a series of hiking trails, each more complex, but also more rewarding, than the last. You can go for a hike along the trails, enjoy a picnic with your loved ones, or simply take in the beauty of the falls. Whatever you choose to do, you won’t make a mistake!

Family having a picnic at one of the attractions to discover after moving to Potomac
Have a picnic at Great Falls Park, one of the must-visit attractions to discover after moving to Potomac

However, we can’t but mention one of the attractions, and that is the Great Falls Overlook from Olmstead Island. Be sure to enjoy the view slowly after long distance movers Potomac relocate you here. There is a lot to take in. If you’re lucky, you might see some kayakers paddling the falls. The view from Olmstead Island is just stunning! One thing though, that might ruin your experience is the crowd. This place, while being among the top attractions to discover after moving to Potomac, is very popular, and crowds are common.

For the more experienced hikers, the Billy Goat Trail is a must

Moving from one place to another can be straining to the body. Sure, the movers from moving companies Potomac MD are handling all the lifting and loading, but sitting for long periods can also leave a toll on your body. If you are a physically active person, then taking a walk, or even better – a hike, will do wonders for you. While the Great Falls Parks offers both easy and complex trails, if you are really looking for a challenge then you should check out the Billy Goat Trail. Apart from being one of the most beautiful attractions to discover after moving to Potomac, this hike will also be a bit challenging for most. It is a long trial (about 8 miles along the Potomac River) and it features uneven and rocky terrain. So when we say that this one is for experienced hikers, we really mean it!

If you choose to undertake this challenge, however, you will be rewarded with outwardly stunning views of the river. Also, during your hike, you will be able to see numerous rare but beautiful plants and flowers. If you are really lucky, you might even stumble into some beavers. They are commonly seen nibbling on trees here. The Billy Goat Trail is divided into three sections, each with a different level of difficulty. So, even if you are someone with little experience, you can still enjoy untouched nature. Just be sure to stay in the first section and follow the rules!

Moving truck in front of the house
After movers unload your belongings hiking on the Billy Goat Trail is a must

Glenstone Museum should be on your list of attractions to discover after moving to Potomac

While nature will always be beautiful and inspiring in Potomac, if you are looking for some human-made art, then be sure to visit Glenstone Museum. You can find an impressive collection of contemporary art. It features pieces from all over the world. However, even if you are someone who isn’t usually a lover of contemporary art, you will still have a great time here. While the majority of artworks are being held inside the museum, the outside is just as worthy of a visit. It is a perfect place to spend an afternoon at. If the weather allows it, take a stroll in the beautiful gardens. Along your walk, you will come across stunning outdoor sculptures. All in all, this place has a lot to offer, so be sure to visit it once you are done settling in.

For history enthusiasts, be sure to visit the Lockhouse

Potomac is equally famous for its nature as it is for its historical monuments. And when talking about the latter, the Lockhouse definitely ranks among the top attractions to discover after moving to Potomac. While it is considered a historic site today, back in time, it was used during the construction of the C&O Canal. This place will offer you a fascinating glimpse into the past. You will find out everything here about the history and construction of the canal. The Lockhouse will also tell you a story about the people who lived and worked here.

The technology here is purposefully made absent, so you can have a better sense of what life was like before. When night comes, you will be surrounded by lanternlight. If you value experience more than luxury then this place is for you. Furthermore, a visit to the Lockhouse can be an adventure with friends and/or family. Or, if you choose to go in the evening, you can have a romantic getaway with your partner.

There are more than a few theaters worth visiting in Potomac

For all the theater-goers, you have nothing to worry about: Potomac has got you covered! From serious plays to casual shows, you will have quite a choice here. So, while you are waiting for the movers to finish unloading boxes into your new home, or before you go to the storage Rockville MD to retrieve some of your items, theaters can offer you an interesting and relaxing break. If you have some time to kill, why not go to one?

If we were forced to choose one of many theaters then it would be the Tally Ho Theater. There are many reasons why we think this place should be at the top of the list of attractions to discover after moving to Potomac. Despite this institution being a historic theater (it is in operation since 1932!) it doesn’t lack in ambiance when compared to its modern alternatives. This theater constantly offers a large number of events, including movies, concerts, and plays. If you want to have a relaxing but unique and entertaining experience while waiting for the local movers Potomac MD to finish up, Tally Ho Theather is a perfect place to be!

A photo of a theater
Potomac has many historic theaters

Another theater full of both high-quality entertainment and historical charm is Olney Theatre Center. While it may be a short ride away from Potomac, you will definitely be glad you took the trip. This professional theater offers a variety of plays and musicals. Despite being a rather small institution, there are multiple stages for different productions. Due to the smaller-than-usual audience, you might even get to chance to meet and talk with the actors after the plays. Also, just like Tally Ho Theather, the Olney Theatre Center is also rich in history and culture. This institution has been operational since 1938.

For shopaholics, Potomac will deliver!

Most of us like to go on a relaxing and carefree walk to the mall. And why not? It can be an amazing way to spend an afternoon and stop worrying about your move. Furthermore, knowing what the city and its malls are like will help you settle in faster. Here are some of the most famous shopping malls in and around Potomac that are worth visiting:

  • Westfield Montgomery
  • Potomac Promenade
  • Potomac Place
  • Cabin John Village
  • Potomac Village Shopping Center

And many, many more. So, not only will you be restocking your supplies for your new place, but you will also get to explore the city while visiting these malls. They house many restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques. A visit to some of the malls can be an amazing experience with your friends and family.

An inside of a mall
Be sure to visit some of the best shopping malls in Potomac

Greenbriar Local Park is famous among families with small children

Moving with small children is, of course, even more stressful and troublesome than moving on your own. And by the time you have arrived at your new address, you will want to do everything you can to help your child get accustomed to the change. In that case, Greenbriar Local Park is a godsend for you and other families with small children.

While being relatively small in size, Greenbriar Local Park is surprisingly well-developed. There are more than enough playgrounds, and this park also features a soccer field, volleyball court as well as a basketball court. Despite being smaller than other parks, this place is separated into a few different sections, which allows kids from different age groups to play on their own. There is also a neat and safe walking path. So, just as moving services Rockville MD representatives have helped you move to Potomac, you too can help your kids settle into their new surroundings by taking them on a trip to Greenbriar Local Park.

Your kids will love Meadowbrook Stables

Another family-friendly activity you can do is taking a trip to Meadowbrook Stables. While being a short ride away, this place will definitely leave you with many memorable and happy experiences. Meadowbrook Stables is a horseback riding stable that provides lessons and trail rides. No matter what your age might be, or how well you are experienced with horses, you will fit in here. It’s a great way to experience the beautiful and peaceful countryside of Potomac.

A child on a horse
Meadowbrook Stables offer memorable family-friendly experiences

For fishing enthusiasts, Riverbend Park is definitely worth the trip

Another one of many attractions to discover after moving to Potomac is Riverbend Park. It is somewhat of a hidden gem, although it has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years. While suitable for picnics and hiking and overall just exploring nature, this place is a great fishing spot. So, if you are someone who is keen on fishing, this is a place well worth visiting, where you can catch a variety of fish in the Potomac River. Furthermore, you will have better access to the river here. While not for everyone, taking a kayak or a boat onto the river can be a memorable experience.

A man enjoying the nature of some of the attractions to discover after moving to Potomac
Be sure to visit Riverbend Park

Enjoy everything Potomac has to offer

You are probably happy that the relocation is done and that you have successfully moved to Potomac. However, the trip has probably left you hungry for some exploring. After all, what better way to explore your new hometown? Fortunately, there are more than enough attractions to discover after moving to Potomac. From stunning and serene natural landscapes, challenging hikes, and family-friendly parks to many historical sightings and entertainment institutions, Potomac will certainly satisfy your hunger for exploration.

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