Items you should move from your attic to storage

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    People rent storage units all the time but for various reasons. Storage space can be used as an extension to your garage, a workshop, a gym, or just a place where you’ll store a bunch of items. No matter what you use it for, it will free a lot of space inside your home. Your garage, attic, and basement are probably cluttered and stacked with old items. Or items you are not using often. Therefore, today we will advise on how to choose items you should move from your attic to storage. Once you have them on the list, you can call residential movers Washington DC and transport everything safely. Let’s dive right in and create a list with items that should go!

    Old furniture pieces are the items you should move from your attic to storage

    Probably the biggest reason to rent a storage unit in the first place is to store old furniture. You might have old, broken, or valuable pieces. But you simply do not have the space to keep them inside your home. More so if you are not using any of it. So, brand new storage space is much better than cluttering your attic. Rent an appropriately sized unit and send all your furniture there. Your moving and storage Washington DC will accommodate your request in no time.

    old furniture pieces are among the items you should move from your attic to storage
    You surely have old furniture you can store inside your unit. Do it and make more space in your attic.

    Seasonal items

    Seasonal items you should move from your attic to storage can take up a lot of space. Those are the Christmas tree, winter clothing, ornaments, sled, ski equipment, and much more. Depending on the season you are in, your unit will contain items for the opposite season. Although, summer items are not easy to store either. There is a lot of clothing, a surfing board, bicycles, camping equipment, and so on. But whatever you have, it will surely find a better place in your storage than in your attic. Unless you have a huge and well-maintained attic. If you do not, consider renting a medium-sized storage space.

    Old clothing is also among the items you should move from your attic to storage

    Worn-out clothing as well as the seasonal ones will surely find a place inside the storage unit. But you must use adequate packing materials in Washington DC to store them. You can pack everything inside cardboard boxes or use hangers and a wardrobe. Of course, if you have one inside the unit. But you will surely have a piece of furniture you can use for this occasion. Although, if you are using any storage unit other than a climate-controlled one, then you must pack everything. This way you will protect it against dust, change in temperature, pests, etc. So, you can use garbage bags, plastic bins, vacuum bags, and cardboard boxes. Clean your clothing and stack it nicely into a box. Add scented baggies and air moisturizer to keep the stale smell out of it.

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    Pack your clothing in cardboard boxes and send them over to the storage unit.

    Appliances and electronics

    Now when we have covered most of it, the last batch of items you should move from your attic to storage are appliances and electronics. We all have an old radio, broken TV, or a fridge somewhere in our basement or the attic. Those items were sitting there for far too long, waiting to be repaired. Therefore, this is the time to do something about it. Call your local Excalibur Moving and Storage company and let them transport all heavy appliances and electronics you have. Of course, you will transport everything you have in one truck. Hopefully, you’ll have enough space inside your unit to store everything. Other than that, there are quite a few more items you can store inside the unit. Check out the following:

    • Files and documents.
    • Books and magazines.
    • Artwork.
    • Collectibles, family heirlooms, and old antique pieces.

    Just remember, if you are storing sensitive items, a climate-controlled unit is an ultimate answer.

    Now you are familiar with the items you should move from your attic to storage. All you must do is declutter and downsize like a pro and prepare the rest for storage. It is time to get rid of the unnecessary hoard and start fresh. Your attic can be used for so much more than to be a dump cluttered space. Good luck.

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