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No matter how far away you are about to relocate, our long-distance movers Maryland are here to provide you with affordable and reliable moving services.

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A long-distance move requires a lot of careful planning and preparation. Whether you are moving a few states away or to the other side of the country, there are a lot of important decisions to make when making such a big move. You will have many things to take care of, and this is why some of them might end up forgotten. But, if you organize and plan everything the right way, you will do just fine. With the help of one of the best long-distance movers Rockville MD has to offer, this experience can be easy and joyful. Contact our Excalibur Moving and Storage, get your free moving estimate, and give us the opportunity to show you what a stress-free relocation looks like, no matter the distance. You will see how easy and overall great experience your relocation can be.

long-distance movers Rockville MD
The distance isn’t important when you have reliable long-distance movers Rockville MD by your side

With our long-distance movers Rockville MD you can escape the complexity of relocation

When it comes to long-distance moving, timing is everything. For the residential moves in Maryland, you must be sure your new home is ready. Not to mention you should know when will you arrive at your new home if you are flying or driving, and this is often difficult to achieve.No matter if you are moving alone or with the family, you should make sure you got professional help by your side the entire way.

A long-distance commercial move is what we are amazing at as well

If you are moving to Maryland, and are planning to move your business with you, we are able to help you and take care of your office relocation. You will have nothing to worry about with us around, we have been dealing with this type of moves for a long time. That made us amazing at what we do, and you can trust us with everything related to this type of move.

Make sure you hire professional movers for your business move. When it comes to some of the best Maryland commercial movers, it is even more important to follow planned timelines, in order to avoid delays and business losses. The goal of our best long-distance movers Rockville MD offers is to accommodate your moving expectations. No matter what kind of relocation or distance you are about to set, we got your back.

If you need to move your office over a long-distance, we are the best choice for you

We are a great choice for you

When you’re moving far away, Excalibur movers make the relocation easy. Making sure that the service you get is really one of the best ones every single time you hire us. But, it takes a lot of struggle and time to be here for you. So, to ensure you get the best service, we will make sure you get the following:

  • A thorough and accurate quote – you will know how much you will pay before the moving day.
  •  Professional packing for your entire household or any portion of goods you’d like to have professionally packed.
  • An inventory with each and every item and its condition. That way, we can know exactly what we are transporting, and effectively track your shipment.
  • Professional driver and crew at both origin and destination.
  • Timely delivery- nothing will be left behind and we will get done with your entire relocation just like we made the deal.

Why customers choose us?

Our goal, here at the ExcaliburMoving and Storage is to be honest and use the highest level of clarity as possible with our customers. That is why we would like to let our long-distance move costumers know that your goods will join a shipment of items from other clients of ours, and they will be delivered while en route to other destinations. We have operators who work exclusively with us, so we can offer our customers a fantastic moving service in Rockville with competitive prices, making your long-distance move more affordable and stress-free! Your goods will be delivered in the same manner and condition as if we had moved them around the corner.

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Choose the road without stress

Because we care about making you satisfied, we are always determined to find a solution for all your moving-related needs. Our moving consultants are here to answer your questions and give you the propositions on how to solve any challenge you might face. Don’t hesitate to ask for anything, even if you didn’t see it on our website. Our services are very versatile and we aim to please. Whether you are moving within the State of Maryland or across the US, we got you covered. We are reliable and efficient and we will take care of your relocation in no time.

Packing service is important for every type of move

Making sure that your belongings are safe during the relocation is never easy, and the best way to achieve it is by getting high-quality packing supplies and making sure you used it the right way as well. Using great packing supplies is not good enough if you pack without any sense of what you are doing. So, make sure you get professional assistance to deal with this part of your move and you will have nothing to worry about.

Our packers are trained to handle and pack all kinds of items, so you can rest assured your belongings will remain safe throughout the move. With the best packing materials, we make sure all possessions are secured at all times. Prior to transportation, during and after, all the way to the unpacking process.

Count on us if you need to store belongings in a safe place

Relocations have many different parts and sometimes it’s hard to synchronize them all. That can cause a lot of complications if you don’t have a backup plan or someone to take care of your long-distance move. Luckily for you, our long-distance movers in Maryland are prepared for all types of scenarios. Whether the situation makes you look for alternatives or you wish to store some belongings, make sure to turn to us.

Storage service for any relocation

When it comes to moving from one home to another, you might notice that you have some things that you don’t really need. Some can be donated, some can be thrown away, but some can’t. There are things that you don’t really need right now but might need in the future. There is a simple solution, even if you don’t want to keep these items in your home. We have great storage units in Maryland at your disposal. Depending on the size of the move, you can choose what suits you best. Your possessions will be safe in the clean and pest-free environment and you will be care-free knowing they are secured. Store belongings for a shorter or longer period of time depending on your needs and remain calm while doing so. And remember – the first month of storage is always free of charge!

man in a storage unit
There are many different sizes of storage units to choose from

Enjoy our Gold Moving Services, save your time and nerves

If you wish to experience custom-tailored moving service, make sure to opt for our Gold Moving Services. Once we assign you one of our diligent moving consultants, everything else will follow the scheduled plan. We will make sure to carefully plan, organize and execute every part of your move. Focused od details, we are always ready to meet your needs and fulfill your expectations.

Our packers will quickly pack and unpack all your belongings, disassemble the furniture if needed and re-assemble it later. And after the relocation is over, we will clear out your new personal or professional space. Our Rockville junk removal services will get rid of the trash and the boxes you no longer need. Leave your old home looking the way you would want it to look when you first walked in. The new owners will appreciate it. If you need your new home cleaned, we are here for you as well. If you need your new home cleaned, call us and we will take care of that as well.

You deserve to be taken care of by our reliable professionals

We know that the timing is everything when it comes to long-distance relocations. At Excalibur Moving and Storage we understand the complexity of being on time and everything going as scheduled. That is why you should contact us at 1-800-548-6052, receive a free of charge on-site estimate and let our long-distance movers Rockville MD help you experience a stress-free relocation wherever you need to go. We truly are the best choice for your relocation, no matter if you are moving a one-bedroom apartment or a huge house.