Move out cleaning checklist

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    Moving home is often demanding and time-consuming. Not to mention that you must set aside an adequate moving budget, organize, pack, and find one of the moving companies Washington DC to assist you. There are many minor tasks you should cover before the moving day and you’ll surely use some help. Therefore, today we will help you with one of those. We will explain how to leave your home clean and remove all the junk you hoarded inside over the years. Move out cleaning can be easy with a few tips and tricks. Let’s take a look.

    Create a relocation plan and a move out cleaning plan as well

    Firstly, you need a steady-moving plan. Inspect your home to realize how hard it can be and how much you must invest into this moving endeavor. You will figure out how many supplies you need, how much time to invest, how much furniture and other belongings you possess, and more. Then, you should downsize and declutter as much as possible to make your relocation easier and cheaper. If you do it right, there will be fewer items to clean, move out, and relocate. Once you are done, call your Excalibur Moving and Storage company and communicate the details further.

    Move out cleaning is easy as long as you have your relocation plan set in stone. Then simply remove all your items when your movers arrive and once you are done with that part, return and clean your home inside out. Or you can purchase the cleaning service from one of the local companies and let them do it instead.

    Use proper chemicals for the job

    While cleaning your furniture before and after the move, you should use only the regular home cleaning products. The same goes for all other surfaces once you removed all your belongings from your home. If you use stronger chemicals you can damage the surface and be forced to pay for the damages. Not to mention that most of them are environmentally unfriendly and a health hazard if you do not how to use them properly. Therefore, stick to the regular everyday cleaning kit.

    a hand holding a cleaning product
    Use home cleaning products only. It is all you need to complete the task ahead.

    You’ll have some move out cleaning to do after the packing process

    You will have to do some move out cleaning when packing as well. Once you are done with all those boxes, packing paper, taping, and bubble wrap, you’ll have a lot of junk and leftovers all over the place. It won’t take long but you must clean it out. Most of it is robust and takes a lot of space. You can fill at least two garbage cans with leftovers alone. But, if you decide on purchasing packing services from your moving company, you won’t have to worry about this one either. Talk to your moving representative and let them show you all the moving services Rockville MD they offer.

    a miniature of a man performing a move out cleaning
    There will be quite a few leftovers after the packing process.

    When it comes to moving services, remember the downsizing and decluttering we mentioned earlier? Yes, there is another solution to this situation. Sometimes people can’t part from their hoard because it is tied to so many good memories and most of those items are memorabilia, family heirlooms, or simply precious items we got used to. So, you can always rent one of the storage Rockville MD units and keep everything there. When you need something, simply stop by and take it out. It is an affordable and lucrative solution to keeping everything you possess.

    Clean the rest of your home and lock the door behind you

    Once the dust is settled and all your possessions are loaded into the moving truck, you should follow it to ensure everything arrived safely. Or if you have someone else to do it, then you can stay and clean your old home. Now when it’s empty, you can do it in a couple of hours. If it’s late, you should come in the morning to cover this task in the broad daylight or as we mentioned before, hire a cleaning service and they will do it instead cheaply and professionally.

    Move out cleaning tasks are fairly easy as you can see. As long as you organize and clean your furniture and other items while you pack, you will not bring any dirt and garbage into your new home. Later on, come back and clean the entire place and do the same with your new home as well. Good luck!

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