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One of the biggest concerns for people who are preparing for a move is finding a reliable and trustworthy moving company that can provide a full range of services. If you are looking for such a company in the Baltimore MD area, Excalibur Moving and Storage should be your first choice. Our trained and experienced staff will provide you with a complete and stress-free moving experience.  We also offer special discounts for a wide array of our customers. From military personnel to seniors citizens and students. Give us a call; get a free quote and your movers Baltimore MD will start preparing a personalized plan for your next relocation instantly.

You will have a great move if you hire our experienced movers

Movers Baltimore MD offers reliability and vast experience at reasonable prices

Finding a perfect moving company is not easy. Most people think that they have to choose between reasonable prices and reliability and that they cannot get both in one package. But what if you could hire a moving company that will not take your last cent and still provides you with the best possible service?

At Excalibur Moving and Storage, we are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality service at affordable prices. But do not take our words for granted. Get a free moving quote on our website or schedule no-obligation in-home estimate, read testimonials of our former customers, and decide for yourself.

Moving trucks
Excalibur Moving and Storage offer full moving services at reasonable prices

How can we offer top quality services at such good prices?

First, we care about our customers. Also, we own a wide logistics and customer service network in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Due to high business volume, we can offer our clients more affordable prices than local moving companies can. We also guarantee an experienced moving crew and state of the art moving equipment to be at your disposal throughout your entire move.

Services that Movers Baltimore MD can provide

Moving is a complicated process. Whether you are an individual moving your home locally or a company moving long-distance, you should work on your relocation only with moving companies that can deliver a full array of services. Movers Baltimore MD is one of the rare moving companies that can cover every single aspect of your move. Here are the services that we provide:

  • Local moving service
  • Long-distance moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Interstate moving
  • Relocation planning
  • Packing services & packing supplies
  • Piano moving
  • Storage services
  • Junk removal

Schedule your consultation today and we will find the best way to organize your move

We understand that organizing relocation is a complicated and time-consuming work. Some of our customers, however, like to plan and organize their relocations on their own. That can be a good option if you already have enough experience with moving. Many people, on the other hand, do not want, or for whatever reason, cannot deal with the organizational part of their move.  As a result, they need someone who can handle their move from start to finish.

If you have such requirements, your movers Baltimore MD will invest their vast experience in preparing a custom-made plan tailored to perfectly suit your relocation needs.  Call us, schedule your consultation, and we will find the best way to organize a smooth, but also a stress-free relocation.

Movers Baltimore MD consultation with a client
Call us and schedule your consultation today

Our professional packers will make sure that your valuable belongings arrive at your destination in mint condition

Packing is definitely the most difficult part of every moving process. Excalibur Moving and Storage understands this. That is why we are offering our clients our professional packing services MD. No matter whether you are transporting furniture or you have expensive china to relocate.  Our trained packers will make sure that your items are safely and properly packed in high-quality packing materials. In a way, so they can withstand even the most difficult type of shipping.  There is no easier way to pack your belongings than to hire our professional packing services.

If you have bulky items to move, our piano movers will give you a hand

Piano moving is just a way to say that we can move different types of bulky items. No matter whether you have a piano, pool table, or some similarly large items to move, the Baltimore MD moving company can help you. Give us a call, tell us your problem and we will find the best solution.

Need a place to store your belongings? Movers Baltimore MD got you covered

There are many reasons why someone who moves would need storage. We offer quality, well-maintained storage units to our clients in all major cities in Maryland. Also, we have special discounts for members of the military, our senior citizens, as well as students. If you happen to need a safe place to store your belongings, know that moving services Baltimore MD got you covered.

Storage doors
If you need a place to store your belongings, movers Baltimore MD offers various storage solutions.

Decluttering is one of the things that can complicate your relocation process. Our junk removal service will take care of it without you lifting a finger

During a move, there will be a lot of junk that you will have to get rid of. Old furniture, broken appliances, and other worn-out bulky items can often stand in a way of your stress-free relocation. Even if you are not moving and you only want to declutter your living space, our junk removal services are at your disposal.

Call Excalibur Moving and Storage to get a premium service at affordable prices

Movers Baltimore MD are covering every aspect of your relocation process. We offer experienced and well-trained moving crew, state of the art moving equipment, and top-quality packing materials at competitive prices. Decide on Excalibur Moving and Storage, and you can rest assured that your Baltimore relocation will be smooth, but more importantly stress- free.  If you are moving, call us to schedule an in-home estimate or use our website to get a free moving quote today.