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    Moving Company Contracts and Paperwork

    When hiring movers, there are a number of documents that a moving company needs to provide before and on move day. While contracts can feel a little overwhelming, this article will help you understand what each paper/contract means. Knowing what each means is the key to having a successful and smooth move.

    Mover Estimates

    Moving contractsWhen moving company estimator visits your home in order to provide you an estimate for your upcoming move, he will provide you with a copy of the move estimate. This document should outline what kind of estimate it is – whether it’s a binding or non-binding estimate, a breakdown of your final moving cost, what is include/not include in the estimate, cancelation policy etc.. During the meeting with the estimator, It’s important that you ask any outstanding questions, try to let the estimator know about the whole moving process that you are planning to do, including if you have any items that require special handling as that may increase your moving cost. Remember, this initial visit by the movers is the time to ask all the necessary questions.

    Order for Service

    This is the official contract between you and the moving company. The order for service will provide you with everything you need to know about the move; Pick-up and delivery date, estimate moving cost, customer contact information, insurance information and terms of the contract. Terms may include cancellation policy, claims policy, type of truck to be used, any additional fees that may occur etc.
    Please make sure to read this document carefully. If you disagree with something the moving company representative has noted, you should contact him immediately. This is the time to negotiate and to ensure that you’re getting optimal service.

    Bill of Lading

    This form will be given to you on moving day by your mover, and it will outline your agreement of the move. The mover must have this document signed by you in order to start wrapping and loading your household. You will be asked to sign the document stating that you agree to the terms: the list of fees for service and total cost, Pick-up and delivery dates, insurance coverage and an agreement statement. Make sure you read over this document carefully. If there are any discrepancies, bring them to the moving crew lead’s attention. Do not sign the form until you’re certain of the terms.

    Inventory Sheet (Only for Long distance moves)

    The inventory sheet will be filled out by the movers as they moving your household to the truck, tagging each item; noting the tag number and the name of the item on the sheet. You should always be involved in this process to ensure that each item is tagged and recorded properly. The inventory sheet is your guarantee that everything in your home has been properly inventoried and loaded on the truck. Inventory list also include symbols that state if there are any damages on each furniture, movers will make sure to mark them in the inventory list

    The inventory sheet will also be used upon delivery at your new home. The moving crew lead will ask that you sign the sheet after all items have been delivered to your new home. Makes sure you note any damage or missing items on the inventory sheet. This will make it easier for you to make an insurance claim.

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