Moving to a rural area in Maryland

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If you are still in two minds about living in Maryland, it is useful to know that this is one of the richest places in the entire US. In addition, it has the lowest poverty rate compared to other states. What you can find here is a booming job market both in urban and rural areas. Great healthcare, blossoming parks, and famous cultural spots are something that makes this state so popular for living. However, just like in every country, living in an urban or rural area certainly differs. If you prefer to live in the mountains and farmlands then rural Maryland is a perfect choice for you. Before you contact moving and storage Maryland to help you with your relocation, it would be necessary to do your research and know what to expect here. Also, read this article and discover tips for moving to a rural area in Maryland.

What is Maryland like?

In general, proximity to Washington DC, Philadelphia, and the U.S. Naval Academy make it a place that many desire to live in. The unemployment rate in Maryland is lower than the national average. However, the costs of living are a bit higher than in other states. Although its big cities are very popular, Maryland also has great small towns that are pretty desirable for living. This small East Coast state offers its residents magnificent landscapes. Long distance movers Maryland have a very tight schedule since people from all over the US decide to move here every day. In addition to beautiful nature, you can taste here tasty seafood during warm and humid summers. Contrary to that, winters can be harsh, snowy, and windy. Especially in the rural mountain areas. The average annual snowfall goes over 100 inches (250 cm) in the western mountains of the state.

a person sitting behind the water and thinking about moving to a rural area in Maryland
Rural Maryland offers beautiful and scenic views

Moving to a rural area in Maryland-popular small towns

There are many small towns which are popular for quiet living. If you feel that you have had enough of hectic city life and you wish to move somewhere calmer, then you can find here many great rural places. Moving to a new home includes packing many many items. It is useful to know that even if you are moving to rural areas you can use storage Rockville MD to put away unnecessary items. In addition, if moving to a rural area, you have to be aware that Maryland has one of the longest commuting times in the US. In case you would still go to work in a metro area, it might take up to 30 minutes to commute. Here are some of the popular small towns in Maryland that you can consider moving to:

  • Jarrettsville
  • Burkittsville
  • Woodbine
  • Lusby
  • Coopersville
  • Dickerson

Life in small towns

Maryland covers 9,774 square miles, with a population of 6,165,129 people. However, a great number of the population prefers living in rural areas. If you are among them, consider moving to Jarrettsville. This is home to the scenic Rocks State Park and beautiful sprawling sunflower fields in the summertime. Among the top family-friendly places to move to in Maryland is also Woodbine. This picturesque area is both in Howard and Carroll County. Together with your family you can take a tour around this magnificent place and have great picnics.

houses seen from bird's perspective
Moving to a rural area in Maryland will bring you many new experiences

In addition, there are many farmlands around. Remember to check out Larriland Farm, which offers pick-your-own-fruit to take home. The economy in Maryland has the 15th largest GDP in the country. Even moving to rural areas means that you will keep a good quality of life while breathing cleaner air and drinking cleaner water.

Enjoy rich history and culture in smaller towns

Maryland is not only a state of scenic and breath-taking views. Also, it is rich in history and has many popular historical and cultural spots. Its history goes back to the 17th century. This was the center of the American Revolutionary war. Nowadays, almost every site is open for its visitors. Coopersville Road which is in Dorchester County is a great religious center with its many enchanting churches. In addition, you may see here sprawling views of wetlands and farmland. Another great place to raise a family in Maryland is certainly Monkton. People usually associate it with the city. It has beautiful and scenic rural views which you cannot find anywhere else around the state. Life in the mountains can be pretty specific, so prepare for that when coming to Dickerson. Being in near Sugarloaf Mountain, it offers a beautiful mountain view. In addition, the quality of life is tempting.

Other facts about moving to a rural area in Maryland

Moving is a huge step in every person’s life. Especially when moving with your family. Relocating to a rural area does not mean that your children will not have the same chance of attending great schools. Maryland in general has a great schooling system, and that also applies to its small towns. A big reason for people flocking to rural Maryland is the healthcare system. This is the 6th best in the US.

This is also important for elderly people who wish to retire to rural areas of Maryland. When it comes to breath-taking small town beaches, there is the southern Maryland town of Lusby. Calvert Cliffs State Park is a must-visit park. Finally, remember The Blair Witch Project? It took place in a spooky gravity hill of Frederick County in a place called Burkittsville.

a small turtle on a rock on the beach
There are many gorgeous rural beaches in Maryland

Maryland is one of the most popular countries to move to in the entire US. When you think about relocating here, closeness to Washington DC can be one of the main reasons to move here. However, moving to a rural area in Maryland has many great qualities. Since the country’s economy is one of the strongest, no doubt you will have great job opportunities even in smaller areas. Beautiful scenery and the closeness to mountains can make life on farmlands authentic. Marylanders enjoy all four seasons every year and are close to the Atlantic Ocean. One thing is for sure, you will have rich and colorful life in the rural areas of Maryland.

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