Moving to Bethesda for work – what to expect?

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    So, you’re uprooting your life by moving to Bethesda for work, but don’t know what to expect? Well, first off, you’ve chosen well. As an incorporated community, Bethesda has no specific boundaries, but no matter the metrics you use, you’ll find the comfort of small-town living combined with the excitement of a big city. What more could you ask for? A strong economy? Bethesda has it. However, we’ll discuss the more interesting aspects of Bethesda in this guide. In case you want to know more about the location of your new workplace, you can contact office movers Bethesda MD – they will be glad to give some local insight. What you want to know is that Bethesda constantly ranks as one of the top places to live in the U.S. Here’s why.


    Bethesda is as near Washington, D.C. as you can get, without actually living there. Route 355 (D.C.’s main commercial corridor) runs straight through Bethesda. A lot of people commute for work to D.C. daily, so getting there and back is no issue. If the best moving companies in Maryland use it to get around, it will definitely suit your needs. However, Bethesda is still clearly separated from Washington, D.C. This has allowed it to develop a unique and vibrant local culture. You can choose what suits you best. In addition, the seaside is just a short drive away. To get to the best beaches you’ll need to drive a bit more, but the closer ones can be just as relaxing, too.

    Moving to Bethesda for work.
    If you are moving to Bethesda for work, you are simultaneously getting most of the benefits of living in Washington, D.C., without the downsides.

    Community Services

    You can find almost whatever you need in Bethesda. It has both private and public schools (including primary, middle, and high schools). It even has a university – the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. The healthcare sector is also very prominent. Besides the aforementioned university, some of the largest employers in the area are from the healthcare and research sector. As far as public transportation goes, you’re covered. Moving to Bethesda for work could, in actuality, mean that you live here, but work in D.C. You can use the Metro’s Red Line and a whole host of local transport, while the new Purple Line is being constructed.

    Things To Do After Moving to Bethesda for Work

    When we’re talking about Bethesda, we must always include Bethesda Row. It is located on the west side and has everything from fine dining to public art and hotels. You can consider it the cultural hub of the town. Over the years, it has become the core of the Downtown area. While we’re at it, we can tell you that no small number of celebrities come here regularly. You can ask the local movers Maryland how many famous people they have relocated to here. No matter where your interests lie, you’ll find something to do in Bethesda Row. If you are interested in more specific venues, rather than exploring yourself, we can help you out.

    View of a street.
    No matter your interests, you’ll find something that suits you in Bethesda.

    The Strathmore hosts some of the most prominent art performers from around the county. If food is more your thing, the Taste of Bethesda is an annual festival where you can eat to your delight, while enjoying some performances along the way. You don’t want to miss it after moving to Bethesda for work if you are a foodie. If shopping is your thing, visit the Farm Women’s Cooperative Market. Fine dining, quality jazz performances, under-18 plays – there is no end to the things you can see and do in Bethesda. Take some time and explore it for yourself, we guarantee you won’t get bored. Good luck with your search!

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