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Without planning a low cost move in Rockville, moving can become quite expensive. That comes as no surprise since it ranks as the number three stressors after death and divorce. It can be life-changing and very stressful for most people. To combat this, we need to know all of the factors involved in creating a moving budget, and we need to figure out all of the costs involved. Moving to a new location can represent a new phase of your life, a chance to start over and reinvent it. With the right strategy, you can make a move budget-friendly and simple.

Proper planning is key for a low cost move in Rockville

By planning you are being proactive instead of reactive. In this way, you are smoothing out the moving process while making it budget-friendly at the same time. Create an inventory list before you call a moving company so that they can provide you with quotes or estimates. Various factors affect the estimate like the items that are being moved and the destination they are being moved to. Here are some things to consider when planning the entire process, so that you do not come across any unwanted surprises:

Check the price of storage spaces and the services that they offer. If you are planning to move your items into a storage unit first, it would be good to check all available options. An onsite storage unit can be set up both on the origin and destination site, according to your preferences. The price will be affected by the size of the storage unit as well as the length of time you will be needing it.

Get informed about cleaning costs if needed. It is likely that you need to clean your apartment when moving from a rental property. Not leaving your rental property might void your rental agreement and the landlord might make you pay for professional cleaners. To avoid this hassle, a good thing would be to hire professional cleaners before leaving.

Sometimes you need to take some extra precaution

  • Take the costs of additional moving days into account. Giving the moving day some thought way ahead of time can’t hurt. Perhaps you need someone to take care of your children or pets. Take a look at your meal options, consider planning for takeaways or ask someone if you can prepare some food at their place.
  • Make sure to get insured. Although insurance may cost you some additional money, in the end, it might save it. In case that some of your items get damaged during transportation or during the move having them insured might save you a lot of money.
A person writing down expenses related to low cost move in Rockwille
Planning a low cost move in Rockville will lead you to the best results

Get rid of excess items and reduce your expenses when moving on a budget

When you start listing out your items, you may find out that a lot of them have lost their use. Maybe they are not worth moving or are just too costly to move. If you are short on time and cannot pack yourself, try searching for movers and packers in Maryland. They would be able to both pack you up in a separate packing day and move you on your requested move day. Take your time, and decide which items are you going to take with you. You might encounter something from your childhood, like your first guitar, which may have great sentimental value to you. However, you may also discover that you have an old TV set that has gathered dust in your attic.

Consider donating or selling some of your items

When you are finished with the sorting, consider having a garage or estate sale. In this way, you may earn an extra buck, which will in turn significantly lower your moving expenses. Alternatively, you find an online auction site and put your items up for sale. If you can’t manage to sell some items, ask your relative or neighbors if they need them. You might be able to trade some items and get something more valuable in return. Another potential way to get rid of your unwanted items is to donate them to thrift shops. You can write off the donation on your income tax, just be sure to request an itemized receipt when donating.

A person searching through records
Setting up a garage sale is a good way to earn money while getting rid of unwanted items

Get creative with packing materials and save up some money

Packing up your items and getting sufficient packing materials can be quite time-consuming and costly. However, there are some alternatives to the usual packing materials:

  • You can wrap your glassware in socks
  • A great way to separate your plates is using kitchen towels.You can either put the original items inside of them or some of your other valuables.
  • Try to avoid buying moving boxes and other packing materials to reduce costs. If you cannot, try finding a vendor that sells the best packing materials for your move online.
A man and a women are planning their packing
Packing your items properly is crucial for their safety

Try setting a date for your budget-friendly move to be off-season

Although the warm weather and lack of ice and slush puddles sound tempting, your budget will thank you if you resist the temptations of the moving season. The peak of the moving season lasts from May to September, which carries with it the peak of moving prices.  If you do decide to move outside the moving season, be aware that you would have to monitor the weather closely. Select a dry day so that you avoid any damage to your items or the move having to slow down. If the winter happens to be long and cold, make sure to clean up your driveway at both locations. If you live in an apartment building, make sure to provide parking for the truck if it cannot be driven into the driveway.

There are some additional benefits during the holiday season

Maybe you can get some friends or family to help you with the packing, or take some items to your new place. However, if you do decide to ask someone for help, it is best if they already have experience with moving. You would better be off with hiring reliable professional residential movers Rockville MD, if you like to have a less stressful experience and a low cost move in Rockville.

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