Safety tips for moving art and antiques interstate

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If your moving art and antiques interstate it can be at the same exciting and stressful. It all depends on how you plan and prepare for the whole relocation. Those paintings that you really have a special place in your heart need special treatment and care as well. Other than the regular things such as clothes or appliances. If you are not sure that you can properly pack and store paintings then you should hire interstate movers Maryland residence recommends. They will make sure that your beloved collection gets safe and in one piece to your new location.

In that case, you cannot choose any company to do the work for you. They have to be reliable and with experience. Going for the cheaper version for a moving company can cost you a lot more if they damage your artwork. If you however decide to do it on your own follow these steps that could help you save your money, but most important, save your artwork and antiques.

Always be prepared and make a plan

For packing and storing your art and antiques you need to make a detailed plan. Write everything on a piece of paper and stick to the plan! First things first, you need to decide if you are going to pack and move all items. A certain must is to make a list of packing supplies that you will need. Make sure to double-check how to pack each item. There is a difference in packing between framed and unframed artwork.

Here is the list of packing supplies that are essential and are a must:

  • bubble bag
  • artist tape
  • tape gun
  • foam boards
  • glassine
  • tape measure
  • gloves
  • cardboard boxes or small crates
  • foam or blanket moving art and antiques interstate
packing art pieces
If you have some antiques and fine art pieces you should pack them properly.

You will have to take good of your art and antiques. It can be very difficult to pack and transport them. In order to do so and keep them in good condition, you have to treat them properly. Thank God for the internet because you can find lots of instructions and manuals there. Which will help you pack and store your artwork safely.

On the other hand, you can always hire professionals to do it for you. In case you need moving and storage Washington DC has to offer, it can be of great help. Be sure to check it out. And the internet can really come in handy if you decide to pack things by yourself. And learn how to take care of your beloved artwork.

Pack framed and unframed artwork

When it comes to this, you should know that there is a slight difference when packing framed and unframed artworks. Either in both cases, your hands must be clean! Also, you need to prepare the proper packing supplies. If you need to meditate to calm yourself down, do that! Because steady hands are required as well as concentration and focus. Try not to make a mistake, cause packing artwork is a delicate and important job!

When it comes to your framed paintings, you can find a crate or build a box. It is recommended to find a bigger box than the painting. Use wider artist tape and make an ”X” across the glass, so it doesn’t get broken. Pad the front and back of the artwork using pieces of hardboard and then tape them together. Even if it does get broken, the tape will prevent the glass from moving and damaging your artwork. Then you can wrap it in brown paper and after that wrap the piece in two layers of bubble bag. Do not forget about the corners. You can add cardboard corners to prevent damage. 

packing antiques
Make sure you find proper packing supplies.

For your unframed paintings, well be sure to not touch them with your hands, instead, you can use gloves. Use a sheet of silicone release paper to cover the front of the canvas and then wrap using glassine paper. Glassine is a smooth paper that is air, water, and grease resistant. You can protect the edges with a few layers of cardboard as well as front and back. Wrap them using a blanket or bubble wrap. Secure the pieces and layers of material using packing tape. Do not use duct tape, use the artist tape.

Tips that might come in handy when moving art and antiques interstate

Antiques are unique. They don’t always come in the form of artwork— they can be in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the items that you are trying to pack can really determine how you package it for moving. It all starts with packing them properly. But you can always hire a professional packing service who will help you with that! Most of the porcelain plates or any other antiques are worth quite a bit of money. Not to mention the sentimental value. For the reasons mentioned it is important to move these items with special care.

If you are letting a moving company near your things it will be a good idea to note all of your inventory. Just in case something gets damaged during the move. Also checking to see if the antiques are covered by your home insurance policy. If not, it may not be a bad idea to purchase antique and collectibles insurance.

interstate relocation
Find reliable movers to help you with the relocation.

In case you have large antique furniture we suggest that you disassemble it if possible. It will be easier for transit, and you could pack them safer. The next thing you should do is to securely wrap each item in moving blankets or furniture pads. Do not put a plastic bag directly on the furniture, especially if it’s wood. It can trap moisture and damage the furniture. And you want to avoid that! After you have an initial layer of protection on your furniture you should do a layer of air-filled plastic wrap. Be sure to wrap all surfaces and pay special attention to corners. Afterward, secure it with the packing tape.

Moving art and antiques interstate can be quite challenging. But with the right tools and supplies for the job, it can be a fun experience! You can always hire pros to do it for you if you have extra cash to spend.

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