Should you opt for moving insurance when moving long distance?

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Moving long distance is a complex process and you need to properly prepare to avoid issues. Unlike local moves, which usually mean moving a short distance within the same state, long distance moves usually refer to moving across the country. They are more complicated and more expensive, and you need to make sure to hire licensed long distance Silver Spring MD. And if you were wondering whether to opt for moving insurance when moving long distance we are here to give you some tips. Read on and find out what are the types of moving insurance and when you should buy additional coverage.

What is moving insurance?

Moving insurance is a way to protect your belongings during relocation. This means that if movers damage or destroy your things during transport, in storage, or while loading the truck, the moving company will offer some level of coverage.

It is important to understand that there are different types of moving coverage that companies offer.

  • Released value coverage is free and set at 60 cents per pound. That means that in case movers damage or lose your belongings, you will receive compensation that does not match the actual value of your things but, in most cases, is only a small percentage of it. This type of coverage is not regulated by state insurance laws so you need to check with your Silver Spring movers what is their insurance policy.
  • Full value protection is charged additionally. However, it means that if any of your items are damaged, the company must provide compensation that matches the current value of the item. It is important to understand that full value protection does not cover items of extraordinary value, which includes all items valued at $100 or more per pound.
A calculator, money bills, and a notebook
Create a moving plan and calculate all your moving expenses

Is it smart to opt for moving insurance when moving long distance?

One of the most important parts of your relocation is researching the best moving companies in Maryland and choosing the one that meets your needs. However, even if you hire reliable and experienced movers, accidents can still happen. They don’t have to include human error but can be a result of bad weather conditions, a natural disaster, or some other, surprising factor. That is why it is always smart to opt for moving insurance, especially if you are organizing a long distance move. Another factor to take into consideration when deciding whether to buy moving insurance or not is the value of your belongings. If you have things that are very expensive, breakable, or antique, moving insurance is worth considering.

What is third-party moving insurance?

Third-party moving insurance is the best option for home movers that have high-value belongings. This type of insurance is usually priced at 1-2% of the value of items being covered. That means that you should make a list of valuable items and check their current value, before buying additional moving insurance.

Opt for moving insurance when moving long distance and choose reliable movers

In addition to checking insurance policies and options, you need to research long distance movers Gaithersburg MD. You can find general information about moving companies on their websites, as well as license information. Don’t forget that all long distance movers have to be registered with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Also, check  Better Business Bureau. Here you can find companies’ reviews and all the information that you need to know about your movers.

Moving company truck
Choose good movers that can guarantee a stress-free move

Movers you hire should be trustworthy and have years of experience with long distance moves. If you need some additional services, such as moving particularly heavy and bulky items, make sure to inform them in advance. Also, there are many full-service moving companies that can take care of every part of your move, including the packing process. They will provide quality packing materials and make sure all your belongings are properly protected.

The packing process

Packing can be emotionally and physically draining. It is a time-consuming process and it is advisable to start packing well in time. It may take several weeks, even months, to organize all your belongings and prepare them for transport. If you decide to pack on your own, you will need to collect the packing supplies to properly protect your belongings. These packing materials include moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, scissors, and markers. Your cardboard boxes don’t have to be new, but they should be durable and sturdy. Otherwise, you risk damaging some of your possessions.

Bear in mind that movers cannot guarantee the belongings that you have packed on your own, nor can they provide insurance for such things. On the other hand, you can leave this part of the moving process entirely professional packers. Your movers will provide quality packing supplies and make sure all your things are safe and protected. It is important to label moving boxes after you have packed them. Write essential information on every box – content, handling instructions, and destination room. This will greatly facilitate and accelerate the unpacking process.

People signing a contract
Read your moving contract carefully before signing it and then decide whether you should opt for moving insurance when moving long distance

Get moving insurance and relocate with ease

Organizing a long distance move requires a lot of planning. You want to stay on schedule instead of doing everything last minute. There are many important decisions to make, including whether you should opt for moving insurance when moving long distance. As we have previously explained, the choice is yours. The decision should be based on the value of our belongings and the size of our move. However, when it comes to moving across states, moving insurance is always advisable. Regardless of whether you decide to have insurance or not, make sure you understand what that insurance covers. Talk to the moving company representatives and ask them to explain their insurance policy. Based on the type of coverage they offer you can decide if you need to purchase additional insurance.

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