The complete list of moving supplies for an interstate relocation

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If you are moving cross country and you want to have an efficient and easy relocation, you should prepare moving supplies for an interstate relocation. Interstate relocation is usually more demanding than a local one. However, if you prepare in time and with the help of Excalibur Moving and Storage, you will be fast and successful. Of course, you do not have to have a complete list, but it is helpful and you will be more organized for the unpacking process.

What are the must-have moving supplies for an interstate relocation?

Some items you must have to pack and move, and some others you do not necessarily have, but will make your relocation much easier. If you are hiring interstate movers Washington DC you can check if they have packing supplies, or you can have them pack your entire house. If you want to do everything by yourself then you should prepare the following:

  • Moving boxes in various sizes
  • Tape
  • Scissors and box cutter
  • Packing paper or old towels and a blanket to wrap your belongings and secure them from damage
  • Marker for labeling boxes
  • Plastic bags or garbage bags – can also be used for packing clothes and linens
moving boxes
Moving boxes are the most important part of your packing supplies list

Other moving supplies that will make your move more efficient

Those basic tools and supplies are necessary. You need them to pack your belongings properly for transport and handling. However, some other packing supplies can help you to relocate and to unpack easily once you arrive.  It is better to prepare everything you can in advance, so you can pack later on without stress and haste.

Packing supplies that are a helpful addition to the basic ones are:

  • Packing peanuts – you can add them to packed boxes to fill the empty space. Their purpose is to keep packed items safe from breakage and damage.
  • Plastic bags with seal – sealable bags in different sizes are useful for small parts and screws. Once you dismantle furniture, you can pack parts in these bags and tape them to the furniture. This way you will not lose anything during transport.
  • Custom boxes and crates – if you have any type of art, wine collection, and other oddly shaped items; you should use custom boxes for packing. They are designed for specific items so it is easier to pack
  • Hand cart – if you are packing and moving your furniture without using moving services Washington DC you should definitely use a dolly or hand cart to transport furniture to the moving truck for loading
packing peanuts
Packing peanuts can be helpful if you have some fragile items to move

Cleaning and floor protection is important

In the end, you should not forget cleaning supplies. Once you finish packing and loading, you will have a messy house, especially if it is rainy or snowy outside. Make sure that you have cleaning supplies and mops already prepared. It would be wise to protect floors with plastic wraps or cardboard.

Prepare all moving supplies for an interstate relocation at least a few days before your moving day. In addition, if it is too much for you or you want to skip the entire packing process, you should check with moving companies Washington DC, and see if they offer packing services. Whatever you decide to do, you should know that preparation is the biggest part of a successful relocation.

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