The items you should unpack first after moving

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If you’re browsing the Internet, looking for tips for moving you’ll see that most of them are about packing. Whether it is how to pack your furniture or glassware. What to pack first or how to pack your belongings for storage. The majority of them are about packing. And that’s because many people tend to forget that packing isn’t the last thing in the moving process. Nor is the relocation itself. After you enter your new home you’re still not done. There’s something that’s waiting for you – unpacking. And most of the best moving companies in Maryland do give tips for unpacking. However, we’ve decided to put in one place some of the best advice on what items you should unpack first after moving. Hopefully, that will save you some time that is quite precious when you’re relocating. So, continue reading to find out more.

What to do if everything is unsorted

If you have packed in the right way then you should have no problem unpacking. You can also skip this part and go straight to the next one. But if you didn’t get packing services and your items and boxes are unsorted then you have one hell of a job waiting for you. If that is the case, the best system for unpacking may be to first sort everything.

"Priority" - unpack first after moving
The idea is that you can quickly unpack by priority if you can’t unpack everything right after the move.

So, take out all of the items from the box and sort them according to the room where they are supposed to go. After that start carrying them to their designated rooms. You can even put everything that goes to, for example, the living room back in the box and then carry it to the living room. That way you will save yourself some time because you’ll have to make fewer trips.

What to do if everything is sorted

If, however, you packed systematically and if you labeled everything right then you should have no problem unpacking. Now, the same way you had a system when you packed, it’s important that you have one when you’re unpacking. Don’t just go around and randomly open the boxes. It will take you more time to unpack if you do that. Plus, there’s a great chance that you’ll end up feeling stressed.

So, take all the boxes that have labels, for example, “living room” and take them to the living room. Put them in the middle of the room so that you have more space to maneuver. And the start unpacking. Only when you’re finished with unpacking your living room should you go to the next room.

What are the items you should unpack first after moving?

And with that, we’ve come to the answer to your question. The items you should unpack first after moving are the ones that are in your essentials box or boxes. These boxes are basically the ones that contain all of the necessities. They should contain everything you may need in the first few days after the move.

Kitchen appliances
One thing you shouldn’t forget is the electrical appliances.

The items you should unpack first after the move and that therefore should be in the essentials boxes are, for example:

  • toiletries
  • basic items for cooking
  • important paperwork with addresses or telephone numbers
  • sheets
  • clothes and so on.

The essentials boxes should be the ones that were with you in the car. Or if they were in the moving truck then they should be the ones that come first off of the truck.

If you didn’t pack a box or a few for essentials it’s okay. What you can do is quickly look through the boxes. And find the things that you should unpack first after moving and that will get you through the first few days after the move. And then you can unpack just those things. Don’t fret about other things. They won’t go anywhere. They’ll keep waiting for you when you get the time to unpack everything.

What is the room you should unpack first after moving?

When you think about what the room you can’t live without is what room do you think about? I hope your answer was the kitchen. Because the kitchen should be the first you unpack after moving. The reason is that the kitchen is the most important room in your household and at the same time, it is the hardest room to unpack. So, after you’re done unpacking your kitchen you’re done with the hardest part of the unpacking process.

The good news is that you don’t even have to completely organize your kitchen. The important thing is that you unpack everything that you will need for preparing food. So, you just put everything in the cabinets and cupboards first. And once you unpack the whole house you can go back to the kitchen and organize it as you please. One more tip from Silver Spring movers – hook up all of the bigger appliances and the plugin those smaller ones.

What to unpack next after moving

I bet what’s coming next is going to make you happy! Because you’ll be moving from the hardest room to the easiest room. If you’re wondering what the easiest room to unpack after moving is, let me tell you. It is a bathroom, of course. The bathroom is practically already functional when you move in. So, all that is left for you to unpack are toiletries, towels and other items you keep in your bathroom. Unpacking bathroom will almost feel like taking a break.

A cup of coffee
You might as well make yourself a cup of coffee now that you’re done with the kitchen

And you will need that break because the next thing on your list of what to unpack first after moving are bedrooms. Now, the ideal situation would be that everybody unpacks their own bedroom. If you have children then this is even more important. Because unpacking their room will make them feel involved in the whole process. And that will make them feel at home faster. After you’re all done with bedrooms you can start unpacking the rooms you use the most and finish with those you rarely use. Once you’re done with unpacking you just have to dispose properly of all the remaining packing materials and you’re all set and done!

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