The Ultimate Expat’s Guide to Living and Working in Gaithersburg MD

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If you are contemplating moving to Gaithersburg MD this is the perfect article for you! We are going to give an overview of life in this area, we will try to prepare you for life in Gaithersburg. There are many reasons why people are moving to this city and we will explore each. This is an awesome spot for job seekers keeping in mind the dominant industries here. Stay with us and read everything you need about moving and living in Gaithersburg. If you need moving and storage Maryland offers, our company will be your best friend during the whole relocation process! We hope this ultimate expat’s guide to living and working in Gaithersburg MD will be a great guide for you.

How many ex-pats are there in Gaithersburg?

Currently, there are 67,878 residents living in Gaithersburg. Of 67k people 79.3% are born in this city. As of 2020, 39.1% of Gaithersburg, MD residents were born outside of the country (26.5k people). Concluding from these numbers it is a very popular spot for foreigners and expats to relocate to. And do you know which professionals help expats move? Of course, interstate movers Gaithersburg MD based, are a favorite among newcomers! Data from 2020 says that Gaithersburg has a lower percentage of US citizens ( 79,3%), than the national average of 93,4%. However, that rate has been increasing since 2019. Several people born outside of the USA and living in this town are also higher than the national average (13,5% ).

Family following expats guide to living and working in Gaithersburg MD
Gaithersburg is a family-friendly place with a developing industry and many job opportunities.

Why are expats moving to Gaithersburg?

There are many reasons why people are moving to Gaithersburg. It all comes down to personal preferences and needs. Some are moving to Maryland because of the job opportunities in growing industries. We will get into more details about that later on. For many people living in an inclusive and diverse society is a big factor that will determine the next spot for building a home. After choosing a perfect home, our professional residential movers Gaithersburg MD offers, will make sure your relocation is quick and stress-free! Gaithersburg is known to be an ethnically diverse area. Three dominant groups are white, Asian, and African American (Non-Hispanic). And as previously mentioned, almost half of the population are foreigners who moved here.

In 2023. it was ranked #3 most culturally diverse city in the USA! Therefore, if you are seeking an inclusive environment for you and your family, Gaithersburg is a great place! Keep in mind when choosing the most diverse neighborhood is a northwest area, while the least diverse is a southwest of Gaithersburg. Multicultural Affairs Committee is in charge of organizing different cultural events which cherish and support diversity here. Throughout the year they organize Arab American, Asian Pacific, Black History, Native American, and Hispanic heritage months.

Key industries in Gaithersburg MD

Now we will get to the boring part. What are the key industries in Gaithersburg and what kind of development is expected in the future? This will be relevant for everyone who is choosing a new location based on the job opportunities, and we know there are a lot of people like that. The biggest industry is the biotech industry. Remember when Corona was still relevant? AstraZeneca company which made a vaccine to help fight the virus is one of the biggest employers when it comes to biotech in Gaithersburg. Some other companies that work in this field are Novavax, GeneDX, and Emergent BioSolutions. Their headquarters are all in Gaithersburg.

The next dominant industries are healthcare and medical services ( Adventist HealthCare ) and the IT industry in which Leidos company is dominant. If you want to engage in research there is also The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The Information Network system is another IT company that employs a significant number of people. It is important to do your research and find a suitable company. If you are not sure where and how to find information about job opportunities, stick with us. Because we understand how stressful it can be to search for a job while moving, we made a little guide for you. To make it even easier for you, our moving services Gaithersburg MD based, will be at your service during the whole moving process!

HR interviewing woman for a job possition
Follow tips for from our expat’s guide to living and working in Gaithersburg MD!

Job Opportunities and Tips for job seekers

As you can see we are covering all the things you need to know in this expat’s guide to living and working in Gaithersburg MD. Job search is one of them. So, you need to start your search for a job asap, but you are not sure where to search? Here are some tips that can be helpful for you:

  1. Networking is the most important aspect
  2. Utilize online job platforms
  3. Reach out to employers directly
  4. Reddit is your best friend, unexpectedly
  5. Update and optimize your CV

Networking and job hunting

Often personal connections will get you a new job spot or promotion. That doesn’t have to be a negative connotation. Networking is the most important step of every job hunting. While you are busy dressing up for events, local movers Gaithersburg MD has to offer, will take care of your reaction to Gaithersburg! There are several ways in which you can connect with people from your industry. For example, attend networking events, and university job fairs. Do not forget to utilize LinkedIn and personal connections of course. Networking events are often in bigger cities, but you should visit them. For example, on you can find business and network groups and you can search for different kinds of events. On the website you can find events suitable for everyone’s needs.

Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber is a unique organization that hosts business events in this area specifically. You can find additional information on their website. They host over 5o events every year. And you can join them as well to collect membership benefits!

How to utilize online job platforms and Reddit

Your CV should be frequently updated but also personalized for every job offer you apply for. There are many online platforms such as LinkedIn, Zippia, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter. No explanation is needed when it comes to these sites. Another great thing you can do is reach out to the HR recruiter on their email along with applying over the platform. Find the company and their HR person, find their contact on LinkedIn, and write them! That move will make you stand out from the rest and they will appreciate additional effort coming from you.

When it comes to Reddit there are many job-related subreddits you can join, for example, r/jobs, r/careeradvice, and r/resumes. You can ask for advice, share your experiences, and hear others’ experiences. Most importantly, you connect with other professionals in a more leisurely environment. Be proactive, attend events, and stand out from the rest!

Kid walking into a class
Gaithersburg offers great education opportunities for the little ones!

What about the education system?

In this town, you can choose from a variety of public and private schools. Starting from the education of the little ones. Of 40 public schools in total, the best-rated are Thomas S. Wootton High School, Northwest High School, Quince Orchard High School, Diamond Elementary School, and Robert Frost Middle School. Education is an important thing to consider when moving. Luckily, schools in Gaithersburg are top-rated. Don’t forget to give teachers from the previous schools a heads up about the move. Also, enroll your children in the new institution as soon as possible. Do the boring administration in advance so you won’t have to deal with it along with packing and moving. If you need additional assistance during the moving process, get in touch with companies moving and storage Gaithersburg MD offers, which will be more than happy to assist you!

When it comes to higher education, there are two colleges in this town: L’academie de Cuisine and Aesthetics Institute of Cosmetology. The second university offers a scholarship of 15.100 $. If these are not in your area of interest, luckily, there are nearby top-rated colleges within 20 miles! You can choose from a variety of higher education institutions such as Franklin University, Marymount University, Yeshiva College of the Nations Capital, George Washington University, The Catholic University of America, SANS Technology Institute, and the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Students sitting on the stairs talking about expats guide to living and working in Gaithersburg MD
While there are only 2 colleges in the town, there are many options within 20 miles.

Housing and living expenses in Gaithersburg MD

According to Payscale, in Gaithersburg, the overall cost of living is 40% higher than the national average. For an apartment of 85m2, the average monthly utilities for basics ( electricity, water, garbage, heating, cooling) are around 100$. Utility prices are 10% higher than the national average, which is not much of a difference. Healthcare in Gaithersburg is 15% lower than the national average. Its being affordable goes in hand with the developed medical industry in this area.

expat's guide to living and working in Gaithersburg MD and calculating expenses
Our expat’s guide to living and working in Gaithersburg MD includes a calculation of your living expenses.

But what is shocking are Gaithersburg’s housing expenses, which are 120% higher than the national average. The median home price is $990,205 while renting prices are $3,011 a month. The percentage of homeowners is 50.6% in this town, while 71% are homeowners with mortgages. Residents equally rent and own properties in Gaithersburg. This town gives you a mix of an urban and suburban feel. If these numbers make you change your mind, some surrounding cities might be a better option for you. For instance, consider moving in Rockville MD area services, where the cost of living is somewhat lower.

Access to healthcare for expats and immigrants

Same as in all states, expats and immigrants have access to healthcare in Gaithersburg. It is not mandatory for expats to have medical insurance, however, it is a good investment considering the costs of healthcare in the USA. You can opt for short-term or long-term insurance such as International Health Insurance, Cigna Global, GeoBlue Xplorer, and International Medical Group. It is important to know that some visas will require you to have at least basic coverage. A lot of factors influence the price and the type of insurance, starting with the country of origin and visa type.

When it comes to the cost of expat health insurance, the average price in 2021 for an individual from a recommended insurance partner was $300-$420 per month. However, the price may vary based on the coverage. Which factors influence the amount of money you will be paying for the insurance? Firstly, if you think basic coverage for emergency situations and inpatient treatment, you don’t have to pay for extra maternity care, dental treatment, and mental health care. Age and life stage play a logical role in the pricing, unfortunately. Some companies might require you to see your medical history. Last but not least, often companies offer benefits if you are frequent and precise with your payments. You can arrange everything with the company, and choose carefully according to your needs!

advising and giving expats guide to living and working in Gaithersburg MD
Da careful research for insurance and invest in your healthcare as an expat living and working in Gaithersburg MD.

Expat’s Guide to Living and Working in Gaithersburg MD- Conclusion

Because we understand how difficult it can be to relocate to another country and start your new life, we made a guide for you. Follow tips from our ultimate expat’s guide to living and working in Gaithersburg MD. It is important to do your own research and find options suitable to your needs and preferences. Whether it comes to job opportunities, health insurance, or education, this town in Maryland has great offers. For both singles and families, Gaithersburg is a friendly and inclusive environment. Expats will have an easy time finding a new job here, however, we recommend you do it beforehand. Make your relocation easy for you and stress-free. If you find yourself in need of any assistance during the moving process, our professionals are at your service at any given time!

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