Things you should leave behind when moving long distance

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    Moving far away is a big decision in your life. Leaving friends and family, and going to an unknown town or country is stressful enough by itself. But having to pack and move all of your belongings can add additional stress and it may be really expensive. There are some things you should leave behind when moving long distance, and here we will help you decide what to leave behind. At Excalibur Moving and Storage we can help you with different services including long distance moving, packing, or storage.

    How do you know what things to leave behind when moving long distance?

    Do you need that old cabinet in your new home? Will there be enough space for a large sofa in your new living room? Should you bring your collection of CDs? With so many things you have, it can be hard to decide what to keep and what you should leave behind. Here are some things you should consider leaving behind.

    Furniture is something you should leave behind when moving long distance
    Large pieces of furniture should be left behind when you move long distance

    What things you should leave behind when moving long distance?

    The first things to consider leaving behind are:

    • Furniture
    • Appliances
    • Mattrasses, pillows, and lining
    • Paper
    • Replaceable items
    • Books


    Furniture is one thing you should leave behind when moving long distance. It is large, heavy and taking furniture with you means you will have to pay for a big truck and more workers. Also, some old pieces probably won’t fit in your new home. If you have some valuable pieces you can sell them. Or if there are some pieces with sentimental value, like old grandmom’s cabinet you can gift them to a member of the family. Long distance movers Rockville MD can help you with any questions you might have.


    Leaving behind some large appliances, like a dishwasher or fridge, can make the move easier. Check with the previous owner if the place you are moving in already has major appliances included. If not it would be logistically easier to sell your old appliances and buy new or used ones upon arrival. You can contact moving services Rockville MD for details about moving.

    Mattrasses, pillows, and lining

    Moving may be an excellent reason to replace your mattress and pillows. After a few years, mattresses begin to lose their shape and quality.  Also, they are bulky and hard to move.  Have a fresh start in your new home with new matrasses and pillows. And with that new linen is necessary


    Maybe you are proud of your book collection, but books are heavy and take a lot of space when moving. Go through the books and decide what books you can donate and what books you can give to your friends as a farewell gift. Carefully pack the books you will bring with you.

    Woman carrying pile of books
    Consider taking just the most important books when moving long distance


    Over the years we all tend to make a significant collection of all kinds of papers. Take some time and go through them. All important documents should be set aside and go with you. Consider scanning some papers you could need and get rid of everything else. No need to take junk with you.

    Replaceable items you should leave behind when moving long distance

    Stuff like bathroom items, or kitchen supplies that are easily replaced,  should be left behind when moving long distances. You don’t want anything spilled during the long ride, or additional few boxes to pay for when you can buy a new toothbrush, or dish soap when you arrive.

    It can be really hard to decide what to keep and what to leave behind when moving long distance. However, bringing everything with you is not a good idea. So, go through your stuff and choose only irreplaceable things and things with sentimental value. Everything else you can find in your new town.

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