Tips for moving a retail store to Maryland

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    Moving, in general, can be an exciting and sometimes exhausting process. No matter if you are moving a retail store to Maryland or to start a new life in a new city. However, if you are preparing for relocating your retail store you should know and learn how to plan every step along the way for a successful relocation. There are a lot of things you need to take care of. Such as packing, planning, and organizing the whole relocation. It takes time to plan and organize everything. Especially for a commercial move such as moving your retail store. You might have to hire professionals. And with commercial movers Rockville MD that the residence recommends,  it is going to be a lot easier. Plan accordingly to your dates, and everything will be okay.

    Inform your customers about the relocation

    You should figure out how to handle your loyal and probably disappointed customers. It’s critical that you inform your clients of your new location as soon as your moving plans are set. Luckily, you can do it in many ways nowadays by sending an email newsletter through social media, website updates, press releases, or on-site notifications. 

    organize sale
    Before you relocate your retail store make sure you organize a pre-move sale.

    Make sure to update both online and traditional business listings with your new address. If you are relocating locally, chances are your most loyal customers will keep coming by. Offering some additional incentives could keep your old customers around. No matter if the distance between you bigger should you move to another town. That means hosting special events or holding a grand opening sale. Also, notify your suppliers and partners of your new address. Long distance movers Maryland has to offer can surely provide you with a variety of services that will make your relocation easier. It is important to communicate your moving plans to the employees in advance so that they can make their own arrangements.

    Hold a pre-move sale before moving a retail store to Maryland

    You will soon realize that the store inventory is one of the major obstacles. And of course, concerns, when you are about to move a retail store. The whole relocation will put you through a lot of expenses. And the majority of them depend on the moving load. The more items you move, the more it will cost you, simple as that. And of course, you need to think about packing those items as well. Lucky for you there are a lot of companies who offer professional packing services. So be sure to ask for referrals or check online and compare them.

    You can also do it on your own. But it is recommended to hire reliable movers. The important thing is to prepare the right packing materials. Different sizes of boxes depending on the items that you have in your store. Bubble bags, moving pads, and packing tape are essential. Host a pre-move sale to get rid of the items that are not worth moving. Also, it’s a got chance to clear your storage areas as well. You can organize a store-wide sale that doubles as an advertisement for your new location. The combination of low prices and the prospect of a brand-new retail store will generate excitement amongst customers, and give you double the rewards. In addition, make sure that you invite your customers to join you on your opening of the new space. It is a great opportunity, and you should use it.

    call your partners
    Inform your partners and clients that you are moving.

    Eliminate the downtime when moving a retail store

    Try not to get caught in the downtime. It can really be hard to prepare for a store relocation and on the other side to keep your business running. And eliminate any loss in sales. Here are some tips to avoid downtime in your business during the move:

    • Set up your new shop as much as possible before the move – You can work on getting the bones of the store set up with shelving, counters, new carpeting, and as much as you can. Also, be sure to go ahead and have any signage or new equipment installed prior to the move.
    • Pick a date during your “slow season” before moving a retail store to Maryland – Most retail businesses have some kind of seasonality to their business. You should choose to move when you are not as busy to save on any lost sales.

    You can also speak with your customers, and inform them of the relocation. This will help them plan any shopping they have in mind. That way your customers will earn more trust in you and will continue shopping in your retail store.

    Set your new store as early as you can

    If your budget allows you to carry the lease for both current and future stores then get to work. Start by setting up your new place with shelving and counters for your cash registers. Then, when you close your current space, you can immediately get to work with moving into the new place. Having everything prepared in this way will allow you to have as smooth a move as possible. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of your new space. And the old store as well.

    cleaning store
    Clean your new store before you move into your new store.

    In case your employees take care of the cleaning, don’t forget to empty the vacuum and steamer. It is also best that you dust before packing shelves and racks. You want also to contact your utility companies to make arrangements for the relocation. All should be operational when you open your business. Electricity, water hookups, internet, phone lines, and everything else. Be sure not to forget to update your address change to banks, credit card companies. Moving a retail store to Maryland takes a lot of planning. That way you will be able to move a retail store smoothly and efficiently. And get ready for business and old as well as new customers.

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