Tips for packing your dishes

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    In this article we provide tips to make packing your fragile items easier. Using the right box to pack china, glassware, and anything fragile can help you make sure that your items are moved safely. If you only have one type of box make sure you use enough packing material to cushion fragile items.

    Here are some tips for packing your dishes and choosing the right packing material:

    • Dish barrels are a good choice as they are stronger and thicker than regular cardboard boxes. They also are built to absorb travel shock and protect your dishes.
    • Make sure that both the top and bottom of the boxes are secure with tape. Use only packing tape for this task; a tape gun will make this job a lot easier.
    • You can use newspaper to pack glass items and breakables. At Excalibur Moving and Storage we supply china paper for this at no extra charge.
    • Have all the materials you need at the ready before you start to make the job quicker.
    • Having help with this process will also get it completed faster. Excalibur Moving and Storage offers a Full Packing Service that will give you 3 times more help. However, family and friends are also an alternative solution.

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