Top tips for handling bulky items when moving house

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    It’s moving time and the packing is heating up! You know how stressful relocation can be, so it’s important to be fully prepared. To save time and money, moving companies in Maryland will gladly help you resettle in your new home. This leaves you time to pack properly and find the best way for handling bulky items when moving. They are the trickiest to pack and secure during the move and require special treatment. Sharpen the packing skills and safely relocate even the largest pieces of your household!

    Orange two-seat soffa in a room
    Handle your bulkiest items with special care when moving

    How to securely handle bulky items when relocating

    Robust pieces of furniture and other big items are less packing-friendly. But nothing is too hard if you use moving services Gaithersburg MD when changing your home! Professional movers are always a good choice and will keep your items safely stored during the move. Here’s what you can do to handle the largest pieces with care while packing:

    • Dismantle the items into smaller pieces
    • Protect the pointy edges when handling bulky items
    • Book a reliable help when moving
    • Make sure the drawers and other compartments are empty

    Successfully move big items by decreasing their size

    Whenever possible, disassemble large pieces into smaller ones. If the piece of furniture is collapsible, it will also facilitate packing. But it’s even better if you can downsize it to smaller objects. Pack the pieces of similar size together and wrap them with a protective material that will keep it safe. Have all your items treated with care by choosing the best packing service and rest assured the bulkiest items are transferred safely. They will be packed and transported to your new house in no time!

    It’s advisable to use extra protective layers when packing sharp or fragile pieces. Apart from specially designed packing fabric, you can use cushions or blankets to wrap up bulky pieces. The items will be better protected and won’t damage the packing supplies during the move.

    Get the best assistance when handling large items

    Don’t spare on moving supplies and services. They can make a whole moving experience completely different, so why not make it as smooth as possible? Hire residential movers Gaithersburg MD  and organize the best move ever! If you don’t know where to begin, a reliable moving company is a lifesaver. It will also save you from the back pain and potential injuries you might get if moving heavy objects alone. Though you can pack smaller items with ease, leave the handling of the bulky ones to experts.

    Empty all storage pieces when packing

    Furniture drawers, appliances compartments, and all items with storage space should be cleared before moving. Double-check this when handling bulky pieces to avoid moving them loaded. The items inside can fall out of their compartment and break or damage. Tiny objects can go unseen in a moving hassle, so make sure to get all storage items empty for the relocation. It’s also more hygienic to pack the drawers and dressers content separately. Whatever is stored in, the content is more likely to arrive fresh and undamaged this way.

    Moving boxes with lables and packing tools
    Sort the items separately to assure the safest trip to your new home

    Arranging the move is always an exciting moment, so leave no room for compromises! Have the process run smoothly with adequate assistance and all your items will get transferred securely. Even handling the bulky items when moving comes to a lot easier when you’re not managing them alone. A little extra effort now pays many times over in the future!

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