What is the cost of moving services in Washington DC?

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No matter if you are moving because of business or just to start a new life, it costs money! The cost of moving services in Washington DC can vary. It depends on the size and quantity of your things. That is why you should check moving services Washington DC in order to relocate safely and save a few bucks! Also, you should have in mind the distance between the two locations. Is it a local or distant move? Or are you just moving couple blocks away? All those factors determine the cost of moving services in Washington DC! After all, it all depends on your budget, and you can check out the range of prices! So you could better fit in your moving budget.

The final price of your move will depend on:

  • Amount of your belongings
  • Distance
  • Time of the year will affect the cost of moving services in Washington DC
  • Hiring professional help or do it by yourself, and some of your friends help
Do the research, check the prices with several moving companies so you can compare their offers and choose the one that suits your budget.

General comparison of the cost of moving services in Washington DC

Depending on your moving budget you have more options to choose. Which are either a full service and that means you just pay the moving company and they do all the things for you which includes packing, moving the things to your desired location, and unpacking. It is usually the best way but the costs could be high for that kind of service. You can check Washington DC movers who will secure all of your belongings. Moving PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) which is a less expensive version than the full service. And the last option is usually the cheapest, and that is that you do it yourself. Packing and moving your belongings by yourself will only include that you rent a moving truck.

Full service

When it comes to the cost of moving services in Washington DC, full-service is far less the most expensive one. But it is also the most effective, considering you won’t do a thing! It is better to pay extra, so your belongings. won’t be damaged. On the other side, if you do it on your own, it is a bigger chance that you damage your things. So in that case, better let the pros do it! When it comes to the packing service the price varies between $30–$60 per labor-hour. Depending on the company you chose.

There are some factors that will determine the price. If it is a local move which is usually under 100 miles. Or long-distance move which qualifies above 100 miles. Also, the size of your home plays a big part in this calculation. If you have a smaller apartment the cost of moving services in Washington DC will be lower. Bigger homes equal a bigger moving budget! You should also have in mind that a full-service move is a whole lot more than simply loading your belongings onto the truck and driving everything to your new home.

When you are checking out companies for a full-service move, be sure to always have more than 3 companies for comparison. Most of the good moving companies offer free estimations on their website. So be sure the compare them and check that as well. Be aware that most of the good moving companies offer insurance! And this is a must when it comes to the safety of your belongings! If something should happen to your things, you should be able to get your money back!

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Check everything before you choose a moving company and its services.

Moving PODS

The PODS are less expensive than the full-service movers. There are fewer factors that determine the price of your move. It depends on the size of the container you will need, as well as the number. For how long will you need them and how far is the location of your new home! You will find a quick estimate of most of the moving and storage container companies. Its advantages lie in its cost-effectiveness as well as it’s security. It is also easy to load and unload. The only disadvantage regarding this option is that you have to pack your belongings by yourself, as well as to load and unload them. There are  3 sizes of the containers, 7-foot, 12-foot, and 16-foot.

The 7-foot containers are mostly used for studio apartments move, as well as smaller dwelling moves. With the 12-foot containers, you can easily move your home with two to three rooms. As well as a larger apartment. The 16-footer is used for moving homes with three or more bedrooms. If you are willing to put a little work then this is really the option for you! It will cost you less than a full-service move.

Renting a truck to lower the cost of moving services in Washington DC

If you want to move by yourself, then the only things. you should consider is renting a moving truck! It is by far the cheapest way, but you will really have to work for it. First, you should make a plan and stick to it! Sort your things first and then prepare for packing! On the other hand, this is a great way to get rid of the things that have been collecting dust in your closet for years! You can sell them on the internet or donate them to a charity organization.

There are several things that create the final price of moving services so be careful and check everything.

After the packing, you should rent a moving truck! Be aware that extra fees can cause your moving truck rental price to climb higher than you might expect! Pay attention to details such as distance, size of the truck, cost per mile, truck rental deposit, and fuel! All these facts will determine the price of your truck rental for the move.

Everything comes to personal preferences and budget of course when it comes to the cost of moving services in Washington DC. If you want to save money and put more effort into it, then you should just rent a truck and move by yourself! On the other hand, hiring a full-service moving company will save you a lot of time and effort! To most people that has no price, and it is always a well worth investment.

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