What mistakes to avoid when moving an office from Gaithersburg to Silver Spring

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    Every type of relocation is a complex procedure. No matter where you have decided to move, or have some experience, every move is different. Therefore, it takes special preparation and organization. Sometimes moving your business can be even harder than ordinary moving. It is always time-consuming and stressful. Therefore, proper preparation is always welcoming before the move starts. Also, it may take from six to eight weeks before you can say that you have prepared everything before one of the best moving companies in Maryland arrives in your home. Also, while preparing your office for relocation, you can easily make some mistakes. That is why it is necessary to create a moving plan and include all your coworkers in the process. This way you will prevent many errors. Also, read this article and learn tips about moving an office from Gaithersburg to Silver Spring.

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    Moving an office from Gaithersburg to Silver Spring is a very complex process

    Moving an office from Gaithersburg to Silver Spring

    Although it may sound like a huge business, moving your office with ease is possible. Whether your business is expanding, or you are simply looking for a new location, you certainly need a moving plan. When moving to Silver Spring, it is important to keep your business working at all times. Packing preparations should not put your work to an end. Quite the opposite. You need to make sure to book office movers Gaithersburg MD on time so you can avoid any delay in moving. Also, bear in mind that spring and summer are the two busiest moving seasons and that most people choose to move during this period. When contacting your movers, ask for a precise quote so you can plan your moving budget accordingly. Do not fall for the lowest possible price moving companies offer. Instead, compare several quotes before you choose.

    Do not handle everything on your own

    Silver Spring is the fourth most populous place in Maryland with 81,816 residents. It has the oldest and the most urban community with its famous office and retail space. Therefore, many people expanding their business choose to relocate their offices here. Office movers Silver Spring MD can help you with your relocation together with your employees. Start by organizing a meeting where you will present to your coworkers a plan regarding moving. Assign a task to each employee and kindly ask them to stick to it. In addition, share with each of them the assignment list which they need to check after finishing. This is the only way to be on the safe side and know that everything necessary is handled. Together with your colleagues, you can make moving an office from Gaithersburg to Silver Spring even a fun experience.

    Packing your office

    Now comes one of the hardest parts of every relocation and that is packing. Since you will be moving your office, there will be plenty of electronic devices. Laptops, desktop computers, monitors, printers, all this you need to pack and put in the boxes properly. Therefore, you need to get the right packing materials to avoid mistakes that can lead to damage. Movers in Silver Spring MD can bring you the necessary packing materials. Also, your coworkers can start creating copies of all the files from your computers just in case.

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    Together with your coworkers start with packing preparations

    Once they finish with it, they can start disassembling devices. It would be useful if you still keep the original boxes of all your devices. Once they remove all the cables, they can use duct tape and stick them to the right device. Later when you start unpacking and assembling them, you will know where each cable belongs to.

    Contact your utilities and inform your landlord

    One of the typical mistakes that people make when moving is to inform their landlord late about the moving date. For example, moving in the middle of the month is cheaper than moving at the beginning or the end of the month. Therefore, inform your landlord for at least one month about the exact date of living. This way they will not charge you for renting the office for the whole month. This will add great value to your moving budget. You should apply the same procedure to all the utility providers. If you do not inform them on time, they will charge you for the electricity, the Internet, and other bills unnecessarily. Also, you will pay less for renting a new office in Silver Spring. It would be fine to go through the checklist and see if your coworkers did all the tasks you assigned to them.

    Other steps to take when moving an office from Gaithersburg to Silver Spring

    The distance between Gaithersburg and Silver Spring is 23 km. But there are miles that you need to go over before you finally do everything necessary for your move. Therefore, do not forget to send a circular email to all your business partners about changing your address.

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    Send an email to inform your business partners about the address change

    Also, you should request an address change for your company and change the date on your website. In case you expect some deliveries, inform a delivery company about your new address. Finally, do not start relocation without buying additional insurance for your belongings. You will be transporting important documents, expensive equipment, and valuable office furniture and you cannot risk losing it. In case any of the items suffer any damage, you will get either a replacement or a refund from your insurance company.

    Moving an office from Gaithersburg to Silver Spring is a very complex procedure for which you should have a firm plan to handle. If this is the first time you are moving office, you will need all the support from your coworkers to make it successful. Also, having a reliable moving company is equally important as without movers all of this will not be possible. Make a firm plan, and ask your employees to stick to it. If everybody follows the assignment they received, the chances to miss something and making a mistake will be reduced. Soon you and your coworkers will be enjoying your new Silver Spring office.

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