What packing supplies to obtain before moving long distance?

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    The packing process is often confusing and complicated. All those packing supplies you must obtain can drive you nuts. Not to mention that they are expensive and hard to handle. And on top of it, you must cover other tasks like legalities, budget, local movers Maryland, and more. So, let us help you with a list of packing supplies to obtain before moving long distance and make your packing process a bit easier.

    All packing materials can be found at your moving company

    To cut the story short, you must know that all packing materials can be obtained from movers and packers in Maryland. And because you won’t be moving without a moving company, maybe it is the easiest way to obtain everything from them. The other solution is to purchase everything from the nearest home depot or a hardware store. Also, you can order everything online or purchase reused ones from Craig’s list. There are even free boxes on various websites and social media but you have to do some digging and be lucky to snatch them before anyone else. Now, you must gather the following materials:

    • Cardboard boxes.
    • Blister packs.
    • Labels.
    • Packing tape.

    Those are the basic packing supplies to obtain before moving long distance. You will have no problem using them and navigating yourself through the packing process. Although, if you do not feel like packing at all, check the moving services Rockville MD and purchase packing service. Your movers will bring packing materials and pack you instead if you wish so.

    You can’t move without carton boxes

    The most important among the packing supplies to obtain before moving long distance is the cardboard box. You will pack almost all your belongings inside carton boxes with a few exceptions. Some items will go into wooden crates, metal containers, woven baskets, plastics bins, and other holders you already have at home. Just make sure you purchase enough of them and buy better-quality ones. You can easily find boxes at any store or to purchase from your long distance movers Rockville MD. Whatever you prefer is better. And remember, do not overstuff your boxes. Keep them below 50lb for safety reasons.

    two people packing for moving
    You can’t move without cardboard boxes. Purchase a good amount of better-quality ones.

    Buffers are among packing supplies to obtain before moving long distance

    Next on the list are buffers. You can use blister packs or widely known as bubble wrap. Or use cardboard and place it between items to make a nice cushiony environment. This way you will avoid collision and prevent damages. Also, consider purchasing corner pads for your boxes and for furniture. Especially if you have extremely valuable pieces in your possession. Furthermore, a good substitution can be a blanket, sheet, old t-shirts, or any kind of cloth in your home.

    Adhesive tape and labels

    You must use higher-quality packing tape to assemble your cardboard boxes and close them once they are full. You can use duct tape or regular adhesive tape. Just make sure you apply several layers to prevent your boxes from falling apart during transport. Also, each box should have a label with a detailed description of the content inside. It will help you and your movers immensely.

    packing tape is one of the packing supplies to obtain before moving long distance
    The quality of the packing tape is important because it will hold your boxes better.

    Home tools to add to packing supplies to obtain before moving long distance

    Lastly, you should add home tools to the list of packing supplies simply because you might need some of them while packing, disassembling, and measuring. Usually, those are a hammer, power drill, screwdriver, pliers, measuring tape, and a box cutter. Just be careful when using them, especially when disassembling your furniture.

    Those were the packing supplies to obtain before moving long distance. Now you have a full list and you are ready to visit the nearest shop and purchase the whole lot. Packing will be a lot easier now when you have read this guide. Good luck and enjoy packing.

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