What to do with pets on moving day

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    When relocating home with pets, there are always concerns that something might go wrong. Your pets can distract you so much that you can forget about crucial moving stages or even make mistakes while moving. Not to mention that you can injure yourself or your pet if they are around while you are packing. So, let us help you organize, find one of the moving companies in Maryland, and advise what to do with pets on moving day. The goal is to keep your pet and yourself safe and organize a safe and successful relocation. Let’s go!

    Prepare for moving

    Firstly you must organize your relocation and create a moving plan. Start by obtaining the basic info about your relocation. Realize how complex it is by inspecting your home and by noting down all your furniture and belongings. This way you’ll know how many packing materials you must purchase and what kind of moving service you will obtain from your local movers Maryland.

    a dog taking a bath
    Prepare your dog for the journey as well. You want them to be at their prime when they arrive at the new neighborhood.

    Once you gather all the info necessary and have it all written down on your moving checklist, you can start looking for long distance movers Maryland. You will easily find them on the internet. Just make sure they have all the tools, experience, and licenses. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to find a good local company. Give them a call when you are ready and communicate the details over the phone. If you have time and patience, schedule onsite estimates so you can obtain the exact moving price. Then you can finally wrap up your plan and focus on what to do with pets on moving day.

    The pet-friendly moving company can help

    Probably the easiest way to handle your pet is to find pet-friendly movers Bethesda MD. They will transport your pet with all the equipment required to do so. They have the knowledge and dedicated worker to handle your pet if necessary. Although, you must communicate this part with the moving representative beforehand because not all moving companies work the same way. Some would let you transport your pet in the carrier only while others will let you carry your pet in your lap on the front seat. It is situational and you must check it first.

    One of the solutions for pets on moving day is to leave them with your family and friends

    Another way to handle pets on moving day is to simply leave them with your relatives or friends. They won’t mind staying there for a day or two until you relocate your stuff. It is the quickest and the easiest solution. Of course, this widely depends on the size and the species of the pet you have.

    your friends can watch your pets on moving day
    Maybe your friends can watch your pets for a day or two. Your pet won’t mind.

    Pet hotels can be the answer as well

    And another solution can be the pet hotel. If you can’t leave your pet with your friends, then leave them at the nearest pet hotel. Trained professionals will keep your pet happy, well-fed, and safe until you are back. This service is affordable and lucrative. Especially for this situation, you are in. Therefore, consider this one even if you have friends where you can leave your pets. Maybe you do not have to bother them at all and a pet hotel can be a great substitution.

    A few tips and tricks for pets on moving day

    Ok, when moving with cats and smaller dogs, you can use pet carriers and keep your pets inside for a while. They can be inside the carrier while you load the moving truck and until you reach the final destination. Also, if you do not want your pet to leave your side, transport them by using your personal vehicle. On the other hand, your neighbors can help immensely if they take your pet until you are done relocating. Later on, you can simply come back to take your pet after the dust is settled in.

    There we go, now you know how to handle pets on moving day. You are ready to organize your relocation and keep yourself and your pet safe while packing and moving. And that was the whole point of this story. Hopefully, you and your pet won’t stress too much about the upcoming relocation. Good luck and stay safe.

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