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With so many expenses that come with the moving process, relocation can get very expensive. And those are just the expenses that you know you’ll have. I’m not even going to talk about unexpected moving expenses. Therefore, you can find many people that will try to cut the costs of moving in every way possible. Some are even willing to do all the heavy lifting instead of letting guys from Excalibur Movers Maryland do their job. But what if I told you that there’s a much simpler way to achieve the same thing. Namely, carefully choosing the time to move can really impact the price of your relocation. So, find out here when the cheapest time to relocate is!

The cheapest time to relocate – choosing the season

There are always going to be pros and cons no matter which season you choose for your relocation. But when we’re talking about money then we can definitely point out the most expensive one and the cheapest one. The most expensive time of the year to relocate is the summer. Or more precisely, between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That is the peak season for every moving company with roughly 70 percent of relocation happening during that period.

Coins and a house
And the higher the demand, the higher the price!

Keep in mind that it also goes the other way around. This means the cheapest time to relocate is when the demand for moving companies is the lowest. And I’m sure that given that piece of information you can guess that winter is the cheapest time to relocate. Your other options are the end of autumn and the beginning of spring. These are also periods when moving companies don’t have much to do and are willing to lower the prices. And the weather is nearly perfect. Your only obstacle can be the school year if you have children.

What makes winter the cheapest season to relocate

As I’ve already said, the main reason why winter is the cheapest time to relocate is because of the low demand for moving companies. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving your household or your office. It’s the same deal. At the beginning of the winter and a little before, people won’t move because it’s the holiday season. After that comes the bad weather that scares many.

A woman drinking a hot beverage
Whether it be cold temperatures or snow, people prefer to stay cozy in their homes and wait for summer’s warmth to move.

But that leaves some moving companies almost out of job. And you can use this to your advantage. Here’s how – call a moving company to schedule an on-site moving estimate. Once a moving representative comes to your home to investigate give them all the information they need. And when they are giving you a moving quote it’s time to negotiate! Because they want to take every chance for a job, they will be more than willing to negotiate with you. And finally, lower the price of your relocation. Some moving companies even offer deals and discounts without you having to negotiate with them.

The cheapest time to relocate – choosing the time of the month

Considering that almost all leases begin on the first day of the month you will have to work around that if you want to save some money. That means that movers in Potomac MD will be busy at the ending and the beginning of a month. What you can do is try to find a property where you won’t have to move in on the first of the month. Ideally, you will be able to move mid-month because that’s when you can find the best prices. Try looking for properties with pro-rated rent for signing a lease during off-parts of the month or free move-in.

The cheapest time to relocate – choosing the day

Let’s talk about which day of the week is the cheapest time to relocate. You don’t have to be psychic to know that most people choose to move on Saturday and Sunday. And they have some points for picking these days to move. Because they don’t have to miss work and if they have kids they don’t have to worry about school. It’s even easier to find someone to take care of the kids or pets while they are moving.

Dollar bills - Cheapest time to relocate
But they do have to pay more for those advantages!

However, if you’re moving on a tight budget you need to spare every dollar you can. Although it makes no big difference in the final cost of the relocation whether you choose some other day of the week except for Saturday and Sunday, it still counts! And that is why you should always try to pick one of the following days for your relocation day:

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday

Plus, since the weekends are usually booked well in advance, you will have more options to choose from. And your residential movers will be more flexible should anything come up. So, remember to ask your boss for a day off in time!

Tips for moving in winter

If you do decide to move during the winter then you should know a thing or few. So, here are some tips for moving in winter. First of all, you need to stay warm at all times! Winter is the cheapest time to relocate, but it is also the coldest one. So, check the weather forecast for your moving date a few days before in order to know how to prepare. It will probably be cold and that means proper clothing and shoes. Try to wear something waterproof and a few layers. A hat, mittens and warm boots are a must.

Furthermore, you should prepare all the pathways where your belongings will pass through. If there is snow you should clear the pathways from your front door till the place where the moving truck will be. If there’s no snow but the temperature is freezing you should salt your walkways and cover the floors inside with something non-slippery. Your movers will handle the rest! And even though winter is the cheapest time to relocate, you shouldn’t wait. Give a call to Excalibur Movers and book a moving date you want the most!

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