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It is always a difficult decision to make whether you want to move or not. There are many reasons why people decide to move. The most common ones are better job opportunities, housing, lifestyle, relationships, and so on. If you are considering moving, you should choose your next destination. Additionally, if you are currently living in Rockville, there are several options. So, where are Rockville residents moving to? If you want to see where your fellow residents are moving to with moving and storage Maryland based companies, here are all the places and things to consider. Before every big life decision, moving including, you should read as much as you can since it will help you to prepare for the future.

The most popular states among Rockville residents

Maryland has experienced a population decline of 0.2% according to the United States Census Bureau. The top three states where residents of Rockville are moving to would be Florida, New York, and Colorado. The reasons are usually the same. First of all, the cost of living in Maryland is pretty high when compared to some other places, especially Florida. Then, income tax is 5.75% in Maryland as opposed to the national average of 4.6% which forces some people to look for other states. Another reason why people are looking for moving services Rockville MD based, would be the quality of life. A significant percentage of Rockville residents want to have a higher quality of life. Lastly, people are moving for better job opportunities. Rockville is generally a smaller city so it might not have a lot of jobs available. Therefore, people are moving to other cities because of it.

Where are Rockville residents moving to on the map
Rockville residents are usually moving to Florida, New York, and Colorado

Why you should consider moving to Florida

As mentioned, one of the reasons why Rockville residents are leaving Maryland would be the income tax. Florida has no state income state which automatically makes it less expensive to live. This is a great advantage considering that moving can be quite expensive. You have to pay for the new house, hire long distance movers Rockville MD offers, transport all your items, settle in, etc. In addition, Florida has one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire country as well as warm weather almost all year long. This makes it perfect for people that want to avoid winters and simply enjoy the beach lifestyle all year long. Furthermore, there are countless job opportunities in Florida, especially in tourism, healthcare, and technology. The state is also very family-friendly with many amusement parks, Disney World and Universal Studio, great educational opportunities, and outdoor activities.

Where are Rockville residents moving to in New York?

Having one of the most famous cities in the entire world, the state of New York is also a great option if you wish to leave Rockville. There are many reasons why you should choose New York as your next destination with interstate movers Rockville MD offers. First of all, New York City is one of the biggest centers for multinational corporations, startups, finances, technology, and so many more. In addition, the city is also home to the world’s best universities which include Columbia University, New York University, and the City University of New York. Apart from this, it is extremely convenient to live in New York City. Even though it has a fast-paced lifestyle, the public transport is so well connected that you can go around the city without a car. Usually, people that are looking for a big city lifestyle would choose New York over Rockwell.

Empire State Building
NYC is one of the largest centers of almost every industry you can imagine

Moving to Colorado

The third state that was mentioned would be Colorado. It has one of the strongest economies in the entire country. In addition to this, not only is it strong, but also it is one of the healthiest economies since it has a lot of potential for innovation and economic activity. Some of the major industries would include software development, agriculture, biochemistry, tourism, aerospace, and so on. There is another great advantage when you are moving with residential movers Rockville MD based to Colorado. The state has low taxes compared to others, including Maryland. For example, the income tax rate is around 4.6 which is lower than the tax rate in Maryland. Apart from this, Colorado is always ranked among the top states when it comes to quality of life because of low crime rates, great education, and quality healthcare.

Where Rockville residents can find work

Where are Rockville residents moving to? Well, they’re moving to places where they can find good jobs. Apart from the three states mentioned above, there are other places that are quite popular among Rockville residents. This always depends on the job opportunities that each state has. For this reason, here are all the places where Rockville residents can find a job in their respective industries.

  • the Tech industry in California
  • Government jobs in Virginia
  • The healthcare industry in Texas
  • Education and Technology in Massachusetts
  • The art scene in Oregon
  • Startup in Colorado

Of course, you can always try moving in Rockville MD since your current city also has a strong economy. However, these places offer better opportunities and much more benefits if you work in their respective strong industries. It is worth considering, especially if you want to experience life in a new state.

person drinking coffee
Most people are leaving Rockville so they can find a better job somewhere else

The Tech industry in California

If you’re looking to work in the tech industry, then you should go to California. The largest company by revenue is Apple with $386.017 billion. If you are looking at the number of employees, then the largest tech company would be Alphabet or Google. Apart from this, California is the largest center for technology in the United States. This means that it also offers more jobs in high-tech than any other state including Maryland. In addition to this, California has more startups connected to technology than any other state. To be more specific, Silicon Valley houses some of the largest companies in the entire world which includes Facebook, Apple, Google, and so on. Therefore, look no further than California if you want to work in the tech industry. Since California is quite expensive, you can always leave your things behind in storage Rockville MD residents rely upon.

Government jobs in Virginia

If you are looking to work for a federal agency, then you should move to Virginia. Here are some of the most important federal agencies that can be found in Virginia. The first one is the US Department of Defense where you can find jobs in administration, cybersecurity, and engineering. Then, you have the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute. This is for diplomats and people looking to work in foreign affairs. Then, you have the US Department of Homeland Security. Then you have the US Department of Commerce. In addition to this, there is also the US Department of Veteran Affairs. If you wish to work in this department, it is mostly focused on providing healthcare services to veterans. Again, these would be just a couple of examples. There are many departments where you can find amazing job opportunities in foreign affairs, security, technology, healthcare, and the military.

people talking about Where are Rockville residents moving to
If you want to work for the government, then you should move to Virginia

The healthcare industry in Texas

If you’re looking to work in healthcare, then you should move to Texas. The state has spent over $15 billion on various medical constructions. Now for the interesting numbers. One out of every six residents in San Antonio is working in either hospitals or medical research facilities. If you take a look at job listings, you will see that they are mostly looking for registered nurses, medical managers, medical technicians, and so on. In addition to this, Texas’s revenue only from healthcare was over $145 billion. There are more than 1.3 million people currently employed in the healthcare industry. Since Texas is a quite large state, the best places where you can find a job in the healthcare industry would be Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston. To be more specific, Houston TX medical center is the largest one in the entire world.

Education and Technology in Massachusetts

Where are Rockville residents moving to if they want to work in education and technology? The answer would be Massachusetts. Massachusetts is home to some of the best universities which include Harvard University, Boston University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Just by looking at the names of these universities, you can see that the quality of education in this state is extremely high. Therefore, if you want to work in education or in technology, this would be your best choice. However, it is important to note that the competition is extremely high. It is definitely not easy to get a job in any of these universities or to send your children here. In addition to this, Massachusetts also has a great startup scene. Since it has a lot of popular universities, there are many young people with great ideas they want to develop through their own startups.

people in the library
Massachusetts is home to Harvard University, Boston University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, some of the best universities in the entire country

The art scene in Oregon

For all the artistic souls out there, you should head over to Oregon. The first important place will definitely be Portland Art Museum. It is the oldest and also largest art museum with over 43,000 works of art. Then, if you are interested more in public art, there are a large number of sculptures, morals, and other works of art in many cities around Oregon, but especially in Portland. In addition to this, many cities in Oregon which include Portland, Bend, and Eugene, host artworks where many galleries and museums would stay open until very late and also offer free admission. It is a perfect opportunity to see works of art from local artists and also possibly to show off your art as well. Furthermore, there are many art festivals in Oregon which include the Art in the High Desert Festival in Bend and the Salem Art Fair and Festival.

Where are Rockville residents moving to in Colorado for the startup?

As mentioned, Colorado is one of the most popular places where Rockville residents are moving to. In addition to this, the state is also quite popular for its startup industry. The startup industry has an average revenue of $5.7 billion. The reason is quite simple for this success. Colorado supports startups and gives them funding from the very start. There are currently more than 70 VC companies actively involved in the industry helping smaller companies to grow and expand. In addition to this, the local government in almost every large city in Colorado has an active role in supporting the startup industry through many fundings and support opportunities. For example, the Colorado Startup Loan Fund invests in startups that have a large potential and a good mission. Therefore, if you have a good idea comma you should head over to Colorado.

people working
Colorado is the best for startups

Should you leave Rockville and move to another state?

So, where are Rockville residents moving to? As you can see, the three most popular states would be Florida, New York, and Colorado. However, if you are looking for a specific industry, then you might want to pay attention to Texas, Massachusetts, Oregon, and California. All in all, most residents move to other parts of the country because of better job opportunities. Even though living in Rockville is also quite amazing, you should definitely explore more options if you have a chance. See where you can find a job that will pay you more and offer you a better lifestyle. For this reason, this is a chance for you to check out different job sectors and industries and see where you can find new employment. You can always move back to Rockville if things don’t work out.

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