Who regulates moving companies

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    When relocating home, there is a lot of stress involved. On top of all moving-related tasks, you must dedicate a lot of your precious time to a search for moving companies Gaithersburg MD. And all in order to avoid scammers, frauds, and unlicensed movers. But how to obtain this information quickly and from the right hands? Who regulates moving companies in the first place? And who can vouch they are the right choice? Those are the answers we can provide today. Let’s take a look.

    Why is there a need for someone to regulate moving companies?

    Like in any other business, you will find frauds all over the place. The moving industry is no different. And there are countless ways to get scammed while moving. Maybe they will charge you more, steal your stuff, hold your stuff until you pay extra fines, or damage your cargo due to incompetence. Many scenarios are out there. To avoid them, you must research and dig enough info about the moving company before you hire them. Now, there are regular ways to conduct your search and more advanced ones. Check the following options:

    • Compare movers across the board.
    • Compare prices and services.
    • Read moving reviews and feedback.
    • Join social media groups and read external blog posts.
    • Obtain referrals and a word of mouth.
    • Check your movers on accredited moving-related websites.
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    You must do thorough research and learn more about the moving industry if you want to avoid fraudulent movers.

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    Who regulates moving companies?

    There are organizations and accredited businesses appointed by the government to regulate all kinds of companies. The moving industry is no different and there is a body that regulates moving companies as well. So, you won’t have to worry much when hiring residential movers Washington DC. As long as you researched like we explained above and confirmed your movers are licensed, then you can proceed and do business with them. And if anything goes wrong, you can report the issue to one of the companies that are responsible for the legal part of the story.

    To name just a few, those companies are the US Movers Association, the Better Business Bureau, and FMCSA. If your movers are registered on one of those websites, you are just fine.

    The client base regulates moving companies as well

    This might sound strange but the client base regulates moving companies as well. Yes, all the social media networks, blogs, platforms, etc. dictate the way companies advertise, behave, rebrand, provide customer service, etc. So, if a company has a bad habit of mistreating or providing bad service to the customer, everyone will know about it soon enough. As you know, bad rep spreads like fire over social media. Therefore, this is some kind of free regulation, and companies can’t do anything about it other than to correct their actions. Amazing, right?

    a phone with apps
    The client base regulates moving companies through social media. It is arguably the best way to share previous customers’ experiences.

    How to protect yourself adequately?

    Besides all the things we already mentioned, you can purchase moving insurance as well. You will communicate all the details with your movers and obtain an adequate set of moving services Rockville MD. But do not forget to ask them if they provide insurance as well and what kind of coverage there is. If you are not satisfied with it, then seek better coverage at a real insurance company. It pays to be protected.

    Now you know who regulates moving companies and how they do it. As long as you do your research and cover all loose ends, you shouldn’t worry about this topic much. The good thing is that there are far more good companies than fraudulent ones. Good luck and stay safe.

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