Why is it more expensive to move in the summer

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    The summer period can be an ideal time for moving. Most people have annual holidays, children are on school holidays and there is much more free time. This means that it’s enough for you to have a successful move, without rushing. But have you considered that it’s more expensive to move in the summer than, say, moving in late autumn or early spring? So, if you plan to move and want to save, choose a period outside the moving season, as movers and packers in Maryland can confirm. Now we will introduce you to all the advantages of moving during the summer and the possible costs, but we will also reveal to you the benefits of moving in the off-season. After which you can make a choice.

    Summer move – Pros & Cons

    We believe that summer is one of the favorite seasons for almost all people. Warm weather, annual vacations, school vacations, and lots of free time are just some benefits that summer brings you. Especially if you live in warmer regions, or have a beach nearby. But when we talk about moving, summer is the favorite period for moving because of its convenience. And according to interstate movers Gaithersburg MD, it’s the middle of the season, when moving processes happen one after the other. As for some this period would mean a vacation, for movers this is one of the periods when they have the most work, without a day off. And also, you have to schedule your move several months in advance.

    Moving in summer period
    It’s more expensive to move in the summer because it’s the middle of the season.

    So, a summer move has its pros and cons, and let’s see which are:

    • Pros of summer move: Warm and pleasant weather, annual vacations, school days off, longer days, a larger selection of real estate on the market, opportunities for garage and yard sales, etc.
    • Cons of summer move: warm weather, high moving costs, it’s hard to find the term freedom, heat can adversely affect your things, etc.

    If you don’t book a storage unit or schedule a moving day on time in the middle of the summer moving season, it will be difficult to find a reliable and proven company that will not leave you halfway, and whose service you will be completely satisfied with. Residential movers Gaithersburg MD recommend that you schedule your move several months in advance. So, if you plan to move in July, then you can schedule your moving day for example in April, at the beginning of the moving season.

    Why is it more expensive to move in the summer?

    It’s always more expensive in season. When you look at tourist offers, you must have noticed that it’s always cheaper in the off-season. It’s the same with moving. Moving companies raise their prices during the season, which usually lasts from the beginning of spring to the end of autumn because a large number of people decide to move during that period. That’s why we can say that moving in the summer is expensive.

    Person calculating is it more expensive to move in the summer
    If you decide to move during the summer, you will need a bigger budget.

    One of the main reasons why moving is more expensive during the summer period is the warm weather and in some areas very high temperatures, which make it difficult for movers to work. Also, at the end of August, students go to college, which would mean that their move should take place at the end of May or the beginning of June. This is the time when students move the most, and these moves are usually more expensive. So, if you decide to move during the summer moving season, you will need to carefully plan your moving budget and be sure to consider all moving costs.

    Off-season move – Advantages

    If you want to save more than 100 dollars, out-of-season is the best time to move. But, you must know that during this period, many may not be on your side. You can expect colder weather, rain, and snowfall. So, you have to be very lucky to choose the best day for moving, when time will be on your side. If you are lucky, then everything will be in the best order. Because moving during a snowstorm or downpour can be very stressful and tiring.

    Rain on the street
    When moving the off-season weather may not be on your side.

    There are many benefits when it comes to moving in the off-season. Therefore, during this period, traffic jams are less, which would mean fast delivery of your things. You will have more options for choosing moving companies, as well as the possibility to get a better price and save some money. There are even various discounts that you can get during this period. The next advantage is that real estate prices are lower in this period. Also, storage rental prices are significantly lower than in the summer period.

    How to choose the best time to move?

    So, by now you must have understood that it’s more expensive to move in the summer than when you choose days outside the moving season. We’re sure you’ll be able to save more than $100, which will make your budget happy. When we talk about moving during the summer period and out of season, it’s important to mention that everything has its disadvantages as well as its advantages. Let’s say, during the summer, the weather is definitely on your side. However, during the winter and autumn months, the price for your move is lower, and the weather will depend on how lucky you are. For example, commercial movers Rockville MD say that more business moves are realized in off season. So, when you decide to move, think about what is the most convenient and best for you.

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